Master Nonesuch

Something is terrifyingly and unaccountably wrong with this man, who otherwise seems completely normal.


A charming, patrician man of indeterminate age, dressing in the high quality but sober clothes of one of Sophano’s Guildmasters and walking with an ornate cane. He claims to be a dilettante “collector” indulging in a highly priced hobby. He is here to bid on “such items as I can afford”. He personally meets and greets all who attend the auction exchanging pleasantries and small talk with any disposed to do so. He is attended by a small, well dressed and perfectly comported staff of three flak-coated bodyguards and a young female private secretary who wears a stiff bone ridged dress. All of his staff appears effortlessly polite and civilized, but at the same time somewhat distant and emotionless. Something is unaccountably and terrifyingly wrong with this man, who in all other appearances seems outwardly normal and quite charming.


Master Nonesuch

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