Vermin and Predators

Cruorian War Beast (Xenos Minoris)

War beast

Standing on four long legs, each ending in thick claws, and with fur as red as fresh-spilled blood, a Cruorian war beast presents a frightening aspect. Short spikes protect the head, neck, and spine, although from what one can only hazard a guess. The forefeet have opposable thumbs, and it’s possible the Cruorians are slightly more intelligent than most think – they’ve been witnessed using crude melee weapons for example. War beasts tend to open their hunts (or a battle) with a chorus of nerve-wracking howls, eventually reaching a crescendo right before they charge. Theye are utterly merciless, and take no prisoners. In fact, some go so far as to eat the slain even before the fighting is over.

Gloomhaunt (Xenos Minima)


Gloomhaunts are flying hunters with a small body between two large leathery wings. Their round maws are in the centre of their chests and filled with needle teeth. Gloomhaunts prefer to hang from the rafters of the largest underhive caverns, like a dangling scrap of cloth, until an unfortunate victim walks beneath. Then they spread their leathery wings, swooping down on their prey. They strike at their victim’s heads and wrap their wings around the prey’s skull with a vice-like grip. Once the prey is helpless, the gloomhaunt begins to feed.

Maw Fluke (Xenos Minoris)

Maw fluke

The Maw-fluke’s body (up to one and a half meters in length) is segmented and has multiple small, articulated legs, allowing it to scale emost sloping surfaces and woorm it’s way through tight spaces. If they cannot find a way around an obstruction, they are quite capable of burrowing through rock and even some metal alloys with their shovel-like mandibles and maw full of sharp, grinding teeth. They prefer to attack their targets with mandibles located on either side of their mouths. Besides the crushing damage, these mandibles are also capable of injecting a powerful paralytic poison. The Maw-flukes then drag their helpless prey back to their burrows to feast undisturbed.

Sabre Wolf (Xenos Minoris) Sabre wolf

The Sabre-Wolf is a custom-bred apex predator. Created by centuries of cross-breeding mutant creatures and xenos predators, its hunting grounds are the pleasure parks of the Calixis elite and, in some cases, the fighting pits of the less wealthy. It is a quadruped and able to move with both stealth through the undergrowth and with frightening speed across open ground. It’s disproportionately elongated Skull has multiple rows of fangs designed to latch onto, then worry and rend away at it’s prey.

Vermin and Predators

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