Fatum Tyrannus

198.815.M41, Sophano Prime

Hive Victoriana/Dekanta's Information/Into Umbaer's Hope

Augustinius, Bones, Cortez, Titus

Trying to put this out there while it’s fresh. I’ve included my best recollections of the combat as it happened round by round from Titus’ arrival at the open steel doors.

Augustinius and Cortez finish up number crunching on the House Holbeck financial records.

Titus does research on the headaches and riots that are happening throughout Hive Victoriana. Everyone seems to be on edge, and the lack of violence is most likely due to increased law encorcement presence than due to any specific organization or individual in the outskirts of the Hive.

Bones finds some information on the history of the House of Dust and Ash. The Sophano family’s connections to the House of Dust and Ash go back farther than the history of the Calixis Sector. It was used at first as a place where the Noble families of Sophano Prime would give tribute to the Sophanos upon their death. Over time this develeped into more of a traditional burying/cremation than a place where tithing to the Sophanos happened.

Explicator Dekanta requests the group join her back in Stokeland for the sharing of information. She listens to the information that the Acolytes bring, then shares two transcripts of Pict source recordings: One showing the death of Holgar Holbeck from 730.M41 and another showing Lion Mask and Holgar Holbeck leaving the Sophano estate 2 days before she requested the Acolytes research House Holbeck. Lion Mask and Holgar are escorted by 4 men wearing House Sophano equipment.

Lorelii says that 3 units of Electoran Guard have been made available by Elector Regis IV for use by her and the Acolyte team. She suggests storming into Umbraer’s Hope with the help of the Electoran Guard, and shares suspicions that the ore from the Mine may be involved in the violence and headaches, which are increasing now at an alarming rate. Before long things will get out of hand. The Acolytes suggest that a more suble approach might be needed and will attempt to sneak into the facility.

Umbraer’s Hope is a mountainous facility, which originally had three main areas of docking bays for Grav Trains and 3 major Maglev lines for large transport. Each of the Maglev lines were broken during the blockage that shut down Umbraer’s Hope. A scan of the mountain showed that the first sections of docking bays, with 2 bays (for 2 trains each) was unused and abandoned looking. the second section, with 3 bays (for 2 trains each) was also unused and abandoned. The third section, with 2 bays (for 2 trains each) showed evidence of activity in one of the bays, with a small salvaged looking Grav Tug and 1 Ore car in one of the docking facilities.

Attempting to sneak in a back door of one of the other bays was fruitless, as the elevator shafts and doorways were either blocked or sealed. The team, with Electoran Guard a short distance away and out of sight, sneaks into the active docking bay.

Titus, Bones, and Cortez quickly dispatch 5 Holbeck Enforcers, who manage to get one hit with their stub pistols on Titus (12 Pen 0 Impact from Stub Revolver). Another Holbeck trooper, walking with a man wearing a red velvet manservants uniform goes into one of the two pairs of large 4m steel double doorways. Eight rag clad peasant workers cower in fear near the an Ore car attached to a small salvaged Grav Tug Engine.

Titus runs over to an open set of large steel doors and sees an enforcer.
Bones runs over to Titus.
Cortez kicks open a door of a portable shed, Imperial Guard style, and sees it filled with food and supplies.
Augustinius goes up to Cortez.

Titus goes through the set of double doors that the red velvet clad manservant went through. He aviods detection by another Enforcer driving a mining ore hauler car and then slices him open. At the far end of the area, past a closed and blocked set of Steel double doors, the man with the red velvet suit happens to be looking back in the direction and sees Titus kill the enforcer.

“Morgo, Zerra, deal with whoever these interlopers are and meet me below.”

Morgo is a huge blob of corpulent fatness with three nostrils and shiny grey skin. Zerra is a bald woman wearing ganger leather. Two Holbeck troopers with Flak and Autoguns are with them.

Bones tells the Electoran Guard to advance. Bones moves into the large open double doors.
Cortez runs up to Bones and Titus’ location.
Morgo starts moving towards Titus’ location.
Augustinius opens the door of another portable shed and sees Lion Mask tied up and beaten in a corner.
Zerra remains where she is.
The two Holbeck troopers move behind the cover of mining cars.

Titus moves behind cover of a mining car.
Bones, standing hidden behind the open steel doors of the doorway, starts overwatch with his SP Autogun.
Morgo lets out a Disturbing roar as he moves up towards Titus. Bones is unaffected, but Titus and Cortez fail fear tests.
Bones lets out a fiece barrage of autogun fire at Morgo, who has entered his Overwatch zone.

6 Pen 0 Impact: Bounced off shiny grey skin
5 Pen 0 Impact: Bounced off shiny grey skin
10 Pen 0 Impact: Shrugged off by Morgo
7 Pen 0 Impact: Shrugged off by Morgo
6 Pen 0 Impact: Bounced off shiny grey skin

Morgo fails a Hard WP Pinning test.

Augustinius rips off the Lion Mask … and discovers that Lion Mask is really Count Tonias Sophano!
Zerra and the two remaining Holbeck troopers hold their ground.

Titus run back towards Augustinius.
Bones reestablishes Overwatch.
Cortez runs back towards Augustinius.
Morgo ducks behind the cover of the mining car that Titus was behind.
Augustinius runs over to Bones by the large steel doors.
Zerra and the two Holbeck Troopers are no longer within sight of anyone in the group.

Titus fails to Snap Out of It
Bones remains on Overwatch, having no new targets appear.
Cortez snaps out of it and runs to catch up with Bones.
Morgo recovers from pinning and charges Bones. Bones Dodges.
Augustinius runs towards Bones’ location.
Zerra and the troopers remain out of sight.

Titus fails to Snap Out of It
Bones attacks Morgo and misses.
Cortez Fires into the Morgo/Bones melee and hits Morgo twice and Bones once.
Hellgun hits Morgo:
7 Pen 4 Energy: Reflected off shiny grey skin
10 Pen 4 Energy: Shrugged off by Morgo
Morgo attacks Bones and misses.
Augustinius fires into the Morgo/Bones melee and hits Bones.
Zerra appears, entering from out of sight behind the open steel doors, and unleashes an Aura of Fear (Level 4) Bones, Augustinius and Cortez fail.

Titus fails to snap out of it.
Bones attempts to run away and is crushed by Morgo [20 Pen 0 Impact from Great Hammer, primitive]
Cortez flees.
Morgo moves up to Augustinius and attacks him, missing.
Augustinius is frozen with fear.
Zerra hits Augustinius with a Flame Bolt.


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