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  1. The Calixis Sector
  2. Campaign Timeline of Events
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The Great City of Xicarph

  1. Locations & People
    1. (The Areana District)
      1. The Fates Wheel, gambling, drinking, fighting, hostelry
        1. Papa Grist
        2. Crackmarrow
        3. Bliss
    2. (The Cemetary District)
    3. The Collapsed Palaces
      1. The poor area of the city
    4. The Refutation
      1. Home to some mostly abandoned Colleges
    5. The High Steps of the Pleasure Gardens
    6. The Akasen Follies
      1. The home of the Spider Bride

Inquisition fist

The Calixian Inquisition

  1. Inquisition Factions
    1. Puritan Factions
      1. Amalthians
      2. Monodominants
    2. Radical Factions
      1. Isstvanians
      2. Recongregators
      3. Xanthites
      4. Libricar
      5. Oblationists
      6. Phaenonites
  2. Inquisitors
    1. Ordo Hereticus
    2. Ordo Xenos
      1. Inquisitor Al-Subaai
        1. Interrogator Theodoricus Rand Last known to be heading towards Scintilla to meet with al-Subaai
        2. Explicator Lorelii Dekanta Involved with the hunt for the Beast House on Sophano Prime. Knows both al-Subaai and Karkalla from their time as Acolytes under Von Vuygens
        3. Acolyte Yenxi d’Vlarath Last known to be heading towards Scintilla to meet with al-Subaai
        4. Acolyte Gabriella al-Subaai’s agent on Port Wander, monitoring the coming and going from the Koronus Expanse
        5. Acolyte Hiro Nakarita Last seen on Clove having his skin fall away turning into a Maggot Man
        6. Acolyte Sikh Deceased? Information given by Hiro Nakarita
        7. Acolyte Tomasen Deceased? Information given by Hiro Nakarita
        8. Acolyte Septimus Dexter “Bookworm” Loaned by al-Subaai to Inquisitor Karkalla. Sent ahead to some unknown destination to aid in Karkalla’s pursuit of Marcus Vulpa
        9. Captain Odelia Lall Captain of the Frigate Sabre
          1. Navigator Carmona Went into a rant about “not eating with a daemon” during the Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension
          2. Senechal Joo-Kwan Nee
          3. Arch-Militant Freidrich Reddi
          4. Astropath Ohdora
      2. Inquisitor Nazauth Karkalla (DECEASED) Known associate of al-Subaai and Van Vuygens. Hunting the Beast House, and Marcus Vulpa in particular.
      3. Inquisitor Van Vuygens Location Unknown. Last heard of by Inquisitor al-Subaai going into a Special Case in the Hazeroth Abyss Sub-Sector
      4. Inquisitor Vownus Kaede
    3. Ordo Malleus
    4. Other Inquisitors
      1. Inquisitor Silas Marr
      2. The Unknown Inquisitor Killed on the Piety of Seth
        1. Surviving Adepta Sororitas that retrieved his Rosette and fled


  1. Golgenna Reach Sub-Sector
    1. Scintilla
      1. Hive Sibellus
        1. The Tricorn Palace, Headquarters of the Calixian Inquisition
        2. Underhive Temple base of Inquisitor al-Subaai
      2. Hive Tarsus
        1. Shipping Company that was about to recieve a shipment from Clove
    2. Sophano Prime
      1. Hive Victoriana
        1. Planetary Administratum Building
      2. Stokeland
        1. Umbraer’s Hope Deep Bore Mine
      3. Silt Sea
        1. House of Dust and Ash
  2. Drusus Marches Sub-Sector
    1. Port Wander
  3. Adrantis Sub-Sector
    1. Piety of Seth
      1. Temple where the Inquisitor was killed
  4. Hazeroth Abyss Sub-Sector
    1. Clove
      1. Amaranthine Syndicate pushing out the Cold Guild
      2. Sonnegelt Pharma Corporation


  1. Beast House
    1. Fleet Lt. Sicarius Wu
    2. Lion Mask
    3. Count Tonias Sophano (Deceased)
    4. Stanton Minita
    5. Marcus Vulpa
    6. Eagle Mask Seen under a drug induced haze in the filth and muck after being captured
  2. Cold Guild
  3. Amaranthine Syndicate
  4. Unaffiliated
    1. Samson Sonnegelt Former contact of Inquisitor al-Subaai. Proprietor of Sonnegelt Pharma on Clove. Mysteriously paid off large outstanding debt in one large payment.
    2. Magyar Marshek Odd Rogue Trader last seen at the House of Dust and Ash. Most likely died in volcanic eruption
  5. Mechanicum
    1. Magos Reis Former Teacher of Oruc Cortez. Last seen on the Sabre.
  6. Stable Sub-Species
    1. Ogryn

Xenos Species

  1. Maggot Men
    1. Master Nonesuch
    2. Hiro Nakarita
  2. Rak’Gol


  1. Golden Pyramid

Vermin and Predators

  1. Cruorian War Beast
  2. Gloomhaunt
  3. Maw Fluke
  4. Sabre Wolf

Forbidden Science

  1. Vore Weapon


  1. Expanded Rank Advance Table
  2. List of Alternate Ranks

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