Sophano Prime

Planetary Data

Population: 2 billion (estimated)
Tithe Grade: Exactus Mediam
Climate Arid with semi tropical polar regions. Only free standing water in polar regions has been polluted and is unusable without significant processing. Deep underground reservoirs, wind trap vaporators and recycling supply majority of fresh water supply.
Geography Rough hilly natural terrain that has been taken down a significant level by millenia of planet wide strip mining. Surface now mostly covered with crushed slag from previous strip mines.
Biosphere: Indiginous Flora are all hardy, scabble plants put to various uses. A few of them, like the infamous Sophano Potato, contain marginally edible root systems.
Governmental Type: Feudal
Planetary Governor: High Elector Aldrus IX
Adeptus Presence: Minor Adeptus Administratum, Mechanicus and Ministorum.
Military: Significant Military Units at all levels of the Feudal structure maintain the balance of power on the planet among the various Electors and their vassals.
Trade/Economy: Sophano Prime has only one major export, ore, and imports everything that is not a staple good.

Planetary History

Once the second most important mining world in the Calixis Sector, Sophano Prime was a major supplier of ores used in the original construction of the hives of Scintilla. Most of the surface of the planet has been strip mined 150 to 500 meters down from the original surface of the planet. Original settlements and the major cities of the Electors now reside on plateaus that remin at the height of the original surface of the planet. Vast tracts of the surface are filled with debris from centuries of strip mining, making unsanctioned travel along the new surface extremely hazardous.

Residents of the mining camp cities live as virtual prisoners on the plateaus and are treated as captive slave labor by the nobility, forced to subside on a diet of rock hard, bitter Sophano Potatos. Those lucky to have raised their station a little are able to afford spices to change the flavor, a bit extra water to soften it up or perhaps even an occasional meal of imported foodstuff from off world.

Sophano Prime Gazetteer

  1. Sophano Prime
    1. Planetary Data
    2. Planetary History
  2. Electorate of Stokeland
    1. Nobility
      1. House Ethelbert
      2. House Gaithe
      3. House Gilbert
      4. House Holbeck
      5. House Lowthe
      6. House Mallard
      7. House Ramsden
      8. House Segur
      9. House Sophano
      10. House Tenbrook
    2. Duchy of Stokeland
      1. County of Stokeland Landing
      2. County of Hammoorbury
      3. County of Hisswick
      4. County of Osterstokeland
      5. Palace of the Elector
      6. County of Seaford End
      7. County of Wellvale
    3. Duchy of Coddercombe Mines
      1. County of Coddercombe Heights
    4. Duchy of Gathstleybrook
    5. Duchy of Greykirk
    6. Duchy of Stonwater On-The-Fire
    7. Duchy of Woodnessover

Sophano Prime

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