WS 36^
BS 40^
Str 26
T 42^
Ag 31
Int 46^^
Per 30
WP 40^
Fel 33

Wounds: 15

Fate Points: 3

Basic Skills
Name Skilled +10 +10
Awareness X - -
Evaluate X - -
Logic X - -
Advanced Skills
Name Skilled +10 +10
Tech Use (Int) X X -
Literacy (Int) X - -
Secret Tongue Tech (Int) X - -
Security (Ag) X - -
Trade Scrimshawer (Ag) X - -
Trade Copyist (Int) X - -
Speak Language Low Gothic (Int) X - -
Common Lore Tech (Int) X - -
Common Lore Machine Cult (Int) X - -
Forbidden Lore Archaeotech (Int) X - -
Scholastic Lore Cryptology (Int) X - -

Talents & Traits

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) Basic Weapn Training (Las)
Pistol Weapon Training (Las) Electro Graft Use
Mechanicus Implants Rapid Reload
Electrical Succuor Luminen Charge
Quick Draw Heightened Senses (Sight)
Mimic Technical Knock
Ferric Lure Luminen Blast
Luminen Shock Peer Mechanics
Sound Constitution x1 Energy Cache
Total: 3575
Total For Rank: 3475

Melee Weapons

  • Mono-Knife (1d5+S R, Pen 2)
  • Luminen Shock (Melee Attack) (1d10+3E, Pen 0)

Ranged Weapons

  • Las Pistol + Red Dot Laser (10 Single Shot) (1D102E Pen 0) (Range 30M) (Clip 30)
  • Las Carbine + Red Dot Laser (10 Single Shot) (1D102E Pen 0) (Range 60M) (Clip 40) ROF S/2/-
  • Luminen Blast (Ranged Attack) (1D10+4E Pen 0)
  • Gear

    • Data Slate
    • Auspex Scanner
    • Mechanicus Robes
    • Hardened Bodyglove (3 AP body/arms/legs)

Oruc Cortez was born on the Lathe plaentoid Hesh. Both neglected and abused by his Obscura addicted parents Cortez started work in a Titan cog factory at the age of 5, as is customary for the Lathes. At the age of 9, while working as a cleaner on the assembly line Cortez caught the eye of a Mechanicus supervisor when he fixed a broken assembly line station before the Enginseers arrived. After passing aptitude testing Cortez was removed from his parents and placed in primary Mechanicus education. Cortez graduated from primary Mechanicus education at the age of 17, writing his final thesis on increasing productivity of the Lathe work force. Using hair samples acquired from his parents and other drug addicted factory workers Cortez pinpointed the level of drug addiction beyond which productivity is increased by converting the worker to a servitor. Both of his parents being will beyond this limit Cortez recommended using them as prototypes for a new drug testing, servitor conversion protocol for factory workers. Factory magi took the thesis under advisement.

Cortez continued his formal Mechanicus education at the Mechanicus academy on Het, becoming a protege of Magos Reis, a teacher at the academy specialing in archeotechnology. After studying with Reis for 8 years Cortez signed up with a new archeotechnology team headed by Reis that was excavating the forbidden border world of Avitohol. Serving in a support capacity due to his junior rank Cortez was primarily tasked with ensuring the equipment used in the excavation was properly functioning and was not allowed to join in the study of recovered relics. 13 months into the dig the team was attacked by aliens, presumably Eldar pirates. The pirates first attacked the dig site itself, killing the entire excavation team. Cortez was at his post at base camp and was able to send a distress call and go into hiding before the pirates turned their attention to the base camp. Cortez was able to survive by hiding in a cogitator closet, hooking up the power feeding the cogitators to his Potentia Coil, masking his life signs. Cortez remained in the close for three weeks, ingesting only small amounts of water. After emerging from the closet Cortez found the pirates had gone after destroying most of the base camp, but was shocked to learn Magos Reis was alive as well. After explaining how he survived to Magos Reis the Magos responded he used a similar
strategy and had only emerged himself two days ago. Believing that no rescue would be coming because the pirates had destroyed all ommunications equipment Reis recommended he and Cortez resume excavation as best they could until the next supply ship was scheduled to stop, 11 months later. Cortez then informed Reis that he had in fact sent a distress call and it was theoretically possible for help to arrive any day. Reis then instructed Cortez that they would attempt to recover any artificats the could before rescue, to preserve their integrity. Over the course of the next 5 weeks Reis and Cortez scoured the dig site and base camp looking for any recoverable archeotechnology but found none. Exactly 8 weeks and 4 days after sending the distress call a small team of Inquistor Al Subbai’s acolytes arrived at Avitohol. After debriefing on the attach Magos Reis returned to Het. Presumably because of his ingenuity in surviving the Eldar attack Cortez was offered a position on Al Subbai’s staff, which he accepted.


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