Fatum Tyrannus

Holgar's War (Research)

728.M41 to 730.M41:: Holgar’s War

Holgar Holbeck revolts against Regis IV Gilbert. House Holbeck forces quickly take the spaceport facilities at Stokeland Landing as well as the food and water production of Hamoorbury. Forces of House Tenbrook, bolstered by the Electoran Guard, are finally able to check their advance in Wellvale. Popular revolts in the outlying duchies prevent Houses Ramsden and Segur from providing support to the Elector, while House Mallard follows their traditional neutral position. Gaithe, neutral but strongly favoring the Holbecks due to traditional animosity with the Gilbert family, stays within their fortified bastions of Oosterstokeland.

Noticably absent from the field is House Sophano (newly renamed from Faud), a longtime ally of House Holbeck.

The war devolves into a stalemate noted by heavy fighting in the mid town portions of Wellvale until late 729.M41, when the popular rebellions in the Duchies of Greykirk and Coddercombe are finally broken. Early in 730.M41 the revolt is brought to a sudden and surprising conclusion when House Sophano forces storm into Seaford’s End from Hisswick. A joint force from House Ramsden and Segur retakes Stokeland Landing and Hammoorbury by assaulting from Grav Trains, and House Holbeck resistance in Wellvale collapses.

In the final battle, House Ramsden lands troops in the Southwestern Point of Ringtown, House Greykirk assaults from Hammoorbury, House Sophano from Hisswick and the Electoran Guard pushes directly towards Castle Holbeck from the Munitorums.

Holgar, with his personal guard, defends Castle Holbeck to the last man. Many Electoran Guard soldiers see Holgar fall defending the last strongpoint, but his body is spirited away by surviving household attendants before the end of the battle. The Elector Regis IV Gilbert declares that the area surrounding the Munitorums will be destroyed, and no rebuilding will be allowed until the body of Holgar is brought before him. It remains razed and under Electorate control to this day…


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