Fast-talking Ex-Nobilite

  • Wollsey is an assumed name of Raltus Trantor
  • Third Child of Four Siblings. Two Elder Brothers: Jantos and Tybalt, and a Younger Sister: Aenid
  • The Trantor family is a minor noble family in the Calixis Sector
  • The Trantor bloodline has a strong propensity to produce Psykers, who traditionally are sent to the Scholastia Psykana to become Astropaths


  • 779.M41: Jantos Trantor is Born
  • 781.M41: Raltus Trantor (aka Wollsey) is Born
  • 782.M41: Tybalt Trantor is Born
  • 784.M41: Aenid Trantor is Born
  • 792.M41: Tybalt and Aenid are taken by the Black Ships
  • 793.M41: In an attempt to escape the tormenting of his elder brother, Raltus begins sneaking out of the family manse and spending time with Hive-gang children under the alias “Wollsey”
  • 794.M41: Jantos begins running some of the family shipping operations.
  • 795.M41: Wollsey now runs a small gang of children who con and steal from Nobles and business men.
  • 796.M41: Raltus is given control over some of the family shipping operations, he proves to be very capable at it, earning further scorn from his elder brother.
  • 797.M41: Tybalt and Aenid undergo the ritual of Soul-Binding, Tybalt is killed in the process.
  • 797.M41: Raltus and Jantos’ Grandfather, Lord Trantor dies. Their father Tyrion becomes Lord Trantor. He does not immediately name an heir, waiting to see which of his two remaining sons is most adept.
  • 798.M41: Jantos makes a strategic error in choice of shipping lanes, against the advise of the captain. The ship is attacked by Xenos corsairs, all hands and cargo are lost. Jantos manipulates the data to pin the mistake on Raltus.
  • 798.M41: Furious, Wollsey engineers a con with his gang to make Jantos look like he’s been embezzling family funds. This backfires and the fact that Raltus has been running a gang comes to light.
  • 798.M41: Raltus is disowned by his family. He begins a life of crime, organizing complex cons and thefts of highly valued and secure artefacts under the alias Wollsey. Over the course of the next nine years, Wollsey begins to undertake increasingly risky jobs and cons as he becomes bored with lesser crimes. Often these cons will involve walking unchecked into the heart of secure areas in disguise (e.g. Naval offices, secure libraries in the Adeptus Administratum, etc.)
  • 799.M41: Jantos is named heir to the Trantor Dynasty.
  • 807.M41: Wollsey is contacted by the Inquisition, after he is hired to acquire some highly-classified encoded documents from a secure facility on Scintilla.
  • 807.M41: Wollsey joins the Inquisition, working for an unknown Inquisitor.


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