Fatum Tyrannus

The White Scholar

The group decides to start searching in the Blackstone Xenaum , which turns out to be a Museum of sorts, dedicated to showing artifacts “highlighting the uncleanliness and wickedness” of xenos civilizations exterminated during the Angevin Crusade.

Someone there mentions that they think they saw an elderly scholar dressed in white in the Chancel Athenaum.

The group manages to find this scholar, and gives him the pass phrase given to them by Karkalla before he died. He takes them to a back reading room where knowledge can be shared in private. Titus keeps watch as the discussion starts, but them Septimus Dexter asks for him to be brought into the room so that each and every one of the people can officially record the oaths they took to Karkalla.

After the records are made, carried off to some unknown destination by Servo Skulls, the White Scholar shares what he knows.

The Beast House is nothing but an unwitting pawn in whatever is going on.

He suspects, but can not prove, that the Pilgrims of Hayte are involved in what’s going on. Scythia shares that the Pilgrims are a Violent and Spiteful Chaos Cult that was infamously associated with an attrocity on Malfi some time ago.

The myth of the Widower is somehow involved. The Widower, as it turns out, is rumored to be an assassin of unparalelled ability, linked to the Sophano blood line.

How are the Sophanos involved on this planet? They used to be its rulers.

What is going on? This is the Grand Conjunction, an eclipse of the sun that happens at an irregular interval every 50 to 60 years. The Festival of Tattered Fates celebrates this, culminating in the Revel of Darkness mentioned by Master Nonesuch. At this time of the eclipse of the Sun all astropathic communication is cut off and the planet “moves beyond the Light of the Emperor” for a couple to a few minutes. At this time, anything at all is considered fair game, although family vendetta and offworld Imperial Authorities might beg to differ at a later date.

The White Scholar offers to do some further research on some things when …


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