Stanton Minita


Minita is a moritat assassin of voidborn birth who is known to use a unique rune inscribed monosword that causes cold damage when it strikes.

Stanton Minita wass the bodyguard, second, and right-hand man of (the now deceased) Count Tonias Sophano. He attended to the wounds of the Acolytes after the fight in The Training Pit, and was present in the VIP section when he and the Count left before the betrayal.

Minita fought with the Acolytes in the underground tunnels of Stokeland on Sophano Prime before the fight was called off by Explicator Lorelii Dekanta.

During the incident at the House of Dust and Ash, Minita and the rest of a party representing Count Sophano watched the events unfold. As he was later seen elsewhere, he obviously survived the eruption that destroyed the island after the Acolytes departure.

After the encounter with the Beast House on Port Wander, he is known to have been part of a naval boarding party that rescused Fleet Lt. Sicarius Wu from imprisonment on the Sabre. After the capture of the cell, he was seen handing them over to “Eagle Mask” of the Beast House. This was evident by recognition of his sword. He was wearing the “Lion Mask”, formerly the persona of Count Sophano.

On his deathbed in the depths of the Red Cages beneath Xicarph on Quaddis, Inquisitor Nazauth Karkalla proclaimed Minita as one of his loyal Acolytes and refused Acolyte suggestions to the contrary.

Stanton Minita

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