Fatum Tyrannus

The Red Cages

  • You awaken in a pit, roughly 10 meters square and 6 meters deep, with rusting metal sides, surrounded by spikes and concertina wire on top.
  • There are 14 people in the pit, Gallus, Dorn, Titus and Cortez from the primary Acolyte Cell, Wollsey, Scythia, and 8 other NPCs, 4 female and 4 male.
  • A howling comes from one of the 7 or 8 grated entrances surrounding the pit. One of the grates opens halfway and gets stuck.
  • Dorn attempts to forcibly close the grate, but instead manages to unstick it a bit and it opens a dozen centimeters or so.
  • A man in a stylized Heron Mask appears at the edge of the pit, watching in silence.
  • Spindle Maws come out from the doorway, slowly at first, but in increasing numbers as they fight for a chance to feast on those within the pit.
  • In the ensuing fight, Wollsey panics and is helped by a male captive who eventually dies screaming his name.
  • Dorn pushes one Male into the jaws of a waiting Spindle Maw before helping a female up the ladder.
  • Eventually all the named characters escape, along with 2 female NPCs, one of which responds to Gallus’ introduction by saying that her name is “Gallia Mordicort”
  • With Gallus at the leader, the group makes its way to a long metal bridge where Razorwings Attack, one of the Female escapees, Lady Brittney, is killed while being carried on Dorn’s back.
  • The group then finds itself hopelessly lost in catacombs of stone and steel where they fight a mutated human who is used to living in darkness.
  • With Dorn as the leader, the group finds its way to a crude Savage Idol where Wollsey is almost possessed by an evil spirit, before Cortez destroys the shine.
  • Scythia takes up leading the group, and they find their way to some broken machinery. Dorn is ambushed by a Gloomhaunt and almost killed before he manages to free himself from its headlock.
  • The survivors move past some Ferocious Creatures while climbing some collapsed stairs
  • After moving through an area where the superstructure is reconfiguring itself like a large piece of clockwork, the group finds an old deserted mansion in one of the vaults. A large deformed skeleton sits at a table where a feast has gone to dust centuries before. A tapestry contains a house heraldry similar but different to House Sophano in significant ways, perhaps like a copy. Gallus takes a medallion off the skeleton and the group dresses itself in old moth eaten finery instead of their prisoner rags.
  • The group arrives at a large open doorway titled, VAULT 13


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