Fatum Tyrannus

Experience 2/9/2012

Boarding Party: Surviving Worse for Wear: 100xp

Group Influence: 21 (+1)

Character: XP Available (change)

  • Titus: 6100 (+100)
  • Cortez: 6050 (+100)
  • Gallus: 6000 (+100)
  • Dorn: 6000 (+100)
  • (New Characters – 6000)
  • Augstinius: 6000 (+100)
  • Bones: 6200 (+100) Retired
Fade to Black

Darkness has taken you, leaving you endlessly falling into an empty oblivion devoid of sight or sound. Moments flash briefly into being and fade again: a cold iron table and bright light above you, the mocking voice of Minita, the reeking stench of beasts and raw meat. Weightlessness, the hammering of great machinery, and finally, fetid black water oozing beneath you and chill winds stirring foul air.

You wake slowly to find yourself paralyzed in cold darkness, your voice silent and your body as limp and useless as a rag doll. You are helpless to act or speak, or even hold your thoughts together, but you can hear the ragged breathing of others in the dark telling you that you are not alone in your fate and feel the bone-deep ache in your limbs confirming that you yet live.

Sickly-green lamps flicker on in the walls, illuminating what might be your cell members in the moment before a dozen figures appear, wading shin-deep through rank waters towards the cold platform on which you and the other tangled forms hang. They wear ragged cloacks over dark body armor, and their faces are covered by grotesque animal masks fashioned from glittering metal and stitched skin. Each mask is different, one a hound, one a serpent, another a squid, a swine, and so on, while the leader wears the gilded visage of an Eagle with crimson feathers around its crest.

Walking beside the leader is a man covering his face with the image of a Lion, identical to the one torn from Count Sophano’s face at the Umbraer’s Hope deep bore mine.
A quick flick of Lion Mask’s runic sword severs chains and you are dumped into the ice-cold filth of the water with the others, all equally helpless, heaped up like in a mass grave for the living. Each of you is swiftly and purposefully examined by the masked men like livestock in a market. The Eagle Mask barks an angry order, and he and the others back away swiftly into the darkness.

Frost creeps across the walls, and the waters beneath you grow cold as the grave, as from the darkness a human-shaped, spike-studded metal cabinet comes into view, pushed along by two stunted and misshapen figures. Another shadowed form, tall and lean, hangs back on the edge of sight behind them.

Horror is heaped upon horror as the iron cabinet opens to reveal the severed head and mutilated torso of a young woman floating within in a column of unearthly light. The woman’s eyes snap open and cruel white light floods out. You feel the stabbing claws of a vile force invade your mind with its polluting touch as you and your fellow captives finally find voice enough to scream.

The force withdraws suddenly as the iron cabinet snaps shut. A silver-clawed hand rises from the darkness and indicates three captives in turn. The misshapen figures lunge forth and drag them screaming into the darkness where they are abruptly silenced.

Mercifully you are not among them.

The light fades and oblivion takes you again.

Mistress Lall's Rant

I have worked out a backstory for Mistress Captain Odelia Lall that does not impose one bit on the players’ ability to customize and tailor the Sabre to their liking. This was one of my objectives with her as an NPC, actually, to make her available and have her be a character while at the same time.

It is actually more appropriate for this backstory that you take items that would be advantageous to Ordo Xenos operations both within, at the edge of, and beyond Imperial space.

Mistress Odelia Lall is very businesslike in her demeanor. She and her crew command the Sabre effectively and efficiently, taking the vessel from port to port where directed to by al-Subaai. She makes it perfectly clear that her crew and personnel are not resources for you to dispose of at will or whim. She’s not rude or hostile about it, she’s just very obviously not willing to risk resources or personnel on your behalf, and it not obligated to do so. She takes her driving orders from al-Subaai, or, if he transfers his authority to you, from you.

To shed a little bit of light on the arrangement, let’s inject one slight slip in her professional discourse when Attilus suggests that she send personnel with Dorn and him to Port Wander due to the Sabre potentially being in danger.

“Listen, Attilus, you might think you’re a big shot, parading around with that lesser Rosette, but you had better listen up and listen good. Unless you want every criminal, crook and heretic to flee and run to ground the minute word gets out that the Sabre is in system you’d better keep your involvement with this vessel top secret. Understand? This vessel might be Van Vuygens’ now, but it’s going to be mine someday, and I’m not going to have you mess that up by stumbling around announcing yourself and this ship as Inquisitorial to everyone this side of the Maw. This frigate is worth more to the Inquisition, and myself, than you or your whole team, and I have sworn to keep it and it’s secret safe. I have orders from Van Vuygens, at my discretion, to abandon any acolyte cell that can’t keep their Emperor forsaken grox hole shut. If I ever hear that you’ve let it slip again, I will use that discretion to protect this Inquisitorial asset. And that goes for all of you. Is that perfectly clear?”

339.817.M41, Port Wander
The Docking Bay Incident

Error Failure to Read From Imperial Archives

332.817.M41, Port Wander
Welcome to Port Wander

The long, three month journey from the Piety of Seth to the Rubycon II system where the orbital station known as Port Wander lies is arduous and stressful. Extended travel in the immaterium is never easy, but after the events on the Piety of Seth, nerves are worn thin and nearly to the breaking point when the Sabre finally drops back into realspace. The acolytes eagerly depart the ship and head to the station while captain Lall takes the Sabre for refitting at a drydock facility near Port Wander following the extended journey.

Once aboard, the team is met by Gabriel, a representative of Inquisitor Al’Subaai, who provides quarters and helps the party to get established on the station. While settling in, an agent of a different inquisitor, Linetta Res, turns up and informs Gabriel that Inquisitor Res needs to speak with her. The rest of the team is brought along to speak with the Inquisitor, who informs them that the Imperial Navy has requested the assistance of the Inquisition as xenos artefacts have been uncovered at the site of an accident on an asteroid facility near Port Wander. Inquisitor Res has already delayed her departure from the station for important business in the Koronus Expanse and asks the team to go in her stead. She will inform Inquisitor Al’Subaai of the acolytes new assignment prior to leaving and she charges the team to deal with whatever situation may arise and to investigate any and all potential leads they may uncover.

Later in the day, the acolytes are briefed on the situation by Fleet Lieutenant Sicarrius Wu, a hard-bitten naval officer with extensive cybernetic replacements. A cargo lighter lost control and collided with an abandoned Hab stack on asteroid B/002 C IV, also known as Hab 19. Though there was extensive loss of life because of depressurization, the real shock came when the Navy’s accident investigation team uncovered extensive evidence of xenos artefacts and biomorphs in a ruined section of the hab stack. The investigation team was withdrawn immediately and the Navy contacted Inquisitor Res of the Ordo Xenos to take over the investigation of the accident site.

After some legwork on the station, where very little news of the crash has spread, Augustinius flies the team to the asteroid where Hab 19 is built upon and the team begins to comb through the wreckage. Augustinius discovers a crude but well supplied medicae facility with signs of potential xenos fluids clinging to some of the equipment. Gabriel uncovers a number of holding pens with burned and desiccated corpses of a number of xenoforms, confirming the Naval investigation team’s suspicions. She also notes four strange runes crudely painted on the walls (see image below). Attilas sifts through the wreckage of an office facility and manages to turn up one dataslate still in working condition, though it is locked with some form of encryption. He also finds a few rooms containing bunks and crude (but effective and well-used) arms, and armor strewn about. Cortez, though, discovers a grisly sight tucked away in corner of the structure that has escaped being damaged by the crash. He finds a room with a plasma incinerator and carts and crates filled with various xenos body parts. Some are fairly shocking, showing signs of cybernetic enhancements and obvious combat augmentations.

As the team begins to reassemble, Attilus’s keen senses (nice roll!) pick up sounds of movement back in the wreckage surrounding the area. Creeping over the mounds of girders, plasteel plating, wiring, and tubing, come the thick, muscular forms of many feral servitors! Clearly the impact did not kill everything in the hab and this band of ferals have come to see what they might find in the wreckage…

244.817.M41, Piety of Seth
The Inquisitor on the Piety of Seth

An astropathic communication comes in from al’Subaai as the Frigate Sabre, commanded by Odelia Lall, carries the Acolytes towards Port Wander on the far Rimward edge of the Calixis sector.

_Trusted Acolytes, I require an artifact to be acquired from the main reliquary in the grand cathedral of Port Calling on The Piety of Seth. I have attached the required codes and authorizations to this message. Please use them to retrieve said item. Bring it to me with the shipments from Port Wander. Go with His grace and do His work, as I have commanded you.

You may want to limit your team that you bring, as this is a sensitive matter.

Your Master,

The Piety of Seth (formerly known as Vantau) is a Shrine world that shows signs of having been an agricultural world in the past, before the incident with Seth. Seth was the sole survivor of a mission to cleanse a Heretical sect known as the “Sons of Drusus”. Landing at Port Calling is routine. The security of this planet seems to be much less than it was on Clove where things were tighly locked down at almost all locations and parts of society.

Attilus chooses Cortez, Gallus and Dorn to accompany him. They are able to find a landing facility close to the central cathedral that Lall’s Aquila Lander is able to use. Once at the Cathedral, the group is met by a droll sounding monk who informs them that the cathedral is not on visiting hours at the moment as the main festivals are not ongoing. Attilus explains that he is here to retrieve and item from the reliqary.

The monk brings the group off the main hall of the cathedral, which is impecably neatly cleaned, down some side hallways which are very much less so to a small room with an old Adept working on some scrolls with his Auto Quill.

“Excuse Me.” says Attilus, garnering no reaction from the Adept.

“Ahem. Excuse Me.” He repeats. After no response is given once again, Attilus rips the scrolls that the Adept was working on from underneath his auto quill.

The Adept turns and gives Attilus a tongue lashing, “You have just cost me hours of work, young man! How dare you!”

Attilus suppresses the urge to slap the old Adept, then gives him the data cube with information regarding the acquisition. As the old man sees Cortez eyeing his data screen, he turns it away from prying eyes.

“Yes. We can do this. Come with me. Do you know what you are here for? No. Of course not.”

The old adept leads the grounp down an ever deeper maze of stacks, reliquaries, statuaries and long hallways until eventually he reaches a room that seems filled with many boxes on shelves. The room is roughly 10 meters square with hallways leading off in 4 major directions. There aren’t any doors on the hallways, but there are nice arches and other decorative architectural elements that are very pleasing to the eye.

Cortez and Gallus stop just before entering the room, while Dorn trails behind.

“Alright. Here is what you came for. Come sign for it please.”

The group is hesitant, reluctantly Attilus comes forward and signs as requested. The Adept then opens the red box that he had presented to the group and pushes a large button inside. From behind Cortez and Gallus in the hallway a large heavy stone slab with a bright gold Aquila carved into it drop from the cieling some dozen meters behind them.

“You man leave now.” Says the Adept.

Attilus is perturbed, and a bit at a loss. “Where is our artifact?”

The Adpet straightens himself out, stands taller and suddenly looks less frail than he once did. From underneath his robes he pulls out an Inquisitorial Rosette. “This is a test,” he states, as Adepta Sororitas show themselves from both of the side hallways. “Those who are pure and free of sin are free to leave this place. Those who carry with them the taint of corruption and the warp, however, will not leave.”

“Fine, let us leave,” says Gallus, who is then suddenly stopped as if by an invisible wall as he tries to leave down the hallway that the group entered in through. Cortez, though uncomfortable, is able to go farther down the hallway, and is at the Stone slab that fell from the cieling. It appears that Gallus is unable to leave.

“Do not suffer the witch to live,” says the Adept as one of his Sororitas starts to move towards Gallus.

Attilus and Gallus arrive at the same conclusion, that Gallus is going to be exeucted by these people, and attack. A pair of Bolt rounds into the Sororitas by Attilus is followed by the Inquisitor chanting a series of prayers. White light pours out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. As Gallus looks at the light, he is wracked with pain and takes damage directly to his Soul (1 point ignoring armor and toughness). He retailiates with a Fire Storm that melts the Sororitas and injures the Inquisitor. Cortez finishes the Inquisitor off with a pair of blasts from his Hellpistol. The Inquisitor catches fire and turns into a charred mass before he explodes, splattering the area with charred gore. His Rosette clanks to the ground. Suddenly Cortez is overcome with Bloodlust, and is repelled from the Aquila on the floor that he is standing by. Dorn enters the hallway, stepping over the Aquila.

“What’s going on here?” He says, as he notices the Rosette on the floor.

After a quick firefight with the other Sororitas from the other side hallway, she escapes with the Inquisitor’s Rosette, speaking into her Vox “The Inquisitor has been killed by Assassins!” Gallus’ attempt to stop her with a wall of fire fails as the power seems to be repelled by something down the hallway.

Cortez and Gallus are unable to leave the room until the stone Aquila is destroyed by Attilus and Dorn’s Bolters.

The group manages to escape the maze of hallways without being spotted by more Sororitas … and leave the planet of the Piety of Seth to contemplate the killing of an Inquisitor in a Temple to the God Emperor of Mankind.

228.817.M41, Clove
Encounter with Hiro Nakarita

The Room of Severed Heads

The smell of hot, wet death permeates the greasy, humid air of the small room. Glimmers of pale light flicker from a single failing glow globe embedded in the far wall, briefly pushing back the darkness to show shadowy images of macabre piles of fetid decomposing severed human heads. Drops of liquid hit the metal surgical tables in front of the lone doorway with loud plangs, splashing water onto the two neatly cleaned skeletons resting upon them. The tops of the skeleton’s skulls that have been neatly removed sit next to them.

A Moritat Assassin, clad in all black, stands on top of some of the severed heads, taking in slightly labored breaths as he looks down upon the stinking necrotic ooze of what was once a man made of maggots as it drips down into the pile. A vile black cloak, similar in appearance to a death shroud and a sick, twisted, bonelike pistol are the only evidence it was ever there.

By the doorway, Gallus Mordiciotte clutches a Laspistol, white knuckles and wide eyes giving a brief glimpse into the searing scar the power of the warp has left on his soul.

Someone At The Door

The entryway door gives an audible beep followed by a clunk, indicating that someone on the outside has passed the security checks and unlocked it. Titus quickly moves into a position where he will be able to surprise anyone that enters the room.

The door slams open, and a man clad in dark carapace armor rolls into the room in a controlled combat move, then raises his Boltgun up into a firing position against his right shoulder. The man is Hiro Nakarita. Titus attacks without hesitation, his strike hits home … or would have if Hiro’s hand hadn’t turned into a writhing mass of maggots and caught the blade. Hiro’s voice changes into an echoing low gravelly mockery of what it was as he speaks.

Hiro Nakarita: That was a mistake.

Titus gives a warning to his friend the Psyker as he begins to quickly exit the room.

Titus: Move Gallus, move!

Hiro moves to block the door to prevent the Psyker from leaving, but fate intervenes and he is just able to leave and lock the door from the other side. As the pair take a moment at the end of the hallway to gather themselves, a flat, wriggling mass of worms slides underneath the doorway, then reforms itself into a shambling mass on the other side. It pulls the shroud like cloak out from under the doorway after it, puts it on, then cackles as it disappears invisibly into the shadows.

With terror in their minds at what they’ve just witnessed, the pair flees upstairs. They run into Dorn, Cortez and Attilus who are sneaking around the manufactorum floor looking for their comrades. Titus tells the group urgently that they are all leaving, the Manufactorum, the Hive and the Planet with immediate haste.

Cackling echos in the dark follow them back up to the Sabre waiting in orbit around Clove.

227.817.M41, Clove
Investigating the Manufactorum

Ando, Gallus gained 4 Insanity and 6 Corruption in the fight detailed in the bottom paragraph. This puts your IP at 9 but your CP at 10, which will cause a roll to see if you gain any odd behaviors like Titus

Titus communicates with the members of the cell in the Hovercar, telling them to move their position to somewhere closer, better able to provide support should the need arise. As Gallus comes back from the hallway door to the place he and Titus have been hiding out, noises come from the direction of the ramp up form sublevel-2 to the enginarium on sublevel 1. Voices, and heavy boots. A bank of lights at the far end of the room clanks on loudly, illuminating the various shaking and tumbling machines at that end of the level. Amidst the muffled, mostly indistinguishable voices a few words stand out.

“… search everywhere until you find them …”

The boots and voices are coming in their direction, and both Gallus and Titus decide to go through the doorway Nakarita was going through. Gallus’ scans for life didn’t come up with anything, and it’s secured. Hopefully it will be a good place to hide out and avoid a fight. Before going down the long hallway to the door, Titus takes a peek at the first few people coming around the corner. They aren’t carrying heavy weapons, but seem to be wearing security uniforms and could easily be carrying pistols of some sort.

Titus begins relaying the events to the rest of the Team in the Hovercar, when he hears an explosion, screams, and gunfire coming from the other end of the voice channel.

[“Hey wait, that’s us!” said Angus]

Meanwhile, in the Hovercar …

A Krak missile slams into the armored hovercar as it’s making its approach to the executive parking area. Augustinius, at the helm, fails to control the vehicle and it crashes onto the roof of the Sonnegelt Manufactorum, nearly half a kilometer up in the air from the ground below. As the damaged Hovercar perches precariously on the platform it is sitting on, a modified cargo lighter deposits some soldiers dressed in all black with a “6” insignia on their uniforms.

The “Six” soldiers are deposited in two groups on two Lightning capture towers roughly 60 meters away from the building into the street. Thick 4 cm cables connect the towers to smaller similar ones jutting up from the roof of the manufactorum. On the closer tower, immediately across from the crashed Hovercar, the wire has been snapped in the crash. Onto the platform stand two soldiers, one carrying a Heavy Stubber in the Bulging Biceps of his arms, and a second one with a Plasma Gun. Onto the other platform are 5 soldiers. One soldier is standing in the doorway of the cargo lighter.

A firefight ensues. Dorn, armed with his newly acquired Boltgun, takes out the Sniper in the Lighter and the Support Gunner on the platform as the 5 Soldiers on the far side use zip lines to cross the 60 meter interval over to the Manufactorum. Bones is unable to participate due to a knock on the head. The Plasma Gun does a serious strike onto the back of the Hovercar. It’s now definitely no longer airworthy. Augustinius ties to scramble up the slick roof and get to another platform, but eventually slides down and get a foot stuck underneath the damaged Hovercar (00 on a climb test). Cortez and Dorn continue to lay fire onto the 5 Soldiers now making their way towards the Acolytes, eventually taking them all out. Not before Cortez takes a very serious wound to his Left Arm (Fate Point Burned).

Back in the dark room in the sub level of the Manufactorum, the stench of rot is overwhelming. Sounds of gunfire and screams come over the vox channel then are suddenly silenced. Titus and Gallus listen, and Gallus thinks he hears something … BEHIND THEM IN THE ROOM! As they turn around, their eyes adjusting to the dim and almost nonexistent light both make out two tables, steel and sturdy. Each of the tables has a complete human skeleton on it, completely clean, with the top of the skull removed in a very precise manner. In the far portion of the room, the darkest area, is a large pile of decomposing, rotting, severed human heads. Gallus, to his horror, sees a misshapen man wearing a black cloak. He fires off a Fire Storm, which should have fired, but instead fizzles. Wait, this is a Maggot Man! And it’s emanating a Psychic Null field! Gallus Collapses in Horror. (Failed Fear 3 Rolls, Faints for 1d5 turns, 4 Insanity)

Titus charges the Maggot thing, who extends his sick maggoty mass around him! (Grapple) It’s Necrotic Grasp and sick Toxic secretions dig into the Death Cult Assassin. Titus struggles to free himself from the thing as Gallus lies prone and unconscious. Eventually Titus, low on wounds, frees himself and strikes at the vile creature with his Holy Blade. (27 Pen 8; 15 Pen 8; 11 Pen 4) Fresh maggots expel the chopped ones from its chest before the creature misses Titus with a grapple. Gallus pulls himself together, rises up and heals him, needing to call upon his full Psychic power to get past the Null zone of the Xeno thing. Both Gallus and Titus forget something trivial in a Psychic Phenomena (Deciding on this one still as to what exactly) Titus strikes again, (Dodge, 12 Pen 8) and the Toxic Ichor splashes on him (8 Damage ignoring Armor and Toughness) The Maggot Man fires his sick weapon at Titus which hits him in the head, making him feel as if his head is going to explode. Gallus heals Titus a second time (with no Phenomena) before Titus’s blade bites into it again (Dodge, 18 Pen 8, 16 Pen 8) . Again Toxic Ichor splashes upon Titus as the thing fires its weapon at Gallus, making his chest feel as if it’s tearing itself apart. Gallus decides to heal Titus again rather than himself, calling upon his full Psychic power to get past the Null field, he does the feat admirably for a third time. But there is a backlash! (Psychic Phenomena, Perils of the Warp for 1 corruption, 5 more for the specific result, total 6 corruption points) The full power of the warp courses through Gallus’ body, in the shock he will be unable to call upon any further powers for 1 hour. There will be no further healing. The thing tries to Grapple Titus again, if it succeeds it could be the end of Titus! It barely misses, as Gallus fires his Laspistol at the thing (how does this work?). It absorbs the energy (9 pen 0). Desperate, Titus bites into the thing one more time. (Dodge, 18 Pen 8, 14 Pen 8) and finally the maggot xeno collapses onto the pile of rotting severed heads, a mass of dying maggots, thick toxic ichor, a sick looking pistol and a dark black cloak.

226.817.M41, Clove
In the Study of Samson Sonnegelt

In the study of the Pharma Merchant Samson Sonnegelt, the Acolytes are offered the service of the merchant in any way necessary to get the missions done. He did, after all, give the report that started the investigation.

He is willing to do whatever it takes to help the mission get resolved so that he can be done with his inquisitorial reponsibilities once and for all.

When questioned, Sonnegelt says that he knows that Interrogator Rand and Acoltye d’Vlarath have gone back to Scintilla because he has his Shipping Manager, Andre DuCreet, make the arrangements some 4 months ago. Nakarita is at the Manufactorum because he has granted him the use of some office space in the Executive Administration wing of the compound.

The Acolytes, led primarily by Attilus, hound him, not believing him, and continue to question his motives.

Attilus at one point wonders how much of his blood it would take to know if he is hopped up on some kind of Xeno drug, and asks Titus if he would be able to take a little. Titus says in no uncertain terms that if the blood starts flowing then it will not stop. Sonnegelt is probably saved only due to the fact that the group doesn’t have the necessary skills and equipment to do a proper blood workup for chem use.

Sonnegelt states that this is a good example of why he wishes to be done with the inquisition.

The Cell takes Sonnegelt up on his offer of further help, and is given access, under the supervision of Augustinus, to the entire security system of the Manufactorum.

And so the Cell goes to the Manufactorum to see about this Nakarita and talk to him. Titus is dropped off near the outsides of the Manufactorum and manages to blend into the middle managers working their way into the complex. The other Acolytes, Attilus, Augustinius, Cortez and Gallus, park the Hovervan in an Executive parking facility conveniently located next to the Executive Administration offices. Attilus and Augustinius exit first, and pass by on their way to the entrance a female clad in dark robes uncommon to the local Hive attire with an entourage, leaving the Executive suites. They make their way down to the office where they know that Hiro Nakarita has been using, following close but not too close by Gallus and Cortez. Titus is also able to make his way into the near vacinity in order to be available should things come to blows.

The wing of offices being used by Nakarita is out of the way. Used for storage, filled with junk, leaking in places with dim light offered by flickering glow globes, it’s not a very heavily trafficed area. Perfect for not being seen. There is a tense moment as Attilus flashes his Rosette to prove his identity at the office, with both he and Nakarita having hands on their weapons. The situation defuses, and Nakarita puts the Boltgun he was holding back onto his desk, besides two others that are there.

Augustinius does a biometric scan of Nakarita, and it chimes in the affirmative that this is indeed the “missing” Acolyte. Hiro then describes what happened to the group of Acolytes. The Cold Guild was smuggling Xeno drugs. They managed to find a lead on a shipment coming down on a Bulk Lander onto platform 225, took on the smugglers and in a fierce firefight eliminated them all, blowing up the Lander and the platform in the process. It seems that someone knew they were coming, because the smugglers were better prepared than they should have been. Unfortunately Acolyte sikh and Tomasen were lost in the fight. Nakarita offers their Boltguns to the group and Attilus accepts, happily upgrading his arsenal with the Very Rare weapons.

Due to the potential security concerns, Interrogator Rand decided that an in person report was prudent, and make arrangements for himself and d’Vlarath to return to Hive Sibellus and tell al’Subaai personally what went down.

Nakarita has stayed behind to look for signs that they smuggling ring is still around in some capacity and take out anyone else that pops up. Nakarita gives proof of the demise of Sikh and Tomasen.

After leaving the presence of Nakarita, Cortez looks over the Boltguns for signs of … bad things. (2 levels of success) He states the weapons are okay.

The Cell goes up to question the Shipping Manager Ducreet, who was informed by Sonnegelt that there wound be “unusual visitors” and that this must be the group. This is confirmed by call with Sonnegelt. Ducreet will not, however, give any details on the “special passengers” that left for Scintilla with the shipment. If this was ordered by the Interrogator, it’s not unlikely that he will not give information without coersion. He does, however, give the shipping manifest of the one in questions. He also when asked, give his terminal to Cortez for use. Cortez finds some interesting things. The shipment’s weight and loadout in the system match what’s expected from the manifest. There are two special passengers listed. Other information tells that Sonnegelt has a large shipment of goods for a new contract to the penal colony of Kommitzar lost to raiders a little over 2 years ago. This was covered up, and only due to new cheap sources of raw materiels was he able to manufacture a new shipment of goods and fulfill the contract. This markes the point in time that his profitability started to increase greatly. The sources of his raw materiels changed entirely, and is now at a severely reduced cost.

Some of his executives were changed right about at the same time. Ducreet being one of them. later on, it was discovered that the “replaced” executives have all met with various accidental mishaps that unfortunately cost them their lives. Such a sad, sad, tale. The workforce has been increased to deal with the increased manufacturing going on, and there has been some sloppiness in safety as well. It seems not a single day goes by without some sort of workplace accident and death.

The group decides enough information has come from Ducreet and leaves, except for Titus, who stays behind to follow Nakarita.

Titus follows Nakarita down through the Executive offices and middle management areas onto the manufactorum floor. His attempt to shadow him (1 level of success, with a fate point increased to 2) is good, but Nakarita just manages to give him the slip, and is lost on the floor amongst the workforce.

The group decides to check with the Cold Guild regarding the battle at platform 225, but in order to talk with Attilus’ contact again, he will need to come armed with a promised delivery of Obscura. After making arrangements to pick up a shipment, it turns out actually to be a set up, and an Arbites Raid ensnares the Acolytes. (00 on a Search check) Attilus is forced to use his Inquisitorial creds to escape imprisonment, but with so many Arbites involved, word quickly spreads about the “Inquisitor ensnares in an Obscura raid”.

Titus manages, however, while going through Underworld channels normally used for picking up contracts, to learn that the Cold Guild didn’t seem to have any big battles lately. No, they are mostly hangers ons, and old small desperate operations that aren’t capable of anything very big. It seems, that Nakarita was lying about the battle that cost Sikh and Tomasen their lives.

Titus is brought back to the Sonnegelt Manufactorum along with Gallus while Attilus, Augustinius, Cortez and Dorn circle the place in the Hovervan. Over days of careful following, Titus manages to track Nakarita down into the subfloor of the Manufactorum, then below that into the dark, hot bowels of the facility. At the end of a 20 metre long hallway is a door that Nakarita goes into. With him, he is taking some sort of Hovercart that is dripping blood.

Gallus uses Psyniscience and Sense Life to scan the area, but nothing seems out of place. No Psychic activity has happened here recently. Sense Life doesn’t detect anything beyond the doorway. He creeps towards the door, and discovers the faint smell of rotting meat.

161.817.M41, Scintilla
Clove (Part 1)

al’Subaai informs the Cell that they are going to be sent on a series of missions to find out what has become of some of his other Trusted Acolytes, far too many of which have gone missing recently. Subsequent missions will be delivered by encrypted messages that come with instructions as to how the results should be communicated.

The first mission will be to the hive world of Clove, in the Hazeroth sub sector. A merchant dealing in pharma products that has been associated with the Inquisitor for over a decade reported that he uncovered some evidence of a smuggling ring dealing in xeno narcotics. An acolyte, Yenxi d’Vlarath, was sent to Clove to investigate the report and was able to substantiate at least some of the findings, enough to warrant a more extensive investigation. Interrogator Theodoricus Rand, Hiro Nakarita, Sikh and Tomasen were sent to aid d’Vlarath. The last communication received from Rand confirmed that they had arrived on the planet.

A short time after the arrival of Rand on Clove Samson Sonnegelt, the Clove Pharma Merchant, made a large payment to al’Subaai, clearing him of financial obligations to the Inquisitor.

The Cell begins doing some research on things while still on the capital of Scintilla before leaving on the estimated two month journey to Clove. Augustinius researches the history of the Sonnegelt Pharma mercantile interest. It is an old establishment, one of about 5 significant Pharma merchants on Clove. There is nothing that would suggest that the family is involved in nefarious activities. The company has been fairly stable financially, with the exception of a dip that started around 15 years ago, but rebounded about 10 years ago to its previously established level. Augustinius receives information necessary to biometrically identify each of the Acolytes and the Interrogator, as well as visual references of them.

Attilus journeys to the center of trade and commerce on Scintilla, Hive Tarsus, to investigate dealing with the Sonnegelt mercantile interests. The vast majority of importers get chemicals and pharmas from sources related to Landunder in the Malfian sub sector. One, however, that he stumbles upon is expecting to receive a shipment of medical pharma good from Sonnegelt in roughly 2 weeks time. Attilus flashes his new inquisition seal and tells the merchant that Inquisitor al’Subaai or one of his representatives will be there to inspect the shipment with him when it arrives.

After about one week of investigations, the Cell leaves with the Rogue Trader Odelia Lall in her (frigate? 65 ship point) vessel. The Cell is given almost exclusive access to the vessel. Rogue Trader Lall is deeply indebted to the Inquisition, and al’Subaai’s former master Inquisitor Von Vuygens in particular.

Clove is known for a branch of firebrand preachers, the Clovis Ministorum, that sends missionaries and men of the cloth throughout the rough and tumble areas of the Hazeroth Sub Sector. It is also known for being the base and partial recruiting grounds for the 23rd Drusus Dragoons, a sister regiment to the 27th Drusus Dragoons that Dorn served as a part of during the Tranch War.

Clove, being “the last hive before the edge of the imperium” is a rough place that has a lot of security and identification checks. The spaceport records and registers biometric readings from those arriving, verifies weapons permits, and has vid capture cams that cover the entire concourse. Simply put, nobody arrives or leaves via the spaceport without there being a record of it.

Attilus draws some credit from the inquisition account he has access to via his identification, and uses it to set the Cell up in some low quality living arrangements in the bad part of the Hive.

Augustinius performs research on the more recent activities of the Sonnegelt Pharma mercantile interests and find out that they have been wildly successful over the past 2 years. They have been seriously eating into the contracts and profit of the other major pharma outfits, especially over about the last 6 months. Somehow they are always able to come in just low enough to win contracts from their competition.

Attilus looks into smuggling operations on the planet, and find out that the usual band of smugglers, the Cold Guild, is losing business to the Amaranthine Syndicate. They now probably handle only about 20% of their former volume. The Syndicate is an efficient operation that is super tight knit. Once they get involved in something, they’re tougher to extract than a Bore Worm. Those that work for them are also notably loyal.

Titus scouts the Manse in the Low Upper Hive of Samson Sonnegelt, trying to follow Sonnegelt and see what he does and where he goes. It turns out that Sonnegelt doesn’t leave his Manse, and hasn’t in some two months. There isn’t any special security out front, typical Vid Capture and Biometric entry scans for Clove, similar to the other Manses in the area. Deliveries, business associates and family come and go from the Manse on a schedule that seems to be typical. Nothing really exceptional going on. He seems to be voluntarily holding up in his study, drinking Amasec.

Titus guts a working from Sonnegelt’s business, and Augustinius copies the identifications for the group. The group easily gains entry to the Sonnegelt Manse claiming to be a “Marketing” group from the company. They are escorted to his Study where he is. Titus closes the door and they being questioning him. At first, he questions why another marketing campaign is needed, until Attilus mentions “Subaai” in passing. At this, Sonnegelt understands why the group is there. He wonders why more of you have been sent. Many questions are levied against Sonnegelt, who claims that his business has been very profitable, he is recusing himself to enjoy the success of his business, he paid off the inquisition to try to finally get back to normal business without adventure. Accusations of Sonnegelt working with the Amaranthine Syndicate are leveled. Gallus uses Psyniscience and Sense Life to try and detect anything odd in the study, but comes up with very normal readings. The Acolytes? Nakarita is still hanging around the Manufactorum for reasons only he knows, Rand and d’Vlarath have left back for Scintilla some time ago. Tomasen and Sikh? He hadn’t seen them in a very long time. He suspects something bad may have happened to them but he really doesn’t know and doesn’t care to. He wants to be done with Inquisition business. Is he lying? Is he scared? Intimidation and Scrutiny don’t seem to lead to any additional clues. (Rolls failed notably). The conversation ends with Sonnegelt once again suggesting the group go find and talk to Nakarita.


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