Fatum Tyrannus

The Great City of Xicarph


The scene of Xicarph is one of unending revel. All around street vendors hawk their wares, from food, drugs, and hand weapons to medical care. Nobles indulge themselves with their entourages while other quickly go to and from where they wish to go.

After wandering some to the east and finding themselves in a cemetery and mausoleum district of the city, they return back to somewhere near where they emerged from the elevator.

Penniless after their emergence from the undercity, newcomer Wollsey sells some of their excess equipment taken from the slain slavers and scrapes together some 40 gelt. This is taken to a local gambling establishment where Titus is sent into a blood pit for sport. He isn’t much to look at, so a nobody is sent up against him while Wollsey makes 3 separate bets with his 40 thrones. Titus wins handily. The second fight, which Titus does not wish to fight, is against a cyborg gladiator, whom he dispatches with one righteous swing.

This show of skill catches the attention of the proprietor the establishment, the Fates Wheel, a fat bastard named Papa Grist. He reeks of stink and sweat, a rotund beast of an underworld figure obviously originally from Malfi. Papa Grist has a problem that he would like these skilled newcomers to solve for him. He has been making a killing on Xicarph, up until recently when “local competition” has been started to put a squeeze on him.

The proposition is this: 200 Gelt a piece for killing the rival leader, a woman known as “The Spider Bride”

The acolytes decide to think about it for a bit.

When they come back a bit later, Papa Grist ups the ante before they give him their answer. He raises his offer to 1000 Gelt per person, and he will offer up some advances or loans of equipment. The group readily accepts, taking a few pairs of low quality hardened bodygloves, some pistols, a chainsword, and micro beads.


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