Fatum Tyrannus

198.815.M41-3, Sophano Prime

Umbraer's Hope Level 7, The Message

Augustinius, Bones, Cortez, Dorn, Gallus, Titus

  • Zombies start coming to life on Level 6
  • Titus faints
  • Dregs flee to the stairs leading down to Level 7 and Up to Level 5
  • Trooper swept off by crowd towards Level 5
  • Two troopers swept off by crowd towards stairs to Level 7
  • Zombies are stunned when they arise, but tough to kill
  • Civilians are crowding by the Elevator on Level 7
  • Troopers swept away have killed a couple to escape the crush of the crowd
  • Three doors are here that are being pounded on from the other side
  • Two Holbeck troopers lie dead in what looks to be a Medicae foyer
  • Dead start to rise as Zombies
  • Augustinius finds a vile sanctum with Holbeck in it
  • Holbeck is a worshipper of Nurgle
  • The last bomb in the deep bore mine will complete a ritual to bring all the dead of the planet to life as Warp Zombies
  • A radio message from the Hover Cruiser with the 2 Troopers and Sophano says that they were hit by a Krak Missile and had to return to the docking bay, then ends abruptly with screams


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