Attilas "Bones"




  • Build: Lanky, 5’10", 143lb
  • Age: 34
  • Colouration: Dark & mottled skin, brown hair, blue eyes

Distinguishing features:

  • tattoos of BONES on arms, chest and shoulders
  • skin is permanently discoloured, mottled and flaky
  • hair is long, filthy dredlocks


  • despite his upbringing, typically dresses in lower-class clothing: well worn black leather long-coat (covered with numerous metal studs, buckles and spikes), steel-toed combat boots, and loose-fitting fatigue pants.
  • it would take a bit of work to get Attilus to the point where he would fit into the high-society of his familial upbringing, but he’d look right at home in under-hive ganger bar. (see BIO below)

Divination: “Kill the alien before it can speak its lies!” (AGI+2)

Weapon Skill 29 _
Ballistic Skill 44 _
Strength 27 2
Toughness 32 3
Agility 30 3
Intelligence 33 3
Perception 33 3
Willpower 33 2
Fellowship 43 4
Inquiry (FEL +10) 53
Awareness (PER) 33
Search (PER +10) 43
Tracking (INT) 33
Lore (adeptus arbitis) (INT) 33
Lore (judgement) (INT) 33
Lore (underworld) (INT) 33
Ciphers (underworld) (INT) 33
Charm (FEL) 43
Deceive (FEL) 43
Intimidate (STR) 27
Scrutiny (PER) 33
Dodge (AGI) 30
Speak (low gothic) (INT) 33
Literacy (INT) 33
Lore (imperium) (INT) 33
Speak (hive dialect) (INT) 33
Basic Weapon (Solid Proj)
Melee Weapon (Primitive)
Quick Draw
Light Sleeper
Rapid Reload
Pistol Training (Solid Proj)
Exotic Weapon (Disc)
Melee Weapon (Shock)
Peer (Underworld)
Starting Gear
Shotgun Club Brass Knuckles
Flak Vest Arbitrator ID Flask of Amasec
3 Doses Stimm Injector Chrono
Purchased Gear
Stub Revolver
Talong Mark III Auto-Pistol
Light Flak Coat

Attilas grew up in wealth and comfort as member of the nobility of Hiveworld Malfi. The population of Malfi have a grudge: they believe that Malfi should be the sector capital world and venomously oppose the supremacy of Scintilla.

Attilas’ family’s business exemplified this attitude and greed and jealousy took deep root there, leading to ambitious — and morally compromising — decisions. The corruption of his family’s mercantile dealings sickened Attilus and he knew he could not fulfill his father’s wishes of someday taking over the family’s manufactory.

Instead, Attilas joined the civil police force and swiftly rose in the ranks — culminating in the suicidal assignment of infiltrating the gangers of the underhive. He didn’t doubt that his father was in some way involved in this assignment.

Down-below, Attilas lost himself deep undercover, where he was known by the name “Cain”, but that soon made way for the nickname “Bones” — for the tattoos he sported and the ruthless results of his dealings with rival gangs.

In the end, Attilas found what he was looking for — proof of the alien technology which his family’s manufactory had harnessed for its nefarious purposes.

As Attilas deparated the execution of his father for high treason, he was approached by the Inquisition — the Emperor had need of men who put the Imperium first, above all else.

Attilas "Bones"

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