Fatum Tyrannus

332.817.M41, Port Wander

Welcome to Port Wander

The long, three month journey from the Piety of Seth to the Rubycon II system where the orbital station known as Port Wander lies is arduous and stressful. Extended travel in the immaterium is never easy, but after the events on the Piety of Seth, nerves are worn thin and nearly to the breaking point when the Sabre finally drops back into realspace. The acolytes eagerly depart the ship and head to the station while captain Lall takes the Sabre for refitting at a drydock facility near Port Wander following the extended journey.

Once aboard, the team is met by Gabriel, a representative of Inquisitor Al’Subaai, who provides quarters and helps the party to get established on the station. While settling in, an agent of a different inquisitor, Linetta Res, turns up and informs Gabriel that Inquisitor Res needs to speak with her. The rest of the team is brought along to speak with the Inquisitor, who informs them that the Imperial Navy has requested the assistance of the Inquisition as xenos artefacts have been uncovered at the site of an accident on an asteroid facility near Port Wander. Inquisitor Res has already delayed her departure from the station for important business in the Koronus Expanse and asks the team to go in her stead. She will inform Inquisitor Al’Subaai of the acolytes new assignment prior to leaving and she charges the team to deal with whatever situation may arise and to investigate any and all potential leads they may uncover.

Later in the day, the acolytes are briefed on the situation by Fleet Lieutenant Sicarrius Wu, a hard-bitten naval officer with extensive cybernetic replacements. A cargo lighter lost control and collided with an abandoned Hab stack on asteroid B/002 C IV, also known as Hab 19. Though there was extensive loss of life because of depressurization, the real shock came when the Navy’s accident investigation team uncovered extensive evidence of xenos artefacts and biomorphs in a ruined section of the hab stack. The investigation team was withdrawn immediately and the Navy contacted Inquisitor Res of the Ordo Xenos to take over the investigation of the accident site.

After some legwork on the station, where very little news of the crash has spread, Augustinius flies the team to the asteroid where Hab 19 is built upon and the team begins to comb through the wreckage. Augustinius discovers a crude but well supplied medicae facility with signs of potential xenos fluids clinging to some of the equipment. Gabriel uncovers a number of holding pens with burned and desiccated corpses of a number of xenoforms, confirming the Naval investigation team’s suspicions. She also notes four strange runes crudely painted on the walls (see image below). Attilas sifts through the wreckage of an office facility and manages to turn up one dataslate still in working condition, though it is locked with some form of encryption. He also finds a few rooms containing bunks and crude (but effective and well-used) arms, and armor strewn about. Cortez, though, discovers a grisly sight tucked away in corner of the structure that has escaped being damaged by the crash. He finds a room with a plasma incinerator and carts and crates filled with various xenos body parts. Some are fairly shocking, showing signs of cybernetic enhancements and obvious combat augmentations.

As the team begins to reassemble, Attilus’s keen senses (nice roll!) pick up sounds of movement back in the wreckage surrounding the area. Creeping over the mounds of girders, plasteel plating, wiring, and tubing, come the thick, muscular forms of many feral servitors! Clearly the impact did not kill everything in the hab and this band of ferals have come to see what they might find in the wreckage…


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