Inquisition Factions

Puritan Factions


Amalthians believe that the Imperium is the Emperor’s own work and that it must be preserved in its current state – maintaining the status quo is the goal of the Amalthians.


The most extreme Puritan faction is the Monodominants. These hard-line Inquisitors believe that the Imperium can only survive if everything else is destroyed. Monodominants are intolerant in the extreme, advocating the wholesale slaughter of heretics and rebels and xenocidal campaigns against alien races. There are a great many crimes in the mind of a Monodominant, and death is the only sentence.

Radical Factions


Named after Horus’ great betrayal of the Imperium at Isstvan III, they believe that the Imperium becomes stronger through war and catastrophe. Isstvanians attempt to ferment rebelion and disaster at every opportunity, with mayhem and strife as their primary goal. Many an Inquisitor has investigated a dire threat to the Imperium, only to discover that it is the work of an Isstvanian.


Recongregators believe that Imperial society has reached a dead end of stagnation and decay which has robbed mankind of the means and of the will to survive in a predatory universe. There is only one solution to such a danger, the believe: to tear down the calcified monoliths of Imperial power and make them anew so that mankind can survive.


Named after Inquisitor Xanthus who was hunted down and killed by fellow Inquisitors for his beliefs. He belived that the warp, and even the Daemons that lived within it, could be harnessed for the good of humanity. Xanthites study the warp and the ways of Chaos, employ forbidden sorcery, Daemon-wrought artefacts and even bind Daemons into their service. Knowledge is the weapon of choice for the Xanthite, and turning their enemy’s weapons against him is their favoured tactic.


An extremist outgrowth of the puritan Amalthians, for the Libricar it is not enough to preserve the institutions of the Imperium, but also necessary to ensure that those who rule and maintain them are ceaselessly watch, mercilessly judged, and made pure by bloodshed.


The Oblationist faction is an oath-sworn society of bitter fanatics who wield warp-forged weapnos, bind daemons, and command the power of sorcerers with a self-hating fury that sees all in the Inquisition but their own creed as utterly impure, corrupt and deserving of destruction. Their intolerance of all other Radicals has much in common with the most Puritanical factions; they believe that only the Oblationists may wield the weapons and knowledge of the enemy and remain true in the service of the God-Emperor.


A malevolent Xanthite splinter faction, reviled even by their fellow radicals, has long been declared excommunicate traitoris by the Ordo Malleus. At the core of the Pnaenonite philolophy is the narnessing of the warp and the enslavement of the daemon by use of arcane technological processes whose nature has been long forbidden to the Imperium. The doctrine – which as an outgrowth of the Xanthite ethos which focused on a technological rather than occult one to achie their goals mutated into something far worse – taking onboard the most extreme doctines of Monodomination.

Inquisition Factions

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