Fatum Tyrannus

163.815.M41-1, Scintilla
A New Mission

REFDATE: 163.815.M41
LOCATION: Tricorn Palace, Scintilla, Golgenna Reach Sub-Sector, Calixis Sector

Affiliation: Mechanicum of Mars
Occupation: Tech-Priest

SUBJECT IDENTIFIED: Mordichotte, Galus
Affiliation: Schola Psykana
Occupation: Psyker
Sanction Code: YQC8743-CX-543.2
Addendum: ((EXPUNGED))

Affiliation: Moritat, Calixis Branch
Occupation: Assassin

Records confirm above subjects affiliated with al-Subaai, Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos, Calixis Conclave. Affiliation date various.

  • Inquisitor al-Subaai gives his newest team of Acolytes a new mission, to investigate rumors of Beast House activities on the mining planet of Sophano Prime.
  • The Acolytes search the Inquisition’s archives on Scintilla for more facts about the Beast House, but come away emptyhanded after two days of investigation
  • The Acolytes decide to take a common transport to the planet, masking their arrival and foregoing help from the Imperial Battlefleet Calixis in case of trouble. Cortez disagrees with the decision, but goes along with it.

REFDATE: 165.815.M41
LOCATION: Chartist Gibson Epiphany

  • The Acolytes do further investigation of the Beast House among the travellers in the Transport vessel, and come up with two pieces of information. One piece of information describes some of the best blood sport arenas and Carnivoras on Scintilla and other major systems of Calixis, above board, almost touristy type of places and one traveller that has actually heard about the Beast House. “Yeah, I’ve heard of them. Xeno Hunters and Slavers, the lot of them. They’ve been called the Beast House as long as anyone can remember.” When asked if he’s seen them, he couldn’t say yes, only hinting that a cousin’s uncle’s friends wife or something had been to an arena of theirs.

REFDATE: 173.815.M41
LOCATION: Stokeland, Sophano Prime, Golgenna Reach Sub-Sector, Calixis Sector

  • The Acolytes arrive on Sophano Prime
  • The Acolytes decide to get two rooms in the Spaceport Hotel of Stokeland Landing, at the cost of 10 Thrones a month. The rooms are small, and there isn’t much to them, but at least you won’t have to stay out in the open.
  • They Acolytes go out for a bite to eat, and find a noodle bar in the bottom floor of the Spaceport, off the lobby. Most of the inhabitants of the city of Stokeland eat what are known as Sophano Potatos, hard lumps of nutrition that you can live on by gnawing on them all day. If you could get as much nutrition from sucking on a lump of canus excrementus, you’d rather do that. This place, however, is a step up. Serving “recently” spoiled imported “noodle” dishes with various special additions of the day.
  • The eatery is packed with large porters, dirty workers getting off shifts at the nearby Smelteries, Hotel guests and other hard, scummy inhabitants of the area surrounding the spaceport. Gallus, not used to such heavily inhabited surroundings, runs into the back of a large porter, who’s at the bar with 6 or 7 other large men wearing similar uniforms. The man’s food is spilled all over his uniform. He tries to apologize, without effect, and Titus offers to buy the man more food, but the man has none of it.


“It won’t happen again”, Gallus said. “You’re damn straight it won’t!” and the fight began. The heavy man took a swing at Gallus, but missed. Gallus then quickly moved away, trying to avoid a fight. Seeing Gallus in Trouble, Cortez drew his staff, prompting two of the heavy man’s friends to turn from their noodle bowls, pull out brass knuckles and head towards the fray. The first heavy, reaching Gallus but failing to grab him “C’mere, Punk!” is pushed out of the way with a shove from Titus at the doorway to the eatery. At this, two more men leave their noodles and head towards the commotion. Cortez and Gallus run from out the door into the lobby, but before Titus can follow, three of them are on him, with one managing to Wrap him up in his big arms.

The largest and heaviest of the workmen glances over at what is happening, and goes back to his food.


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