Fatum Tyrannus

The Heron Mask cometh

At this point the door to the reading room burst open, and it becomes painfully clear that Titus hasn’t gone back to his watchful post outside the door. Several men in Heron Masks enter, a crumpled librarium servitor falling before them.

“Sorry for my Master’s little jest, but it’s time for the pawn on the Regicide board to be removed. Be good, give him to us and go back to the dance, little pawns!”

The Heron Masks are removed, revealing faces and skins covered with hideous symbols carved into the flesh of their faces. Fighting starts almost immediately.

Titus charges, then dodges the feeble attacks from razor blades.

A Witch with the cultists takes control of his body with “Dominate” spell as another one unleashes a Firestorm that almost kills Septimus Dexter. Wollsey guns down a cultist with a razor blade by unleashing full auto upon him. Cortez is surrounded by 3 cultists and a Dominated Titus as Scythia is charred by bolts of fire from the Pyrokine witch. Wollsey unleashes more full auto upon the witches, killing them and releasing Titus from his spell. He goes into a Holy Rage, butchering cultists around him. The last two cultists manage to get to Dexter and kill him before finally falling themselves.

Titus evicerates the witch that dominated him, and scatters the gore of his corpse in a wide area around the fallen body.

As Septimus Dexter lies dying, he manages a few last words …

“The Spider Bride … "

But unfortunately expires before the last piece of wisdom is able to part his lips.


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