Fatum Tyrannus

The Estate of Gabriel Sophano

ROUND 7 (continued):
Scythia runs past Wollsey towards the exit, insulting him for cowering under a table. Wollsey rolls his eyes at her.
[Bystanders are running in all directions. The crowd is scattering from the daemons outside]
[Cultists and Daemons surround the Shadowy mound of flesh and are swiping at it, but it doesn’t seem to be hurt]
Titus seems like he is about to slip on the blood from Cortez’ leg, but gracefully moves through it even though he failed the roll. He grabs Gallus and drags him back towards the Fates Wheel.

Wollsey loads his pistols.
Cortez lays on the ground and twitches.
The shadow creature reaches out with a clawed hand, picks up an incarnate daemon and rips in to shreds. Then backhands a cultist, sending him flying 6 meters, dead.
Scythia moves to the blood slick, trying to get to Cortez.
[Cultists and Daemons are attacking the shadow creature, summoning firebolts, swiping with blades]

Wollsey reloads another pistol.
[Another Daemon explodes, and two more cultists are evicerated. One of the cultists guts are used as a streamer thrown across the square.]
Scythia slips on the blood trying to get to Cortez.
[More attacks on the shadow creature, with no effect. Blades, Firebolts from warp sorcerers, daemon claws]
[Angus: “Or there’s another possibility, its Attilus]
Titus holds his action.

Wollsey finishes reloading his pistol.
Gallus wakes up. “In the emperor’s name, what happened to my arm?”
Cortez twitches.
[The shadow creature rips through two more cultists]
[Suddenly the cultists are confused and can’t seem to find the shadow creature]
Scythia belly crawls through the gore over to Cortez.
Titus is staying put.

Wollsey stays prone on the stairs peeking over towards the exit.
Gallus: “What the hell is going on out there? I sense sorcerers, daemons…”
Cortez twitches.
Scythia holds where she is by Cortez.
Titus drags Gallus through the blood, not needing an Agility check.

The fight at this point winds down. The nobles and patrons of the Fates Wheel scatter after seeing the fight with the cultists and daemons. Cortez regains consciouosness, “I need assistance…”.

Titus rifles through the pockets of the dead hirelings near the door, finding a dozen thrones.

As the acolytes move a short distance away and gather themselves together to plan their next move, they do not attract any extra attention. It seems that the Arena district is the perfect place to fit in with missing limbs.

[44m 50s: Angus: The day I dig a chip out of my pubes and eat it is going to be a sad, sad day.]

The group finds a small out of the way cut rate sawbones, who is crudely amputating mangled limbs. Gallus finds an out of the way place to regrow his lost limb. Once again the voice sing his praises in a hymn recognized by Scythia.

Gallus, Gallus, Gallus Imperius Dominus, Immortalis, Gallus

A shady character approaches the group. “So, I see you have some friends, need some help to get back in the fight, eh? …” there is a pause as he looks around the room skittishly, “… I have a leg. Is he missing the left or the right? Its a little beat up and used. I’ll tell ya what, 200 thrones and its yours, but I need it in cash and I need it now, and you have to install it yourself.”

Wollsey negotiates down to 75 thrones, then pays him 65 thrones.

[Leg is a Poor Quality Cybernetic Left Leg, attachment and recovery time is reduced from normal to 1 or 2 days]

Scythia manages to attach the leg, but it takes extra time, for a total of 2 days attachment, surgery and recovery time. During the recovery time, Cortez is doing as much sanctifying machine oil and incantations as he knows to his new leg.

TItus, Gallus and Wollsey wanders nearby into Xicarph heading towards the Twilight Gardens, still seeing an occasional Heron Mask amongst the crowd. Someone walking past whispers a rumor that someone was physically twisted into a pretzel.

Entering Twilight Gardens is like going into a twisted dreamlike forest of obscuring void shields, plants, statues, and walkways. You are led into the Spider Brides temple, through the open doorway into the large collidaded insides. The Spider Bride sits on her throne inbetween the four main pillers, slowly drumming her fingers on an Arachnid Servitor that looks back on you with the frozen face of Papa Grist staring back in a permanent silent scream.

The Spider Bride: “Welcome Back. I heard it all. Well done. You followed my instructions and carried them out. A bargain well struck.”
Wollsey: “I trust you agree we’ve kept up our end of the agreement?”
The Spider Bride: “Yes. Yes you have.”
Wollsey: “And in return…”
SB: “… I promised you information, and something you need. A ticket. The rest of you may enter as retinue. Each one of these is gold.”

She pulls out an item from some hidden container, its like this metallic kind of plate with a hologram on it showing the estate of Gabriel Sophono on it in etched writing. The whole thing is made of some precious material. You would not be able to build a fake of this very easily. It would be extremely difficult to forge.

SB: “Use it well.”
Wollsey: “Did you hear of all the events that happened at the Fate’s Wheel?”
SB: “I hear all the events that happen in Xicarph.”
Wollsey: “Can you tell us what the HELL that thing was!!”
SB: “I believe you know what that was.”
Wollsey: “The widower.”
SB: “Yes.”
Titus: “Why?”
SB: “I fear the Widower will serve no more. Spite has consumed him, and the key may be in his hand now to end his own sufferiing, and this world’s with it.”
Wollsey: “The blood of the Sophano line? The Widower is bound somehow to the Sophano bloodline?”
SB: “The blood may tame him, if it has the will. But to slay such a beast as he is is no small thing. No fire’s heat or blade’s cut will hurt him, as I’m sure you are aware of.”
Wollsey: “Or the daemon’s claw.”
SB: “Yes. But his heart … no not even the Daemon’s claw .. but his heart, plucked from its keeping place and shattered will also bring his living death to an end.”
Titus: “And this heart, do you know where it is kept?”

The Spider Bride gives a nondescript shrug of sorts that tells nothing.

Gallus: “How will it end its suffering?”
SB: “It will end his suffering.”
Gallus: “And the key?”
SB: “I think you are aware of that as well.”
Gallus: “Unfortunately.”
SB: “The blood controls it.”
Gallus: “The who controls it if the controller is no longer there?”
SB: “It will not be controlled, unless by someone that has an extreme will, and I fear you do not. You do not have the Will of The Sophano, for you are not the Master.”
Titus: “What of the cultists, why do they fight it? Why did they come out? Who are they, what role do they play in this game?”
SB: “They are all his servants.”
Titus: “Whose?”
SB: “I can see him, but only dimly. The one you seek. He hides from me for the ruinous gods walk in his wake. He carries the death of this world in his mind and he may succeed where others have failed before him.“
Gallus: “If he wishes the death of this world, and the Widower wishes the death of this world, why fight each other?”
SB: “That … I do not know.”
Titus: “What will happen in the Great Conjunction?”
SB: “I know much but I do not know all. The dark destiny of that bloody line lies upon you all whether you know it or not. I too am caught in its web.”
Wollsey: “You, you are a Sophano.”
SB: “Am I? Do you know that? Do you know that truly?”
Wollsey: “You bear the marking of their heraldry.”
SB: “Where?”
Wollsey: “All about you, the Spider Bride.”
SB: “Indeed. But is that proof? Can you show me this proof? Can you tell me? What do you know of me?”
Titus: “Is it necessary?”
Wollsey: “We only have suspicions.”
SB: “Suspicions are not proof.”
Wollsey: “You arrived here only recently?”
SB: “I have been here for as long as I can remember.”
Wollsey: “So why have you decided to take over only now?”
SB: “I have always been in control.”
Wollsey: “Papa Grist thought differently, though clearly he was a fool.”
SB: “He was. He had his time, the fool. Believed he had more power than was his.”
Wollsey: “Always a dangerous position to be in.”
SB: “I am a servant of the Sophanos. All of us live in dread of the Traveller’s return. I serve.”
Wollsey: “And is there anything else you can tell us to help prevent that from happening?”
SB: “I believe that the Widower’s power is somehow bound up with the Steel Clock.”
Wollsey: “The Steel Clock? The one that marks the passage of the Grand Conjunction?”
SB: “Yes.”
Wollsey: “Do you know where it is?”
SB: “He may be vulnerable during the Revel of Darkness. Vulnerable enough to be controled by a Sophano, or bested by sufficient force.”
Gallus: “Who is this Traveller?”
SB: “The Traveller. The Sophano.”
Titus, Wollsey, Gallus: “Erasmus.”
SB: “Do you have any further questions?”
Titus: “How does one leave this planet?”
SB: “Now?”
Titus: “Ever.”
SB: “Through the spaceport in the Hub at the top of crystal dome. One ascends to the Hub via the cars on the spines.”
Titus: “What about communication offworld? Astropaths.”
SB: “Certainly. If you have them in your retinue or you can afford them. They’re probably quite busy now. The time before the Revel is always the busiest. Likely it might be weeks before your message is even sent out. No telling how long it would even take to get a response. And by law noone leave during the Grand Conjunction until after the Festival of Tattered Fates.”
Titus: “That is not my wish.”
SB: “On pain of the Orbital Defenses.”
Titus: “What do you want of us?”
SB: “I have already received what I want.”
Titus: “Then you would see this world burn?”
SB: “My fate is tied with it. Here I am. I serve. I care not for the survival or death of this world.”
Titus: “So be it.”
Wollsey: “I can’t say I’m real concerned with the survival of this world either, quite honestly.”
Scythia: “As long as we get off it first.”
Titus: “We seem to be in short supply of retinue.”
SB: “Well then you should get some.”
Titus: “Would you be willing …”
SB: (irritated) “No. You have your ticket. You have your information.”
Wollsey: “Pleasure doing business with you.”
SB: “Indeed. My girls will escort you out.”

[1h 14m 45s: Player discussion about what was learned during the conversation]

[119 thrones minus 65 plus 32 equals 86 thrones available to the group minus two nights staying somewhere at 10 thrones each leaves 66 thones]

[Wollsey buys 80 rounds of regular ammo for 4 thrones, 62 remain]

Summary of Items as I understand it:

Titus: Mono sword
Cortez: Nothing? Never used a weapon he didn’t have on him.
Gallus: Nothing? Only used Psyker powers.
Scythia: Chainsword
Wollsey: Two autopistols and a Hand Cannon.

The group gathers back together by Cortez with Dorn and Gallia. Strangely enough, Gallia is now decked out in fine robes that she fits nicely in, has a nice gilded mask with jewels in it, and has other finery as well. Dorn is as he was with his Carapace armor, but he’s cleaned up a bit.

Wollsey: (annoyed voice looking at the expensively dressed Gallia) “Where have you guys been?”
Gallia: “I went to places and equipped myself.”
Wollsey: (annoyed) “We’re busting our balls out here, scraping for thrones, Cortez got his leg cut off and has that piece of shit, saved your life multiple times, you’re holding out on us!”
Gallia: “I only have so much credit that House Krin will extend to me and I’ve used it all.”
Wollsey: “Great.”
Scythia: (sarcastic) “Nice. Dress.”
Titus: (angry) “Give us the mask.”
Gallia: “No!”
Titus: (angrier) “We SAVED YOUR LIFE!”
Gallia: “So did I! Who was spotting the people that were going to shoot you from behind!”
Titus: “I don’t care!”
Gallia: “I don’t know you!”
Titus: “Who dragged your sorry little butt across that bridge so it didn’t get picked apart by the Tyranids!”
(Angus as Dorn) “Whatever man. Its fine. I got what I want.”
Gallus: “There’s nothing else you can do for us?”
Gallia: “House Krin will only extend so much credit to me based on that Adept I happen to know. I was able to buy these cheap rags, but that’s all I have.”
Wollsey: “You know that drunken dork?”
Gallia: “I know him from Scintilla.”
Wollsey: “And he extended you a bunch of credit?”
Gallia: “He knows me.”
Wollsey: “I was nice to that guy.”
Gallia: “I’m a Mordicort from Scintilla!”

Gallia whips out a pair of power blades from the folds in her poofy dress.

Gallia: “Did you ever think that I didn’t NEED protecting?”

Titus’ eyes light up…

Gallia: “Did you give me any protection? Did you give me any of the gear? I tried to get something to protect myself, and I had nothing. I HAD to go along with you. And YOU, who says that you’re Gallus … I don’t know how you found out about my relatives, but…”

Titus draws his swords
Titus: “Step. Away. You don’t frighten me.”

Gallia: “Neither do you me.”
Gallus: “So you don’t think I’m Gallus?”
Gallia: “You CAN’T be Gallus!”
Gallus: “Why?”
Gallia: “He was taken away by the Black Ships a hundred years ago. The Macabeus Quintus branch of the family was all killed by Erasmus!”
Gallus: “He missed one.”
Cortez: “Perhaps a demonstration is in order.”
Gallia: “You’re too young and you don’t show signs of juvenat treatment. I don’t know where you were.”
Titus: “Don’t you think it could have been the Warp?”
Gallia: “It could have been. He doesn’t claim to have.”
Titus: “He was on the Black Ships! He’s a Sanctioned Psyker of the Holy Emperor!”
Gallia: “What proof do I have of his lineage. I was taken prisoner, and you could have been plants. Why should I trust you?”
Scythia: “My lady, there are creatures wandering this city…”
Gallia: “I’ve seen them in the belly of this city.”
Scythia: “Well, apparanetly you are confident you can protect yourself, so, go forth and protect yourself. Be gone.”
Gallus: “Gallia …”
Wollsey: “There’s a creature in this city, we watched it squeeze the head off a Daemon. We saw dozens of chaos cultists killed by it.”
Scythia: “The Widower seeks your blood…”
Wollsey: “Feel free to wander off into the ciity. Tah tah!”
Gallus: “Stay with us … you may not believe that I’m Gallus now, but …”
Gallia: “Why don’t we just leave, we can go up the spaceport and I will pay for transport and we will leave this planet.”
Gallus: “Unfortunately, if I understand this correctly we can’t leave this planet right now. No one can because the Conjunction has started. What can we do to convince you to stay with us?”
Gallia: “I will stay with you. I don’t trust you, but neither do I trust anyone else in this emperor forsaken city.”
Titus: “The next time you threaten one of us will be the last time you threaten anybody. Have that known. Do you understand? Your blood or mine will be on the floor the next time you threaten one of us. Are you clear?”
Gallia: (infuriated) “If you know to whom you spoke…”
Titus: “I care not. I serve the emperor. Who you are means nothing to me compared to him. Do not draw them on anyone here or else your blood will be spilled. I will grant you the Emperor’s peace. Do you understand?”
Gallia: “Do not threaten a Mordicort.”
Titus: “Do not threaten a Moritat.”
Gallus: “Don’t worry, he does that all the time.”
Titus: “Agree or leave.”
Gallia: “Who do you think brought your order to this Sector?”
Titus: “I don’t care. It matters not.”
Gallus: “Did we?” (Gallia doesn’t answer)
Titus: “You mean nothing to me. Only the Emperor matter. Draw your blades against anyone here and you will perish. If you cannot agree to this, then you will leave. I’m waiting.”
(tense pause)
Gallia: “Alright then. Fare thee well. See you around. Tah Tah.”

Gallia walks off into Xicarph. Obviously she was not going to back down to somebody beneath her in social standing.

[Angus: That’s going to come back and bite us.]

Dorn goes off about how great Xicarph is when you have money to spend.


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