Fatum Tyrannus

176.815.M41, Sophano Prime, Mid Day

It's a Trap!

Bones, Cortez, Gallus, Titus

Hisswick Projects Underground Training Facility

  • Titus finishes off a wounded Sabre Wolf
  • A Cleanup crew comes out and begins the task of removing the corpses from the Arena
  • A door opens and several carapace, autogun toting enforcer soldiers enter the arena, taking of an obvious defensive position.
  • A noble enters the arena, he is quickly identified as being from House Sophano, Count Tonias Sophano.
  • Sophano directs his personal attendant to treat the wounds of the Acolytes
  • Sophano mentions it’s lovely that the group has a Psyker, and how disappointed he is that this fact had not been mentioned to him previously.
  • Sophano invites the Acolytes to attend a Carnivora that evening as his personal guests in the V.I.P. suite. The Acolytes think to themselves that this is going too well, it must be a trap.
  • The Acolytes accept the invitation and are told they will be given quarters in which they may spend the day at at the facility.
  • After Sophano leaves, one of his troopers clutches his head, screams something about “What is that thing! It’s still alive!” Then opens up on the corpse of a dead Sabre Wolf and the two menials removing it from the Arena. They are killed, and the rest of the Squad Members immediately open up on the trooper, killing him too. They swear under their helments, “Emperor! Another freak out, that one was nasty, too!”
  • Stanton Minita, the Count’s attendant, shows the Acolytes to a break room where they may get refreshments of food and drink. The Acolytes are generally very hesitant about taking anything to eat or drink.
  • Bones is the first to brave eating and drinking the refreshments.
  • Gallus is the most paranoid of the Acolytes.
  • Titus takes a rest, and gets some shut eye.
  • Cortez … seems to have nothing interesting happen to him.
  • Gallus detects a low hum of background Psychic activity all over in the area.
  • At the planned time, the Acolytes go with Stanton Minita and Count Sophano into a sealed transport, so that they will not be able to know where the Arena they are going to is located.
  • The Acolytes are driven around, but are unable to precisely locate where the Arena they are going to is located based on their sense of the motions of the vehicle.
  • The Acolytes are escorted into the V.I.P. suite, and are offered all the free Amasec and puffed grain they desire, but all refuse to partake of anything.
  • The V.I.P. Suite is filled with many well to do types, numbering about two dozen total. The matches begin, starting with criminals and other poor beggars fighting against one another for survival. After the initial rounds it graduates into more exciting, obviously professional gladiators, then even mixing in some creates such as Sabre Wolves and other mostly standard fare.
  • Count Sophano gets an urgent call and needs to leave the V.I.P. suite with Stanton.
  • The main match is obviously about to begin, and the lights and music start thumping in a large buildup. Everyone is rushing back to their seats. A few minutes of this pass, an obvious waiting period allowing those to wish to get back to their seats from whatever else it is they were doing.
  • In the platform in the middle of the arena, a new figure appears, a man in a Lion mask. He starts exciting the crowd even more.
  • A steel door closes in the back of the V.I.P. section.
  • Lion Mask: “Waht is better than the blood of peasants?? The blood of nobles!”
  • Everyone from the V.I.P. section, Acolytes included, is dumped into the arena.
  • The crowd responds to Lion Masks’s question, what should they face with chants of “Beasts! Beasts! Beasts! Beasts!”
  • An unnerving Howl erupts from the gateways at the far end of the arena. Two Hulking obviously Augmented creatures come charging out towards the Acolytes.
  • Titus and Cortez are shaken up, while Bones is terrified of the creatures.


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