Fatum Tyrannus

198.815.M41-3, Sophano Prime
Umbraer's Hope Level 7, The Message

Augustinius, Bones, Cortez, Dorn, Gallus, Titus

  • Zombies start coming to life on Level 6
  • Titus faints
  • Dregs flee to the stairs leading down to Level 7 and Up to Level 5
  • Trooper swept off by crowd towards Level 5
  • Two troopers swept off by crowd towards stairs to Level 7
  • Zombies are stunned when they arise, but tough to kill
  • Civilians are crowding by the Elevator on Level 7
  • Troopers swept away have killed a couple to escape the crush of the crowd
  • Three doors are here that are being pounded on from the other side
  • Two Holbeck troopers lie dead in what looks to be a Medicae foyer
  • Dead start to rise as Zombies
  • Augustinius finds a vile sanctum with Holbeck in it
  • Holbeck is a worshipper of Nurgle
  • The last bomb in the deep bore mine will complete a ritual to bring all the dead of the planet to life as Warp Zombies
  • A radio message from the Hover Cruiser with the 2 Troopers and Sophano says that they were hit by a Krak Missile and had to return to the docking bay, then ends abruptly with screams
198.815.M41-2, Sophano Prime
Into Umbaer's Hope, Saint Sophano, He Lives!

Augustinius, Bones, Cortez, Dorn, Gallus, Titus

  • Morgo and Zerra killed
  • Dregs killed trying to get to Sophano
  • Sophano pleads to be allowed to attone for the mistake he made so many years ago
  • Sophano sent away with 2 Troopers
  • 8 Troopers go with Acolytes
  • Acolytes Clean out Level 5
  • Acolytes Learn about Bombs in Deep Bore Mine
  • Acolytes learn about vile pattern to bombs
  • Acolytes go to Level 6
  • Acolytes see a young man, who his mother says has miraculously come back to life, who comes to life saying “Sooooo PHA noooo” and rips the head off his mother
198.815.M41, Sophano Prime
Hive Victoriana/Dekanta's Information/Into Umbaer's Hope

Augustinius, Bones, Cortez, Titus

Trying to put this out there while it’s fresh. I’ve included my best recollections of the combat as it happened round by round from Titus’ arrival at the open steel doors.

Augustinius and Cortez finish up number crunching on the House Holbeck financial records.

Titus does research on the headaches and riots that are happening throughout Hive Victoriana. Everyone seems to be on edge, and the lack of violence is most likely due to increased law encorcement presence than due to any specific organization or individual in the outskirts of the Hive.

Bones finds some information on the history of the House of Dust and Ash. The Sophano family’s connections to the House of Dust and Ash go back farther than the history of the Calixis Sector. It was used at first as a place where the Noble families of Sophano Prime would give tribute to the Sophanos upon their death. Over time this develeped into more of a traditional burying/cremation than a place where tithing to the Sophanos happened.

Explicator Dekanta requests the group join her back in Stokeland for the sharing of information. She listens to the information that the Acolytes bring, then shares two transcripts of Pict source recordings: One showing the death of Holgar Holbeck from 730.M41 and another showing Lion Mask and Holgar Holbeck leaving the Sophano estate 2 days before she requested the Acolytes research House Holbeck. Lion Mask and Holgar are escorted by 4 men wearing House Sophano equipment.

Lorelii says that 3 units of Electoran Guard have been made available by Elector Regis IV for use by her and the Acolyte team. She suggests storming into Umbraer’s Hope with the help of the Electoran Guard, and shares suspicions that the ore from the Mine may be involved in the violence and headaches, which are increasing now at an alarming rate. Before long things will get out of hand. The Acolytes suggest that a more suble approach might be needed and will attempt to sneak into the facility.

Umbraer’s Hope is a mountainous facility, which originally had three main areas of docking bays for Grav Trains and 3 major Maglev lines for large transport. Each of the Maglev lines were broken during the blockage that shut down Umbraer’s Hope. A scan of the mountain showed that the first sections of docking bays, with 2 bays (for 2 trains each) was unused and abandoned looking. the second section, with 3 bays (for 2 trains each) was also unused and abandoned. The third section, with 2 bays (for 2 trains each) showed evidence of activity in one of the bays, with a small salvaged looking Grav Tug and 1 Ore car in one of the docking facilities.

Attempting to sneak in a back door of one of the other bays was fruitless, as the elevator shafts and doorways were either blocked or sealed. The team, with Electoran Guard a short distance away and out of sight, sneaks into the active docking bay.

Titus, Bones, and Cortez quickly dispatch 5 Holbeck Enforcers, who manage to get one hit with their stub pistols on Titus (12 Pen 0 Impact from Stub Revolver). Another Holbeck trooper, walking with a man wearing a red velvet manservants uniform goes into one of the two pairs of large 4m steel double doorways. Eight rag clad peasant workers cower in fear near the an Ore car attached to a small salvaged Grav Tug Engine.

Titus runs over to an open set of large steel doors and sees an enforcer.
Bones runs over to Titus.
Cortez kicks open a door of a portable shed, Imperial Guard style, and sees it filled with food and supplies.
Augustinius goes up to Cortez.

Titus goes through the set of double doors that the red velvet clad manservant went through. He aviods detection by another Enforcer driving a mining ore hauler car and then slices him open. At the far end of the area, past a closed and blocked set of Steel double doors, the man with the red velvet suit happens to be looking back in the direction and sees Titus kill the enforcer.

“Morgo, Zerra, deal with whoever these interlopers are and meet me below.”

Morgo is a huge blob of corpulent fatness with three nostrils and shiny grey skin. Zerra is a bald woman wearing ganger leather. Two Holbeck troopers with Flak and Autoguns are with them.

Bones tells the Electoran Guard to advance. Bones moves into the large open double doors.
Cortez runs up to Bones and Titus’ location.
Morgo starts moving towards Titus’ location.
Augustinius opens the door of another portable shed and sees Lion Mask tied up and beaten in a corner.
Zerra remains where she is.
The two Holbeck troopers move behind the cover of mining cars.

Titus moves behind cover of a mining car.
Bones, standing hidden behind the open steel doors of the doorway, starts overwatch with his SP Autogun.
Morgo lets out a Disturbing roar as he moves up towards Titus. Bones is unaffected, but Titus and Cortez fail fear tests.
Bones lets out a fiece barrage of autogun fire at Morgo, who has entered his Overwatch zone.

6 Pen 0 Impact: Bounced off shiny grey skin
5 Pen 0 Impact: Bounced off shiny grey skin
10 Pen 0 Impact: Shrugged off by Morgo
7 Pen 0 Impact: Shrugged off by Morgo
6 Pen 0 Impact: Bounced off shiny grey skin

Morgo fails a Hard WP Pinning test.

Augustinius rips off the Lion Mask … and discovers that Lion Mask is really Count Tonias Sophano!
Zerra and the two remaining Holbeck troopers hold their ground.

Titus run back towards Augustinius.
Bones reestablishes Overwatch.
Cortez runs back towards Augustinius.
Morgo ducks behind the cover of the mining car that Titus was behind.
Augustinius runs over to Bones by the large steel doors.
Zerra and the two Holbeck Troopers are no longer within sight of anyone in the group.

Titus fails to Snap Out of It
Bones remains on Overwatch, having no new targets appear.
Cortez snaps out of it and runs to catch up with Bones.
Morgo recovers from pinning and charges Bones. Bones Dodges.
Augustinius runs towards Bones’ location.
Zerra and the troopers remain out of sight.

Titus fails to Snap Out of It
Bones attacks Morgo and misses.
Cortez Fires into the Morgo/Bones melee and hits Morgo twice and Bones once.
Hellgun hits Morgo:
7 Pen 4 Energy: Reflected off shiny grey skin
10 Pen 4 Energy: Shrugged off by Morgo
Morgo attacks Bones and misses.
Augustinius fires into the Morgo/Bones melee and hits Bones.
Zerra appears, entering from out of sight behind the open steel doors, and unleashes an Aura of Fear (Level 4) Bones, Augustinius and Cortez fail.

Titus fails to snap out of it.
Bones attempts to run away and is crushed by Morgo [20 Pen 0 Impact from Great Hammer, primitive]
Cortez flees.
Morgo moves up to Augustinius and attacks him, missing.
Augustinius is frozen with fear.
Zerra hits Augustinius with a Flame Bolt.

Dekanta's Pict Recorded Transcript (2)

Ref: Inq/051684245/RP
Subject: Verbal Transcript of Pict-Recorded Document
Date: 815.M41
Location: Sophano Prime,
Stokeland, Castle Sophano
Sector: Calixis (Golgenna Reach Sub)
Original Transcription: Savant Ylissa, Ordo Xenos, Stokeland City, Government House 815.M41

+ Even those who have
nothing can still have faith +

[Stationary Pict-source] Close up view of Castle Sophano Grand Entryway. Sounds of movement. Doors open. Two figures [Subjects I and II] leave castle through doors. [Subjects I and II] are clad in carapace armor [Standard House Sophano issue] holding rifle style weapons [Solid Projectile Autoguns] at the ready. [Subjecs I and II] make visual scan or area then move to opposing sides of doorway. Two more figures [Subjects III and IV] equipped identically to [Subjects I and II] pass through doorway and out of pict area to the left. Figure [Subject V] passes through doorway with hands in coat pockets, followed closely by another figure [Subject VI]. [Subject V] is dressed in fine garments typical of Stokeland nobility. [Subject V] face obscured by mask representing an animal. [Lion] [Subject V] positively identified as [Lion Mask]. [Subject VI] is dressed in red velvet attendants uniform. [Subject VI] has right hand near the back of [Subject V] [Lion Mask]. [Subject VI] [positively identified as Holgar Holbeck]. Figures depart stationary pict source.

Dekanta Pict Recorded Transcript (1)

Ref: Inq/047638499/BI
Subject: Verbal Transcript of Pict-Recorded Document
Date: 730.M41
Location: Sophano Prime,
Stokeland, Castle Holbeck
Sector: Calixis (Golgenna Reach Sub)
Original Transcription: Savant Ralkner, Ordo Hereticus, Tyrantine Cabal Holding, Bastion Serpentis, 731.M41
Additional Notes: Savant Sussar, Ordo Hereticus, 731.M41

+ Prayer cleanses the soul,
but pain cleanses the body +

[Stationary Pict-source] Wide angle view of a librarium. Overturned bookcases and tables riddled with holes and burn marks. [Evidence of Solid Projectile and Lasgun fire] Books litter the floor of the room. Three bodies lie on the ground, with their clothes and the floor around them showing dark stains. [Blood?] Two doorways are visible, one single door, one double door, both open.
Distant sound, indistinct – pict source shaken. [Explosion?] Many repeated short noises in multiple distinct overlapping patterns. [Solid Projectile Fire?] Red emergency lights begin flashing. [Image and sounds continue for 29 seconds]
Sounds of movement. Man [Subject I] in elaborate uniform [House Holbeck High Ranking Officer] enters librarium panting with exertion, from doorway with double doors. Clothing is torn and covered in large stains [Blood?] Right hands holds a sword. Left hand is clutching abdomen.[Abdomonal Wound?] [Subject I] Turns and looks back up the hallway from which he emerged, clearly expecting pursuit. [Subject I] Runs across chamber towards pict source – pict source begins tracking. A second man emerges from the doorway with double doors.
[Subject I] approaches pict source – positively identified as Count Holgar Holbeck*. [verified]
VOICE (II): How many soldiers have died as a result of your heresy?
[Subject II] wears a uniform, medium build, one hand holds a short slightly curved blade designed for close quarters fighting.
VOICE [HOLBECK]: How many innocent children are doomed as a result of yours?
VOICE (II): Indistinct snarl of rage.
[Subject II] lunges across room, blade outstretched. His stroke is parried by [Subject I] [Holbeck]. Emergency light illuminates [Subject II] for 4 seconds as he struggles with [Subject I] [Holbeck]. [Subject II] positively identified as Elector Regis IV Gilbert [verified]. [Subject I] [Holbeck] and [Subject II] [Gilbert] engage in hand-to-hand combat. Pict source pulls back to capture both men circling about the room, weapons at the ready. [Subject II] [Gilbert] lands several blows in succession. [Subject I] [Holbeck] indicates being affected by the blows. [Subject I] [Holbeck] lands a savage blow to [Subject II] [Gilbert] in the left shoulder. Combatants circle, blood clearly spreading under the left sleeve of [Subject II] [Gilbert].
Three men enter room from doorway with single door. [Subject III] [Subject IV] [Subject V]. Men wear light carapace armor, and carry readied autoguns. Faces of [Subject III] [Subject IV] and [Subject V] are obscured by helmets and face shields.
VOICE (I) [HOLBECK]: The dogs are here. Where is your master little puppies?
[Subject III] approaches [Subject I] [Holbeck] with his autogun aimed at him. Emergency lights illuminate insignia on light carapace armor. [House Sophano] [verified].
VOICE (III): What are your orders, My Lord?
VOICE (II) [GILBERT]: Kill him.
VOICE (I) [HOLBECK]: Let the oath breaker come finish me himself, the coward!
VOICE (II) [GILBERT]: Goodbye Holgar.
[Subject II] [Gilbert] turns to leave through the doorway with the double doors.
Solid Projectile fire from [Subject III] [Subject IV] and [Subject V]. [Subject I] [Holbeck] falls to the floor.
VOICE (I): Gurgling screams.
Solid Projectile fire continues.

  • The Heretic Count of Seaford End. Count Holgar Holbeck declared independence from the Electorate of Stokeland circa 728.M41 in order to defy the authorities of Sophano Prime and advance his heretical democratic agenda. Body missing after siege of Castle Holbeck. Presumed dead.
Umbraer's Hope (Research)

663.M41 :: Umbraer’s Hope Deep Bore Mine Opens
Count Umbraer Holbeck starts a new mining operation. Deviating from traditional labor intensive strip mining operations, he enlists aid from a Mechanicum Majos named Reis to create a deep bore mine into the heart of Sophano Prime. Using advanced mineral detection and retrieval techniques, the mine begins producing large quantities of rare minerals long since tapped out in most areas close to the planet’s surface. Although Umbraer’s Hope is prohibitively expensive to maintain and operate, by 670.M41 profits from mining are used by the Holbecks to expand their influence and industrial concerns on the Stokeland Plateau.

687.M41 :: Umbraer’s Hope Ore Shipments Halted
Shipments of rare minerals from House Holbeck’s infamous Umbraer’s Hope deep bore mine were halted, signaling an escalation of the ongoing tensions between Count Umbraer Holbeck and the newly raised Elector Regis IV Gilbert. Lord Gilbert barred all Grav Trains from entering or leaving Umbraer’s Hope under any circumstances on penalty of dispossession. Operations at the expensive mine would prove to be very difficult to fund going forward.

p.688.M41:: Umbraer’s Hope Blockaded
Elector Regis IV Gilbert begins a blockade of Umbraer’s Hope in order to cut off remaining ore shipments from the area. Houses Ethelbert, Lowthe, Ramsden and Segur, fearing the increasing influence of House Holbeck, also participate in the blockade

689.M41:: Umbraer’s Hope Operations End
Mechanicum personnel depart Umbraer’s Hope, citing lack of payment by House Holbeck due to the ongoing blockade of the deep bore mine. Without their assistance, the mining operations are shut down. The blockade led by the Elector Regis IV ends shortly afterwards.

p.692.M41:: Count Umbraer Holbeck Dies
Count Umbraer Holbeck dies when a malfunction in his personal hover car causes it to crash out in the mine fields. He is succeeded as Count Holbeck by his eldest son Holgar Holbeck.

House Holbeck Finances (Research)

You spend hours compiling and collating mining records of House Holbeck and comparing it to that of the other Counties on Sophano Prime and the Electorate of Stokeland. Buried deep in the list of material types, extraction amounts and expense reports you find some interesting statistical differences. Most notably among these is the rare mineral extraction efficiency rate. The amount of rare minerals from their mining operations has increased by an average of 0.015% per anum over the past 6 decades, while that of other operations has fallen by an average of 0.02%. Official extraction efficiency is now 2% higher in Holbeck operated mine faces.

You compile ore sales transaction records from the numerous Guilds, Markets and Auction Houses of Sophano Prime. The data goes back decades and fills up numerous databanks. Your cogitators work for days sorting transactions from the immense volumes of publicly disclosed records. Cross referencing extraction rates and market prices, public ore sales for all operations average 60.52% of total mine face recorded extraction amounts. Major reasons for this number are losses to raiders, private sales in unlisted transactions, stockpiling due to market rates and titheing. House Holbeck, on the other hand, is managing to get a 99.24% sales efficiency while making their tithes and still suffering losses from raid on par with other comparable operations.

After making an extensive study of the known Mechanicum related needed to appease the Machine Spirits of Seaford End, and cross referencing it with Mechanicum related expenditures from their Byzantine financial records you notice that their expenses related to the retention of personnel and expertise is 11.2% higher than what would otherwise be expected. This number has steadily increased over recent decades, rising almost imperceptibly.

Cross referencing food, water, clothing, building materials, technical goods, machine parts, weapons and consumer good shipping records with official House Holbeck related expenditures and market prices leads you to believe that roughly twice as much tonnage is being shipped into the County than public transactions would support. The balance is most likely acquired in private purchase or barter transactions.

House Holbeck’s known suppliers of food, water, building materials, and especially machine parts and weapons have ore sales revenue noticeably higher than other operations of similar size. Searches of public transactions involving these groups as the sellers of ore return a great number of transactions where they are selling rare minerals.

Holgar's War (Research)

728.M41 to 730.M41:: Holgar’s War

Holgar Holbeck revolts against Regis IV Gilbert. House Holbeck forces quickly take the spaceport facilities at Stokeland Landing as well as the food and water production of Hamoorbury. Forces of House Tenbrook, bolstered by the Electoran Guard, are finally able to check their advance in Wellvale. Popular revolts in the outlying duchies prevent Houses Ramsden and Segur from providing support to the Elector, while House Mallard follows their traditional neutral position. Gaithe, neutral but strongly favoring the Holbecks due to traditional animosity with the Gilbert family, stays within their fortified bastions of Oosterstokeland.

Noticably absent from the field is House Sophano (newly renamed from Faud), a longtime ally of House Holbeck.

The war devolves into a stalemate noted by heavy fighting in the mid town portions of Wellvale until late 729.M41, when the popular rebellions in the Duchies of Greykirk and Coddercombe are finally broken. Early in 730.M41 the revolt is brought to a sudden and surprising conclusion when House Sophano forces storm into Seaford’s End from Hisswick. A joint force from House Ramsden and Segur retakes Stokeland Landing and Hammoorbury by assaulting from Grav Trains, and House Holbeck resistance in Wellvale collapses.

In the final battle, House Ramsden lands troops in the Southwestern Point of Ringtown, House Greykirk assaults from Hammoorbury, House Sophano from Hisswick and the Electoran Guard pushes directly towards Castle Holbeck from the Munitorums.

Holgar, with his personal guard, defends Castle Holbeck to the last man. Many Electoran Guard soldiers see Holgar fall defending the last strongpoint, but his body is spirited away by surviving household attendants before the end of the battle. The Elector Regis IV Gilbert declares that the area surrounding the Munitorums will be destroyed, and no rebuilding will be allowed until the body of Holgar is brought before him. It remains razed and under Electorate control to this day…

183.815.M41, Sophano Prime
By Order of the Holy Inquisition

Count down   writ

181.815.M41, Sophano Prime, House of Dust and Ash
Prophecies of the Gilded Widow


Provost Hiram: “Before bidding is commenced on the greater lots, several parties have requested… and the High Mourner has insisted… against my wishes, that a demonstration be carried out, before its sale, of the oracular device known as the Gilded Widow.”

Carried reverentially on a litter by six Mourners, the Gilded Widow on her throne is brought to the dais beside Bland. Greel removes a heart-shaped ruby crystal that pulses slowly with a crimson inner light from within his robes and fits the “heart” into the Widow’s chest. The transformation is sudden and remarkable, and the gilded figure shudders to life. Elegant metal fingers cut and spin the cards from the tarot deck, as Greet and the Mourners back away from the dais, bowing as shocked gasps and murmurs escape the crowd. The Gilded figure lifts her face and eyes of uttermost cold darkness to study the crowded auditorium. The Gilded Widow states in an empty, mocking voice:



Q: What Are You?

A: “I am she who my father froze in her beauty and her grief; alone and weeping forever I shall sit, cursed to foretell and to know but never to act or feel, save for the void that hungers evermore within.”

Q: Who Are We?

A: “You are serpents of lies and self-deluded fools. You seek for much yet know little. You are those who have come to despoil the house of the dead only to join its number.”

Q: What is to Come?

A: “The black sun burns and comes, riding its wake. The last voyager, the herald of all woes. At its passing the eye shall be snuffed out, the carrion lords thrown down, and the hungering ones torn from the outer dark. All this I see cast amid these cold stars.”

Q: Is Sophano Truly Dead?

A: “The traveler and the scion both do live, one without and the other within. Blood of his blood, born of his line, flesh so frail caught in this web, death shall be their inheritance. Sophano returns and hell follows with him!”


The entire structure of the House of Dust and Ash begins to quake as the Mourners falls to their knees wailing and screaming and a roar echos up from the bowels of the earth. The lights flicker and explosions can be heard in the distance. Servo Skulls drop from the air and the servitors collapse to the ground, lifeless. Attendees collapse all over, until soon the complex stops shaking and the Gilded Widow begins to speak again.

Gilded Widow: “Know this, the traveler has set our course and the ship cannot be turned. Thirteen hours you have, thirteen hours until his wrath drowns you all in fire and ash, sealed here in the tomb that has been prepared. Fitting punishment for you who would take from him what is his. Never do you learn the lessons of the past, doomed to repeat history’s sins. But first you will suffer, first you will be driven! You have but one chance and one chance alone to placate the traveler. One gift will assuage his just fury: Give me the blood of the scion of Sophano, let it flow to fill this chalice and you shall live, but if my cup remains empty the Children of the Kingdom will gnaw your flesh and darkness will bury your bones.”

A few moments of shocked silence fill the Auditorium of the Garden of Lost Saints, which is then pierced by a singular set of applause coming from Master Nonesuch as some of those in attendance begin to flee. Provost Bland staggers to his feet and cries out, asking what it all means, at which point Greel rears up behind him screaming

Greel: “Fools! You are trapped here, buried alive! Death to the defilers of the tombs! Death to those who profane his name by stealing from our master!”

A power blade springs from Greel’s staff and he cuts Provost Bland in two. Mourners draw silver blades and begin killing.


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