Fatum Tyrannus

227.817.M41, Clove

Investigating the Manufactorum

Ando, Gallus gained 4 Insanity and 6 Corruption in the fight detailed in the bottom paragraph. This puts your IP at 9 but your CP at 10, which will cause a roll to see if you gain any odd behaviors like Titus

Titus communicates with the members of the cell in the Hovercar, telling them to move their position to somewhere closer, better able to provide support should the need arise. As Gallus comes back from the hallway door to the place he and Titus have been hiding out, noises come from the direction of the ramp up form sublevel-2 to the enginarium on sublevel 1. Voices, and heavy boots. A bank of lights at the far end of the room clanks on loudly, illuminating the various shaking and tumbling machines at that end of the level. Amidst the muffled, mostly indistinguishable voices a few words stand out.

“… search everywhere until you find them …”

The boots and voices are coming in their direction, and both Gallus and Titus decide to go through the doorway Nakarita was going through. Gallus’ scans for life didn’t come up with anything, and it’s secured. Hopefully it will be a good place to hide out and avoid a fight. Before going down the long hallway to the door, Titus takes a peek at the first few people coming around the corner. They aren’t carrying heavy weapons, but seem to be wearing security uniforms and could easily be carrying pistols of some sort.

Titus begins relaying the events to the rest of the Team in the Hovercar, when he hears an explosion, screams, and gunfire coming from the other end of the voice channel.

[“Hey wait, that’s us!” said Angus]

Meanwhile, in the Hovercar …

A Krak missile slams into the armored hovercar as it’s making its approach to the executive parking area. Augustinius, at the helm, fails to control the vehicle and it crashes onto the roof of the Sonnegelt Manufactorum, nearly half a kilometer up in the air from the ground below. As the damaged Hovercar perches precariously on the platform it is sitting on, a modified cargo lighter deposits some soldiers dressed in all black with a “6” insignia on their uniforms.

The “Six” soldiers are deposited in two groups on two Lightning capture towers roughly 60 meters away from the building into the street. Thick 4 cm cables connect the towers to smaller similar ones jutting up from the roof of the manufactorum. On the closer tower, immediately across from the crashed Hovercar, the wire has been snapped in the crash. Onto the platform stand two soldiers, one carrying a Heavy Stubber in the Bulging Biceps of his arms, and a second one with a Plasma Gun. Onto the other platform are 5 soldiers. One soldier is standing in the doorway of the cargo lighter.

A firefight ensues. Dorn, armed with his newly acquired Boltgun, takes out the Sniper in the Lighter and the Support Gunner on the platform as the 5 Soldiers on the far side use zip lines to cross the 60 meter interval over to the Manufactorum. Bones is unable to participate due to a knock on the head. The Plasma Gun does a serious strike onto the back of the Hovercar. It’s now definitely no longer airworthy. Augustinius ties to scramble up the slick roof and get to another platform, but eventually slides down and get a foot stuck underneath the damaged Hovercar (00 on a climb test). Cortez and Dorn continue to lay fire onto the 5 Soldiers now making their way towards the Acolytes, eventually taking them all out. Not before Cortez takes a very serious wound to his Left Arm (Fate Point Burned).

Back in the dark room in the sub level of the Manufactorum, the stench of rot is overwhelming. Sounds of gunfire and screams come over the vox channel then are suddenly silenced. Titus and Gallus listen, and Gallus thinks he hears something … BEHIND THEM IN THE ROOM! As they turn around, their eyes adjusting to the dim and almost nonexistent light both make out two tables, steel and sturdy. Each of the tables has a complete human skeleton on it, completely clean, with the top of the skull removed in a very precise manner. In the far portion of the room, the darkest area, is a large pile of decomposing, rotting, severed human heads. Gallus, to his horror, sees a misshapen man wearing a black cloak. He fires off a Fire Storm, which should have fired, but instead fizzles. Wait, this is a Maggot Man! And it’s emanating a Psychic Null field! Gallus Collapses in Horror. (Failed Fear 3 Rolls, Faints for 1d5 turns, 4 Insanity)

Titus charges the Maggot thing, who extends his sick maggoty mass around him! (Grapple) It’s Necrotic Grasp and sick Toxic secretions dig into the Death Cult Assassin. Titus struggles to free himself from the thing as Gallus lies prone and unconscious. Eventually Titus, low on wounds, frees himself and strikes at the vile creature with his Holy Blade. (27 Pen 8; 15 Pen 8; 11 Pen 4) Fresh maggots expel the chopped ones from its chest before the creature misses Titus with a grapple. Gallus pulls himself together, rises up and heals him, needing to call upon his full Psychic power to get past the Null zone of the Xeno thing. Both Gallus and Titus forget something trivial in a Psychic Phenomena (Deciding on this one still as to what exactly) Titus strikes again, (Dodge, 12 Pen 8) and the Toxic Ichor splashes on him (8 Damage ignoring Armor and Toughness) The Maggot Man fires his sick weapon at Titus which hits him in the head, making him feel as if his head is going to explode. Gallus heals Titus a second time (with no Phenomena) before Titus’s blade bites into it again (Dodge, 18 Pen 8, 16 Pen 8) . Again Toxic Ichor splashes upon Titus as the thing fires its weapon at Gallus, making his chest feel as if it’s tearing itself apart. Gallus decides to heal Titus again rather than himself, calling upon his full Psychic power to get past the Null field, he does the feat admirably for a third time. But there is a backlash! (Psychic Phenomena, Perils of the Warp for 1 corruption, 5 more for the specific result, total 6 corruption points) The full power of the warp courses through Gallus’ body, in the shock he will be unable to call upon any further powers for 1 hour. There will be no further healing. The thing tries to Grapple Titus again, if it succeeds it could be the end of Titus! It barely misses, as Gallus fires his Laspistol at the thing (how does this work?). It absorbs the energy (9 pen 0). Desperate, Titus bites into the thing one more time. (Dodge, 18 Pen 8, 14 Pen 8) and finally the maggot xeno collapses onto the pile of rotting severed heads, a mass of dying maggots, thick toxic ichor, a sick looking pistol and a dark black cloak.


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