Fatum Tyrannus

228.817.M41, Clove

Encounter with Hiro Nakarita

The Room of Severed Heads

The smell of hot, wet death permeates the greasy, humid air of the small room. Glimmers of pale light flicker from a single failing glow globe embedded in the far wall, briefly pushing back the darkness to show shadowy images of macabre piles of fetid decomposing severed human heads. Drops of liquid hit the metal surgical tables in front of the lone doorway with loud plangs, splashing water onto the two neatly cleaned skeletons resting upon them. The tops of the skeleton’s skulls that have been neatly removed sit next to them.

A Moritat Assassin, clad in all black, stands on top of some of the severed heads, taking in slightly labored breaths as he looks down upon the stinking necrotic ooze of what was once a man made of maggots as it drips down into the pile. A vile black cloak, similar in appearance to a death shroud and a sick, twisted, bonelike pistol are the only evidence it was ever there.

By the doorway, Gallus Mordiciotte clutches a Laspistol, white knuckles and wide eyes giving a brief glimpse into the searing scar the power of the warp has left on his soul.

Someone At The Door

The entryway door gives an audible beep followed by a clunk, indicating that someone on the outside has passed the security checks and unlocked it. Titus quickly moves into a position where he will be able to surprise anyone that enters the room.

The door slams open, and a man clad in dark carapace armor rolls into the room in a controlled combat move, then raises his Boltgun up into a firing position against his right shoulder. The man is Hiro Nakarita. Titus attacks without hesitation, his strike hits home … or would have if Hiro’s hand hadn’t turned into a writhing mass of maggots and caught the blade. Hiro’s voice changes into an echoing low gravelly mockery of what it was as he speaks.

Hiro Nakarita: That was a mistake.

Titus gives a warning to his friend the Psyker as he begins to quickly exit the room.

Titus: Move Gallus, move!

Hiro moves to block the door to prevent the Psyker from leaving, but fate intervenes and he is just able to leave and lock the door from the other side. As the pair take a moment at the end of the hallway to gather themselves, a flat, wriggling mass of worms slides underneath the doorway, then reforms itself into a shambling mass on the other side. It pulls the shroud like cloak out from under the doorway after it, puts it on, then cackles as it disappears invisibly into the shadows.

With terror in their minds at what they’ve just witnessed, the pair flees upstairs. They run into Dorn, Cortez and Attilus who are sneaking around the manufactorum floor looking for their comrades. Titus tells the group urgently that they are all leaving, the Manufactorum, the Hive and the Planet with immediate haste.

Cackling echos in the dark follow them back up to the Sabre waiting in orbit around Clove.


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