Fatum Tyrannus

House Holbeck Finances (Research)

You spend hours compiling and collating mining records of House Holbeck and comparing it to that of the other Counties on Sophano Prime and the Electorate of Stokeland. Buried deep in the list of material types, extraction amounts and expense reports you find some interesting statistical differences. Most notably among these is the rare mineral extraction efficiency rate. The amount of rare minerals from their mining operations has increased by an average of 0.015% per anum over the past 6 decades, while that of other operations has fallen by an average of 0.02%. Official extraction efficiency is now 2% higher in Holbeck operated mine faces.

You compile ore sales transaction records from the numerous Guilds, Markets and Auction Houses of Sophano Prime. The data goes back decades and fills up numerous databanks. Your cogitators work for days sorting transactions from the immense volumes of publicly disclosed records. Cross referencing extraction rates and market prices, public ore sales for all operations average 60.52% of total mine face recorded extraction amounts. Major reasons for this number are losses to raiders, private sales in unlisted transactions, stockpiling due to market rates and titheing. House Holbeck, on the other hand, is managing to get a 99.24% sales efficiency while making their tithes and still suffering losses from raid on par with other comparable operations.

After making an extensive study of the known Mechanicum related needed to appease the Machine Spirits of Seaford End, and cross referencing it with Mechanicum related expenditures from their Byzantine financial records you notice that their expenses related to the retention of personnel and expertise is 11.2% higher than what would otherwise be expected. This number has steadily increased over recent decades, rising almost imperceptibly.

Cross referencing food, water, clothing, building materials, technical goods, machine parts, weapons and consumer good shipping records with official House Holbeck related expenditures and market prices leads you to believe that roughly twice as much tonnage is being shipped into the County than public transactions would support. The balance is most likely acquired in private purchase or barter transactions.

House Holbeck’s known suppliers of food, water, building materials, and especially machine parts and weapons have ore sales revenue noticeably higher than other operations of similar size. Searches of public transactions involving these groups as the sellers of ore return a great number of transactions where they are selling rare minerals.


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