Fatum Tyrannus

177.815.M41, Morning
Gaithe Manor

Bones, Cortez, Dorn, Gallus, Titus

Guest Rooms

You awaken from your deep slumber in a luxurious bedroom of Gaithe Manor. Out the window of your room you can see the edge of the Stokeland Plateau and out into the desolate slag wasteland beyond. A light dust storm is just reaching the limits of the city, commonplace from your limited experience. Is this only the fifth day on-world? It seems much longer for some reason.
Your room is opulent by many standards. The bedding is plush and comfortable, the wood work of the furniture masterful, and the art priceless. The Gaithe family has obviously imported many fine things from the rest of the sector. A “personal attendant” or two who has shared as much of the night with you as you desired is finishing up the tasks you’ve given to them when there is a knock at the door to your room.

Servant: “Surrah, Master Ronal wishes to see you before you depart the estate this morning. He will see you at your earliest convenience in his private lounge at the end of the hallway.”

Ronal’s Lounge

Ronal’s Private Lounge seems to be anything but that. It is a place of extravagance and excess where every want and need you have is attended to and satisfied by multiple servants. A dozen or so people, including Ronal, are indulging themselves in various pleasures. Lounge chairs, day beds and sofas line the sides of the room, while servants are constantly busy making sure that none of the guests wants for anything. One is getting fresh imported fruit served to him, another drinks some of the best amasec of the Golgenna Reach subsector, some in the corner look drugged out of their mind, and a pair of men are knife fighting in a small arena-like pit in the middle of the lounge. Blood from the fighter’s wounds drips onto the floor of the pit, mixing with that of those who have been there before them.

The aromas of the lounge assault your senses; smoke from the drug users, the stink of sex old and new, blood from the pit, defecation and decay from who knows where, sweet salty freshly cooked meat, and a number of other unidentifiable smells.

You spot Ronal enjoying sexual intercourse with a naked servant on some sofas by the back wall, near a pair of doors.

Bones and Dorn almost immediately begin partaking in the pleasures of the flesh being offered, but Titus, Gallus and Cortez are disgusted by the hedonism on display. As Dorn and Bones finish up what they are doing while awaiting the arrival of their fellow Acolytes, the group moves toward Ronal.

Titus: “This disgusts me. These people are the reason the Imperium of Man suffers from decay.”

Gallus: “I shall remember this, it will be going into my report. They will get what they deserve.”

Dorn: (grabbing a leg of freshly cooked meat and eating it) “I don’t know what your guys problem is. This is the life! If this is what being rich gets you, then I need to be rich. I would be more deserving of it than they are!”

The acolytes approach Ronal…

Ronal Gaithe: “Ah, ”,he says with a grunt of pleasure as he notices you, “just a moment while I, unh, unh, UNH, finish with this UNNNH, bitch, UNNNNNH!” Finished with her, he shoves her aside and pulls his pants back up around his waist. “Go bring me some more amasec!” He leads you to the door to your right and opens it. “Here is the room with the supplies that I promised you. I hope that each of you finds our selection satisfactory.”

The room contains shipping crates filled with new military grade equipment, labelled “House Sophano”, “Electoran Guard” or “12th Sophano Prime Rgmt”. Hardened Bodygloves, Krak Grenades, Laser Sights, Mono Swords, the amouont of materiel is very impressive. A small army could be fitted with what’s available.

Titus: “Do you fight amongst each other much here?”

Ronal Gaithe: “You know about Holgar’s Revolt 70 years ago, yes? Fighting is not uncommon, and it pays to be prepared … or to disrupt the preparations of your foes. This was all … acquired … from our mutual friend. It seems he liberated some of it himself…There is one other thing that I would like to offer you. Come with me.”

Ronal leads you to a small personal side room, gestures you in and closes the door behind you. For the first time since you met him, you are alone without bodyguards in his presence. The room is quite obviously used as a place of business. A large desk dominates the room, with just enough chairs facing it for you and the rest of the Acolytes to sit down. Obscene art decorates the walls, with the grandest piece hanging above and behind Ronal’s desk. The scene depicts sexual acts you didn’t even know existed, yet alone could be represented in such fine detail as to almost seem real. With his back turned to you behind his desk, Ronal seems to reach into one of the orifices, and for a moment is part of the art, before his hand comes out again. As he turns around to face you, you notice that he is now holding an ornate ivory box, which he places on his desk.

Ronal: “This could help you escape some of the… stickier situations you might encounter.”

Bones reaches out and opens up the box. Inside is perhaps the most graceful looking pistol you have ever seen. 3 solid state ammunition cartridges reside within the box beside the pistol. He reaches out and takes the pistol.

Cortez: “This pistol does not match any standard template pattern I am aware of. It could be Archaeotech or … something worse.”

Titus: “Bones … this pistol does not feel right to me. I don’t think you should take it.”

Bones: “I’m taking it. You never know when you might need a little extra firepower.”

The Acolytes filter out of Ronal’s office and head towards the exit. Dorn stops to watch the knife fighting going on in the pit in the center of the lounge. The combatants are obviously not trying their hardest, and suffer only from minor wounds given in might mostly mock combat.

Dorn: “I’m ready to see some ready combat.”

The pit fighters stop. Nervous looks of panic cross their face and sweat quickly beads up and trickles down thier faces. They look over in the direction of Ronal, who had just exited his office. Ronal coldly nods in their direction and the almost immediately charge each other. The fight is quick and brutal, with a knife ending up in a neck within 5 seconds. Blood splatters all over gushing from the wound like a fountain. Servants quickly take the body and roll it into a hold in the middle of the pit by lifting up a grate. Immediately new fighters are called to begin the next show.

A slight smile momentarily crosses Dorn’s lips.

Updated Gaithe Equipment Offering
500 Thrones, Rare Equipment max
New Equipment Rules
  1. Maximum 500 Thrones list value
  2. Must be human manufacture
  3. Rarity not greater than Rare
176.815.M41, Sophano Prime, Night
Night on the Town

Bones, Cortez, Gallus, Titus

The S Spot, Mid-Town Hab Stacks

  • The Acolytes, with Ronal Gaithe, his bodyguard, and the skulking survivor from the Beast fight exit the bloody subway terminal onto the streets of the Hisswick Industrial Zone. Gaithe talks to someone and arranges for a pickup a ways down the zone.
  • The group manages to sneak past some activity in the Zone, as some Sophano Enforcer patrols zoom past on the way, it seems, to the scene of the Beast’s subway bloodbath.
  • The group avoids the Enforcer Patrols and finds the Gaithe Armored Transport.
  • Once in the vehicle, with two heavily armed and armored troopers, Gaithe begins huffing some sort of substance, and starts to get all fired up and edgy. He proposes going to one of two different places, a rough place on K street of the Mid Town habs or a sleazy place on S street. The decision is made to go to the place on S street.
  • The S Spot is definately a sleazy place, where scantily clad dancers, illicit drugs, exquisite food and all sorts of other delicacies can be had. Gaithe opens a tab and lets the group order whatever they want. He mentions that it’s possible to kill one of the dancers if one wants to pay a high enough price.
  • Later on, the best looking dancer you’ve ever seen comes down off a stage, even though she is missing a breast she is the hottest girl you’ve ever laid eyes on. She takes a guy into the back room, where the killings happen, and comes out unscathed but bloody. It appears that if you take a girl into the back you take your chances at coming out alive or not.
  • Ronal and the Acolytes leave and go to the Gaithe estate in Osterstokeland. He offers some upgraded equipment from the Gaithe armory, 1 rare item in poor condition each.
176.815.M41, Sophano Prime, Evening
Beasts! Beasts! Beasts!

Bones, Cortez, Dorn, Gallus, Titus

The Carnivora Arena, Location Unknown

  • The Beast fight. Three of the VIPs seems to be able to handle themselves. One skulks around the edges while another and his autogun toting guard take up a defensive stance. Dorn and Titus eventually take one of the beasts down, while Titus is almost taken out with one hit from the adamite claws on the Beast.
  • As Gallus attempts to Psychically heal Titus, a vision into the Center of the Warp is shown to the entire arena. Ghastly creatures of unimaginable origin are everywhere. Above the creatures is a Sun Black as midnight. The vision ends as abruptly as it begins.
  • The Arena is in pandemonium
  • An Earthquake starts, with pieces of the cieling of the Arena falling down and crushing spectators, VIPs and anyone else unfortunate enough to be caught in the path.

*Beast seems to be freed from whatever control it was under
*Beasts escapes from the Arena
*Battle out of the tunnels of the Arena with Ronal Gaithe, his bodyguard and “Milner”
*Subway terminal with dead bodies from Beast
*Escape into the Hisswick Industrial Zone

176.815.M41, Sophano Prime, Mid Day
It's a Trap!

Bones, Cortez, Gallus, Titus

Hisswick Projects Underground Training Facility

  • Titus finishes off a wounded Sabre Wolf
  • A Cleanup crew comes out and begins the task of removing the corpses from the Arena
  • A door opens and several carapace, autogun toting enforcer soldiers enter the arena, taking of an obvious defensive position.
  • A noble enters the arena, he is quickly identified as being from House Sophano, Count Tonias Sophano.
  • Sophano directs his personal attendant to treat the wounds of the Acolytes
  • Sophano mentions it’s lovely that the group has a Psyker, and how disappointed he is that this fact had not been mentioned to him previously.
  • Sophano invites the Acolytes to attend a Carnivora that evening as his personal guests in the V.I.P. suite. The Acolytes think to themselves that this is going too well, it must be a trap.
  • The Acolytes accept the invitation and are told they will be given quarters in which they may spend the day at at the facility.
  • After Sophano leaves, one of his troopers clutches his head, screams something about “What is that thing! It’s still alive!” Then opens up on the corpse of a dead Sabre Wolf and the two menials removing it from the Arena. They are killed, and the rest of the Squad Members immediately open up on the trooper, killing him too. They swear under their helments, “Emperor! Another freak out, that one was nasty, too!”
  • Stanton Minita, the Count’s attendant, shows the Acolytes to a break room where they may get refreshments of food and drink. The Acolytes are generally very hesitant about taking anything to eat or drink.
  • Bones is the first to brave eating and drinking the refreshments.
  • Gallus is the most paranoid of the Acolytes.
  • Titus takes a rest, and gets some shut eye.
  • Cortez … seems to have nothing interesting happen to him.
  • Gallus detects a low hum of background Psychic activity all over in the area.
  • At the planned time, the Acolytes go with Stanton Minita and Count Sophano into a sealed transport, so that they will not be able to know where the Arena they are going to is located.
  • The Acolytes are driven around, but are unable to precisely locate where the Arena they are going to is located based on their sense of the motions of the vehicle.
  • The Acolytes are escorted into the V.I.P. suite, and are offered all the free Amasec and puffed grain they desire, but all refuse to partake of anything.
  • The V.I.P. Suite is filled with many well to do types, numbering about two dozen total. The matches begin, starting with criminals and other poor beggars fighting against one another for survival. After the initial rounds it graduates into more exciting, obviously professional gladiators, then even mixing in some creates such as Sabre Wolves and other mostly standard fare.
  • Count Sophano gets an urgent call and needs to leave the V.I.P. suite with Stanton.
  • The main match is obviously about to begin, and the lights and music start thumping in a large buildup. Everyone is rushing back to their seats. A few minutes of this pass, an obvious waiting period allowing those to wish to get back to their seats from whatever else it is they were doing.
  • In the platform in the middle of the arena, a new figure appears, a man in a Lion mask. He starts exciting the crowd even more.
  • A steel door closes in the back of the V.I.P. section.
  • Lion Mask: “Waht is better than the blood of peasants?? The blood of nobles!”
  • Everyone from the V.I.P. section, Acolytes included, is dumped into the arena.
  • The crowd responds to Lion Masks’s question, what should they face with chants of “Beasts! Beasts! Beasts! Beasts!”
  • An unnerving Howl erupts from the gateways at the far end of the arena. Two Hulking obviously Augmented creatures come charging out towards the Acolytes.
  • Titus and Cortez are shaken up, while Bones is terrified of the creatures.
176.815.M41, Sophano Prime, Morning
The Try Out

Bones, Cortez, Gallus, Titus

  • The Acolytes arrive in the Hisswick Projects at the appointment time
  • They are told to go through a pair of doors. The first one leads into what appears to be a locker room with surgical area within it. The second door leads into an arena.
  • The arena is a large square ferrocrete structure, with cage like doors on the opposite end, roughly 25 meters away, to the right and elevated from the arena floor is some one way glass.
  • A voice tells the Acolytes to prepare themselves.
  • The caged doorway opens, and two Sabre Wolves and a man with an autopistol come out of the doorway.
  • One Sabre-Wolf charges at Titus, who has taken point of the group, another one charges at Gallus and the man with the autopistol starts duelling with Bones
  • Cortez uses his feedback screech, which prevents the enemies from getting off an opening salvo of shots.
  • Gallus blinds one of the Sabre Wolves with a Psychic blast, it appears unfazed in its ability to track its prey.
  • Bones and the Handler trade brutal shots, with bones unloading his shotgun and moving to his autopistol. Bones is hit hard with multiple bullets from an auto fire blast, but is able to shrug off the stun and hit with his own blast, killing the Handler. He is lucky to escape from the fight with only a few broken ribs.
  • Cortez moves over to help Gallus with the Sabre-Wolf by him. Together they are able to take it down while suffering only minor damage.
  • After quickly getting an upper hand on the Sabre Wolf in front of him, Titus suffers some setbacks, getting knocked back on his heels as the Sabre Wolf dodges his attacks, then feints and gets in a few nips. It too, though, is eventually brought down. The fight is won.
175.815.M41, Sophano Prime, Mid Day
Meeting Mr. Doone

Bones, Cortez, Gallus, Titus

  • The Acolytes wait around near Big Boy’s house until agents of Mr. Doone’s arrive to escort them.
  • The Acolytes travel to meet Joran, the booking agent who got Seb into some kind of underground bloodsport arenas.
  • Joran asks the Acolytes why they are looking for him. Titus tells him that they want to get in to see a show, with Xenos that are worthy of them being involved in the area combat.
  • Joran tells the Acolytes that he doesn’t arrange the fights, he’s just a talent agent. All he can do is arrange for a try out, which wouldn’t happen before tomorrow.
  • As much as the Acolytes try to get more infrormation out of him, he doesn’t seem to have anything else to tell except for the location of the trial arena.
  • The Acolytes accept, and are given directions to a locaiton in the Hisswich Projects.
174.815.M41-3, Sophano Prime, Before Sunrise
Tracking Big Boy

Bones, Cortez, Gallus, Titus

  • Big Boy leaves the Acolytes in his house and heads out.
  • Titus slips away and follows Big Boy. He tails him for a number of hours.
  • Titus acquires inconspicuous clothing from one of the slums residents.
  • In the mid morning Big Boy reaches a very nice looking permanent house with heavily armed guards near the center of the escarpment.
  • Titus waits for an hour while Big Boy is in the house until he sees him leave the house and head back in the direction he came from.
  • Titus continues to wait, and sees what appears to be a messenger leave the house and head in a direction different from the direction back to Big Boy’s house.
  • Titus heads back.
  • Bones spends his time gambling with LMEs.
  • Cortez spends his time fixing some of the damaged weapons of the LMEs.
  • Gallus spends his time sleeping with one eye open.
  • Big Boy arrives back at his house, with Titus arriving shortly thereafter. He informs the group that Mr. Doone will see them tomorrow around noon.
174.815.M41-2, Sophano Prime, After Midnight (Con't)
Meeting Big Boy

Bones, Cortez, Titus, Gallus

  • Poor Desperate souls pour out of their hovels and quickly strip the bodies of the dead. The dead dogs are the first things to disappear.
  • The Acoloytes continue searching for Doone, heading in a direction generally toward the middle of the Escarpment.
  • One of the survivors from the previous fight can be seen pointing out the Acolytes from a distance
  • The Acolytes find a relatively defensible set of hovels in which to make their stand
  • A large group of Dregs with a pair of Scum leading them confront the Acolytes
  • The Acolytes tell the group of LMEs that they’re looking for Joran Doone. They don’t know about him, they’re just supposed to take them to their leader.
  • The Acolytes are led to a nicer looking hovel, one that actually has a real door. A large, tough looking LME is living there. He has a decent quality rifle near him. The man introduces himself as Big Boy, the local LME boss.
  • Big Boy is convinced to go talk to Doone and see if he will see the group.
174.815.M41, Sophano Prime, After Midnight
Searching for Doone

Bones, Cortez, Titus, Dorn

  • The Acolytes take the subway to the station between Bridgetown and La Montaine Escarpment, arriving Just before midnight.
  • As they cross the street, it appears as if the local Enforcers are making some sort of wager while looking at them.
  • As soon as they have entered the Escarpment, they start being followed by some down and out looking types with “LME” scrawled on their bodies.
  • When confronted, the followers disperse, then quickly resume following the group again once they begin moving on.
  • Bones stops to ask somebody about Doone. After a short conversation, a fight ensues, as a bunch of the man’s neighbors and a couple ferocious dogs jump out and attack.
  • Cortez stops most of the attackers in their tracks for a few crucial moments with a loud white noise screech.
  • Titus, Bones and Dorn fight off their attackers, killing all but one.
  • Cortez fends off 4 attackers on his own, benefitting from the armor on his Torso.

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