Fatum Tyrannus

The Eagle and the Hereteks

The armored door of the hospital pod is flung open and the brutal figure of the Eagle Masked man stalks forth, followed by two cowering figures draped in bloodstained plastek robes and harnesses of surgical tools. The Eagle Mask turns angrily on them, and they flinch in fear.

“Damn your warp-roted hides, and damn him to hell’s eye! What game does he paly here? He brings an Inquisitor here, to my domain, to mutilate and pry? And you did not see fit to inform me?” The Eagle Mask shouts.

“B-B-But master, you asked us to offer him every asistance-” The cowering Heretek pleads but is silenced as crackling metal coils lash out from Eagle Mask’s band and ensnare him. The Heretek judders screaming for a few moments before slumping to the ground no more than a sack of burnt meat.

“I am no stalking prey to be staked out to lure the beast in, no matter what the Heron beleives! Find out what that mangled thing told him or you will suffer your comrade’s fate!” the Eagle snarls at the remaining Heretek before, flanked by two heavily armed men in pig-faced iron masks, mounts the elevator platform and it begins its slow and rambling ascent upwards.


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