Fatum Tyrannus

226.817.M41, Clove

In the Study of Samson Sonnegelt

In the study of the Pharma Merchant Samson Sonnegelt, the Acolytes are offered the service of the merchant in any way necessary to get the missions done. He did, after all, give the report that started the investigation.

He is willing to do whatever it takes to help the mission get resolved so that he can be done with his inquisitorial reponsibilities once and for all.

When questioned, Sonnegelt says that he knows that Interrogator Rand and Acoltye d’Vlarath have gone back to Scintilla because he has his Shipping Manager, Andre DuCreet, make the arrangements some 4 months ago. Nakarita is at the Manufactorum because he has granted him the use of some office space in the Executive Administration wing of the compound.

The Acolytes, led primarily by Attilus, hound him, not believing him, and continue to question his motives.

Attilus at one point wonders how much of his blood it would take to know if he is hopped up on some kind of Xeno drug, and asks Titus if he would be able to take a little. Titus says in no uncertain terms that if the blood starts flowing then it will not stop. Sonnegelt is probably saved only due to the fact that the group doesn’t have the necessary skills and equipment to do a proper blood workup for chem use.

Sonnegelt states that this is a good example of why he wishes to be done with the inquisition.

The Cell takes Sonnegelt up on his offer of further help, and is given access, under the supervision of Augustinus, to the entire security system of the Manufactorum.

And so the Cell goes to the Manufactorum to see about this Nakarita and talk to him. Titus is dropped off near the outsides of the Manufactorum and manages to blend into the middle managers working their way into the complex. The other Acolytes, Attilus, Augustinius, Cortez and Gallus, park the Hovervan in an Executive parking facility conveniently located next to the Executive Administration offices. Attilus and Augustinius exit first, and pass by on their way to the entrance a female clad in dark robes uncommon to the local Hive attire with an entourage, leaving the Executive suites. They make their way down to the office where they know that Hiro Nakarita has been using, following close but not too close by Gallus and Cortez. Titus is also able to make his way into the near vacinity in order to be available should things come to blows.

The wing of offices being used by Nakarita is out of the way. Used for storage, filled with junk, leaking in places with dim light offered by flickering glow globes, it’s not a very heavily trafficed area. Perfect for not being seen. There is a tense moment as Attilus flashes his Rosette to prove his identity at the office, with both he and Nakarita having hands on their weapons. The situation defuses, and Nakarita puts the Boltgun he was holding back onto his desk, besides two others that are there.

Augustinius does a biometric scan of Nakarita, and it chimes in the affirmative that this is indeed the “missing” Acolyte. Hiro then describes what happened to the group of Acolytes. The Cold Guild was smuggling Xeno drugs. They managed to find a lead on a shipment coming down on a Bulk Lander onto platform 225, took on the smugglers and in a fierce firefight eliminated them all, blowing up the Lander and the platform in the process. It seems that someone knew they were coming, because the smugglers were better prepared than they should have been. Unfortunately Acolyte sikh and Tomasen were lost in the fight. Nakarita offers their Boltguns to the group and Attilus accepts, happily upgrading his arsenal with the Very Rare weapons.

Due to the potential security concerns, Interrogator Rand decided that an in person report was prudent, and make arrangements for himself and d’Vlarath to return to Hive Sibellus and tell al’Subaai personally what went down.

Nakarita has stayed behind to look for signs that they smuggling ring is still around in some capacity and take out anyone else that pops up. Nakarita gives proof of the demise of Sikh and Tomasen.

After leaving the presence of Nakarita, Cortez looks over the Boltguns for signs of … bad things. (2 levels of success) He states the weapons are okay.

The Cell goes up to question the Shipping Manager Ducreet, who was informed by Sonnegelt that there wound be “unusual visitors” and that this must be the group. This is confirmed by call with Sonnegelt. Ducreet will not, however, give any details on the “special passengers” that left for Scintilla with the shipment. If this was ordered by the Interrogator, it’s not unlikely that he will not give information without coersion. He does, however, give the shipping manifest of the one in questions. He also when asked, give his terminal to Cortez for use. Cortez finds some interesting things. The shipment’s weight and loadout in the system match what’s expected from the manifest. There are two special passengers listed. Other information tells that Sonnegelt has a large shipment of goods for a new contract to the penal colony of Kommitzar lost to raiders a little over 2 years ago. This was covered up, and only due to new cheap sources of raw materiels was he able to manufacture a new shipment of goods and fulfill the contract. This markes the point in time that his profitability started to increase greatly. The sources of his raw materiels changed entirely, and is now at a severely reduced cost.

Some of his executives were changed right about at the same time. Ducreet being one of them. later on, it was discovered that the “replaced” executives have all met with various accidental mishaps that unfortunately cost them their lives. Such a sad, sad, tale. The workforce has been increased to deal with the increased manufacturing going on, and there has been some sloppiness in safety as well. It seems not a single day goes by without some sort of workplace accident and death.

The group decides enough information has come from Ducreet and leaves, except for Titus, who stays behind to follow Nakarita.

Titus follows Nakarita down through the Executive offices and middle management areas onto the manufactorum floor. His attempt to shadow him (1 level of success, with a fate point increased to 2) is good, but Nakarita just manages to give him the slip, and is lost on the floor amongst the workforce.

The group decides to check with the Cold Guild regarding the battle at platform 225, but in order to talk with Attilus’ contact again, he will need to come armed with a promised delivery of Obscura. After making arrangements to pick up a shipment, it turns out actually to be a set up, and an Arbites Raid ensnares the Acolytes. (00 on a Search check) Attilus is forced to use his Inquisitorial creds to escape imprisonment, but with so many Arbites involved, word quickly spreads about the “Inquisitor ensnares in an Obscura raid”.

Titus manages, however, while going through Underworld channels normally used for picking up contracts, to learn that the Cold Guild didn’t seem to have any big battles lately. No, they are mostly hangers ons, and old small desperate operations that aren’t capable of anything very big. It seems, that Nakarita was lying about the battle that cost Sikh and Tomasen their lives.

Titus is brought back to the Sonnegelt Manufactorum along with Gallus while Attilus, Augustinius, Cortez and Dorn circle the place in the Hovervan. Over days of careful following, Titus manages to track Nakarita down into the subfloor of the Manufactorum, then below that into the dark, hot bowels of the facility. At the end of a 20 metre long hallway is a door that Nakarita goes into. With him, he is taking some sort of Hovercart that is dripping blood.

Gallus uses Psyniscience and Sense Life to scan the area, but nothing seems out of place. No Psychic activity has happened here recently. Sense Life doesn’t detect anything beyond the doorway. He creeps towards the door, and discovers the faint smell of rotting meat.


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