Fatum Tyrannus

Meet the Monster

A shout is heard coming from Papa Grist’s office

“What the F*** kill these m************! They just killed Papa Grist!”

Crackmarrow is wearing flak armor and is also carrying a two-handed Warhammer. Wollsey and Scythia have their weapons drawn before the fight begins.

Wollsey [using two automatic pistols] shoots Crackmarrow on Full Auto, 3 rounds hit.
Arachnid Servitor moves towards the exit.
Scythia [with Chainsword] moves to attack Crackmarrow, hitting him and finishing him off.
Titus [with blade] slices up someone [target obscured by crowing over Crackmarrow’s death].

Wollsey drops another target in Papa Grist’s office with 8 hits.
Gallus attacks Bliss with Bio Lightning, heavily wounding him.
Cortez attacks Bliss with a Luminen Blast, finishing him off.
Arachnid Servitor skitters quickly across the floor.
Scythia runs out of the office towards a guard, singing a Hymn to the Emperor, albeit poorly.
[moving by patrons and guests in the Fates Wheel]
Titus calmly speaks into his microbead: “Where are we going? Are we leaving?”
Cortez: “I believe we should be going.”
Titus: “Let’s go Wollsey.”
Scythia: “Shouldn’t we be raiding his office? Grab a dataslate or something?”
[Papa Grist’s office is decorated with shunken heads, grisly charms, animal skin trophies on the wall, and other macabre items. Titus searches Pap Grist and takes 21 thrones and 3 doses of something in an injector, and a Hand Cannon with ammo.]

Wollsey reloads his autopistols.
[Some of the people near the bar look at each other, then point at Gallus]
Patron: “Hey, he just killed Bliss! Psyker! Psyker!”
Titus: “Oh, God Emperor, here we go.”
[There is a discussion about the radius of Gallus’ firestorm and the ramifications of killing everyone in the Fates Wheel]
Gallus runs up to the door that is the exit to the Fates Wheel, where a Heavy and a Cyber Gladiator are guarding the exit.
Cyber Gladiator attacks Gallus with his chainblade arms, but misses.
Killer engaged with Scythia draws a Hand Cannon
Cortez moves to the door and engages the Cyber Gladiator near Gallus
Patrons are running up the stairs towards their room. [GM notes that there is nothing up the stairs for PCs to see. Maybe Dorn can come down the stairs, but there is no upstairs.]
Another Killer draws his Hand Cannon. [More things happen with NPCs on the map]
Arachnid Servitor skitters up to Gallus and Cortez.
Gallus: “What the hell is that?!”
Heavy near the exit draws his chainsword
Scythia swift attacks the Killer hear her, tearing him in two in brutal Furious fashion.
Cyber Gladiator misses Gallus.
Patron: “They’re killing everyone! They’re killing them all!”
Titus runs to the middle of the arena, leaping down stairs towards the door from Papa Grist’s office.
Sentinal draws his shock lance and walks towards Cortez

Wollsey runs out of the office towards the door, following Titus.
Gallus barges through the doorway through the exit to the outside. [Gallus succeeds on a Willpower check and sees … something]
Cyber Gladiator misses Cortez.
Cortez grabs the arm of the Cyber Gladiator, hitting him with a Luminen Shock attack. [The Gladiator fails a Fear 4 check] The will drains out of the Gladiator’s eyes, and he stops fighting to prevent Cortez leaving through the door. “Why am I even fighting you? What’s the point.”
Cyber Gladiator charges Wollsey, but misses with his attack.
Shadow creature, semi shapeless stares at Gallus and whispers … “Sophano…” then moves forward to engage him.
Killer shoots at Scythia with a Hand Cannon and misses.
[Other NPCs are taking actions]
Arachnid Servitor exits the building.
Heavy with a chainsword attacks Cortez and hits him in the left leg.
Another Killer, previously missed in the turn order, shoots at Scythia and misses.
Scythia moves and hits the newly activated Killer in the body, heavily wounding him.
[Many NPCs move, mostly Sentinals and Patrons]
Cyber Gladiator moves to attack Gallus from behind, but misses.
Titus attacks and kills a Sentinel that moved to engage him.
Cortez is missed by a Sentinel with his Shock Lance.

Wollsey wounds [undetermind someone]
Gallus looks at the shapeless mass in front of him, which has beaks, claws and pincers coming out of it, shifting its shape as it walks towards him. Gallus succeeds on a Fear Check, then creates a Wall of Fire through the Shadow creature, the Cyber Gladiator engaging him and some others. [The Gladiator that Cortez shocked doesn’t even try to get out of the Wall of Fire, the rest take 9 points of fire damage ignoring armor. The Shadow Creature doesn’t even attempt to get out of the way]
Cortez makes a Willpower check and is able to see the Shadow Creature, ignores a fear check due to Fearless, then fails on his Bloodlust check he forgot earlier.
Cortez: “[indecipherable binary cant chatter]”
Cortez murders the Gladiator that has lost the will to live, drilling into his skull with a monoknife mechandendrite.
[More NPCs move, attempting to get their Nobles out of the Fate’s Wheel]
Wollsey is missed
The Shadow Creature attacks Gallus, which is dodged, but the second attack with an arm pincer that appears out of the mound of flesh [22 damage]. After dropping Gallus from the attack, it squeezes the arm [30 damage] chopping it off, catching the severed arm in mid air and whispering … “Sophano…” [Gallus burns a Fate Point]
Scythia is missed by a Hand Cannon shot.
Wollsey dodges one shot, then is hit by another coming from some Nobles on the edges.
Arachnid Servitor exits the map.
Heavy attacks Cortez with a chainsword and misses.
Titus is missed by a Hand Cannon shot.
Scythia misses with a Chainsword attack.
Titus is missed by another Hand Cannon shot
Titus is missed by a laspistol shot
Titus is missed by another laspistol shot from a Noble
Cybergladiator runs up to Cortez and misses
Titus unleashes his fury on the heavy near Wollsey, killing him.
Sentinal attacks Cortez and misses
Another Sentinal shoots and misses.

Wollsey moves a long distance.
[Sentinals glare threateningly at Titus]
Cortez hits a Cyber Gladiator with his mechandendrites, and rips him apart [31 damage from 2 Emperor’s Furies]
The Shapeless mound of flesh looks towards Cortez … “You seeeeee me….” and moves towards him to attack, but Cortez dodged its attack.
Killer shoots Scythia with a Hand Cannon, hitting her in the body.
Sentinal shoots at Titus, but he dodges.
Killer misses Cortez, hitting the shapeless creature doing no noticable damage.
Cortez is attacked by a Heavy with a chainsword in the body [11 Pen 2]
Cortez is hit by a Hand Cannon [11 Pen 2]

Angus: “When the GM gives you fates points in advance, he just takes them away.”
GM: “You’re going to neeeed ‘em. Here’s some Fate Points in Advance! NOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t want your Free Fate Points!”
Mike: “I don’t want ‘em!”
Scythia finally kills the Killer standing by her, decapitating him.
Titus is hit by a Nobleman’s laspistol in the head [11 E].
Titus moves towards the exit of the Fates Wheel.
Sential misses Cortez.
Killer misses Cortez.

Wollsey switches weapons to a Hand Cannon.
Cortez: “Caution, there is a Spawn of the Warp at the exit of the Fates Wheel. Gallus is down. Proceed with caution. My cogitators estimate my life expectancy at 3.5 seconds.” He then grabs the shapeless mound of flesh and hits it, to which is responds, “Your weapons cannot hurt me”
Shapeless mound of flesh attacks Cortez, he dodges one attack, but is hit with the second attack which severs his leg at the hip. Blood spurts out from around Cortez, causing a 12m diameter slick.
Scythia is missed by a Hand Cannon.
[Confusion amongst those who were attacking Cortez] “Did you do that with your Chainsword?” “I don’t think so, did you do that?”
Nobleman hits Scythia with his laspistol, “Ha ha! Ha ha! I hit her too! Moving targets!”
Titus moves out the exit of the Fates Wheel, then makes his Willpower check to see the Shadow creature.
Mike: “No! If only I hadn’t raised by Willpower!”
Titus makes his Fear check,,
Killer looks at Titus and says, “Another one! He’s trying to escape!” and misses Titus with a hand canon.

Wollsey gets under a solid table.
The shadow creature whispers “Sophano” and moves off towards an intersection away from the Fates Wheel.
Scythia dodges a hand cannon.
Scythia moves around the gladiator pit towards the door, seeing Wollsey underneath a table.

At this point there is a crowd of people in the street that has started to gather, watching the commotion. From two buildings beyond, small groups of people in robes covered with blood move through the crowd, they are all wearing Heron masks. They are moving directly towards the shapeless mound of flesh. From out of a nearby window, shattering shards fly into the street as a Daemon leaps down. The crowd screams, panics and flees in all directions.[Mike: “What the good fuck!?”] More daemons appear from alleys and other windows as the chanting of foul words fills the air. The Heron masked Pilgrims of Hayte take out their sick blades and charge the shadow creature.
[Brian: “What the fuuuuuck?!?!?!]
[Mike: (talking about Gallus) “I don’t know the guy on the other end of that, I have never met him in my life.”]
[Ando: “Holy shit Mark, that’s fucking awesome.” ]
[Mike: “I… I’m afraid.”]
[Brian: “This planet needs to fucking buuurn.”]
[Mike: “We are so deep in over our heads its not even funny.”]

The daemons are working with the Heron Masked men moving towards the shadow creature together.

[Angus: “Wow, that thing must be extremely badass if they need multiple daemons to go after it.”]
[Mike: “Everybody want a pound of your flesh, Mark”]
[Angus: “That thing is not with the Pilgrims of Hayte so…. Is that thing the Widower?”]
[Brian: “The fleshy thing?]
[Angus: “yeah. What do we know about it. Its some assassin thing of the Sophanos. I don’t know why it would want blood of Sophano though.”]


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