Moritat assassin (Assassin rank)

WS 55^^^
BS 30
Str 30
T 31
Ag 52^^^
Int 28
Per 32
WP 40^^
Fel 23

Wounds: 18

Fate Points: 3

Basic Skills
Name Skilled +10 +20
Awareness X - -
Climb X - -
Concealment X X -
Dodge X X X
Silent Move X X X
Advanced Skills
Name Skilled +10 +20
Acrobatics X X -
Ciphers (Acolyte) X - -
Common Lore (Imp. Creed) X - -
Common Lore (Underworld) X - -
Contortionist X - -
Search X - -
Secret Tongue (Moritat) X - -
Secret Tongue (Acolyte) X - -
Security X X -
Shadowing X X -
Speak Language (Low Gothic) X - -

Talents & Traits

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) Ambidextrous
Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive) Melee Weapon Training (Power)
Basic Weapon Training (SP) Swift Attack
Thrown Weapon Training Catfall
Ambidextrous Heightened Senses (Hearing)
Jaded Lightning Reflexes
The Bloody Edge (Moritat) Blademaster
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) Lightning Attack
Furious Assault Wary
Sound Constitution x5 Hivebound
Berserk Charge Assassin Strike
Combat Master Counter Attack
Rapid Reaction Step Aside
Wall of Steel
Total: 7500
Total For Rank: 7150

Melee Weapons

  • Mono-Sword (1d10+S, Pen 2)
  • Bolo Knife (1d10+S, Pen 2)
  • Power Sword: “The Bloody Blade” (1d10+5+S, Pen 8), Holy, Seeker

Missle Weapons

  • Throwing Knife (6)
  • Crossbow Pistol (20 bolts)


  • Grapnel & Line
  • Equipment harness
  • Stimm (2)
  • Hardened Bodyglove (3 AP body/arms/legs)
  • Filter Plugs
  • Stummer

Titus became involved with the Inquisition when he was just a child. He was raised in the under habs of Scintilla, scratching out a brutal existance in the child gangs of the hab stack slums. He quickly established himself as a gang leader at a very young age through ruthless tactics and cunning.

Everything came to an end when people in his hab stack started disappearing or turning up dead – often brutally savaged and mutilated almost beyond recongnition. Then a rival gang disappeared entirely. The residents started whispering that they were cursed and those that could flee, did so. Stories of nightmarish creatures stalking the darkness began to be told as more and more residents went missing or were found butchered. That was when Iquisitor Van Vuyens came with his retinue of elite killers. They spent time in the hab stack, doing whatever it was they were there for, and singled out the seven year old Titus as a key source of information. It was then that he came to know the then Interrogator al-Subai and his associate, Zethras.

When the Inquisitor’s retinue finally left the hab stack, Titus went with them. Only instead of travelling with Inquisitor Van Vuyens and his retinue, he was taken off Scintilla by Zethras and brought to a new home and given over to the Moritat. Decades later, when his training by the Moritat was deemed sufficient for him to depart, Titus learned that he was to be sent back to the Inquisition as part of an agreement between the Moritat, the old Inquisitor, and Interrogator al-Subaai that was made on Scintilla when Titus was taken: the Moritat would be allowed to have Titus, but he must return to serve the Inquisition when his training was complete.

He now serves in Inquisitor al-Subaai’s retinue, playing his part in the strange and, as far as Titus is concerned, mysterious contract made between the Moritat, Inquisitor Van Vuyens, and al-Subaai.

Note: “The Inquisitor” is meant as a placeholder for Inquisitor al-Subaai’s former master. The agreement between the old Inquisitor and the Moritat, the details of which are unknown, is what has brought Titus into the Inquisition. What role al-Subaai played in the agreement is also unknown.


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