Fatum Tyrannus

244.817.M41, Piety of Seth

The Inquisitor on the Piety of Seth

An astropathic communication comes in from al’Subaai as the Frigate Sabre, commanded by Odelia Lall, carries the Acolytes towards Port Wander on the far Rimward edge of the Calixis sector.

_Trusted Acolytes, I require an artifact to be acquired from the main reliquary in the grand cathedral of Port Calling on The Piety of Seth. I have attached the required codes and authorizations to this message. Please use them to retrieve said item. Bring it to me with the shipments from Port Wander. Go with His grace and do His work, as I have commanded you.

You may want to limit your team that you bring, as this is a sensitive matter.

Your Master,

The Piety of Seth (formerly known as Vantau) is a Shrine world that shows signs of having been an agricultural world in the past, before the incident with Seth. Seth was the sole survivor of a mission to cleanse a Heretical sect known as the “Sons of Drusus”. Landing at Port Calling is routine. The security of this planet seems to be much less than it was on Clove where things were tighly locked down at almost all locations and parts of society.

Attilus chooses Cortez, Gallus and Dorn to accompany him. They are able to find a landing facility close to the central cathedral that Lall’s Aquila Lander is able to use. Once at the Cathedral, the group is met by a droll sounding monk who informs them that the cathedral is not on visiting hours at the moment as the main festivals are not ongoing. Attilus explains that he is here to retrieve and item from the reliqary.

The monk brings the group off the main hall of the cathedral, which is impecably neatly cleaned, down some side hallways which are very much less so to a small room with an old Adept working on some scrolls with his Auto Quill.

“Excuse Me.” says Attilus, garnering no reaction from the Adept.

“Ahem. Excuse Me.” He repeats. After no response is given once again, Attilus rips the scrolls that the Adept was working on from underneath his auto quill.

The Adept turns and gives Attilus a tongue lashing, “You have just cost me hours of work, young man! How dare you!”

Attilus suppresses the urge to slap the old Adept, then gives him the data cube with information regarding the acquisition. As the old man sees Cortez eyeing his data screen, he turns it away from prying eyes.

“Yes. We can do this. Come with me. Do you know what you are here for? No. Of course not.”

The old adept leads the grounp down an ever deeper maze of stacks, reliquaries, statuaries and long hallways until eventually he reaches a room that seems filled with many boxes on shelves. The room is roughly 10 meters square with hallways leading off in 4 major directions. There aren’t any doors on the hallways, but there are nice arches and other decorative architectural elements that are very pleasing to the eye.

Cortez and Gallus stop just before entering the room, while Dorn trails behind.

“Alright. Here is what you came for. Come sign for it please.”

The group is hesitant, reluctantly Attilus comes forward and signs as requested. The Adept then opens the red box that he had presented to the group and pushes a large button inside. From behind Cortez and Gallus in the hallway a large heavy stone slab with a bright gold Aquila carved into it drop from the cieling some dozen meters behind them.

“You man leave now.” Says the Adept.

Attilus is perturbed, and a bit at a loss. “Where is our artifact?”

The Adpet straightens himself out, stands taller and suddenly looks less frail than he once did. From underneath his robes he pulls out an Inquisitorial Rosette. “This is a test,” he states, as Adepta Sororitas show themselves from both of the side hallways. “Those who are pure and free of sin are free to leave this place. Those who carry with them the taint of corruption and the warp, however, will not leave.”

“Fine, let us leave,” says Gallus, who is then suddenly stopped as if by an invisible wall as he tries to leave down the hallway that the group entered in through. Cortez, though uncomfortable, is able to go farther down the hallway, and is at the Stone slab that fell from the cieling. It appears that Gallus is unable to leave.

“Do not suffer the witch to live,” says the Adept as one of his Sororitas starts to move towards Gallus.

Attilus and Gallus arrive at the same conclusion, that Gallus is going to be exeucted by these people, and attack. A pair of Bolt rounds into the Sororitas by Attilus is followed by the Inquisitor chanting a series of prayers. White light pours out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. As Gallus looks at the light, he is wracked with pain and takes damage directly to his Soul (1 point ignoring armor and toughness). He retailiates with a Fire Storm that melts the Sororitas and injures the Inquisitor. Cortez finishes the Inquisitor off with a pair of blasts from his Hellpistol. The Inquisitor catches fire and turns into a charred mass before he explodes, splattering the area with charred gore. His Rosette clanks to the ground. Suddenly Cortez is overcome with Bloodlust, and is repelled from the Aquila on the floor that he is standing by. Dorn enters the hallway, stepping over the Aquila.

“What’s going on here?” He says, as he notices the Rosette on the floor.

After a quick firefight with the other Sororitas from the other side hallway, she escapes with the Inquisitor’s Rosette, speaking into her Vox “The Inquisitor has been killed by Assassins!” Gallus’ attempt to stop her with a wall of fire fails as the power seems to be repelled by something down the hallway.

Cortez and Gallus are unable to leave the room until the stone Aquila is destroyed by Attilus and Dorn’s Bolters.

The group manages to escape the maze of hallways without being spotted by more Sororitas … and leave the planet of the Piety of Seth to contemplate the killing of an Inquisitor in a Temple to the God Emperor of Mankind.


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