Fatum Tyrannus

Excellent! How Wonderful!

After resting in the everpresent light of midday, the acolytes look up into the jeweled dome overhead and realize for the first time that the sun of Quaddis is circling the brass circular structure hanging far overhead.

Gallia, Gallus, and Dorn have left early on some unknown errand with a promise to meet up later.

Wollsey, Scythia, Cortez and Titus decide to follow up on the idea that the White Scholar may be in the Refutation district, where colleges and various librariums and such are located. Not having enough money to spend on being brought the 15 kilometers in Servitor Pedicabs, the only other option is to walk there.

About 10 kilometers into the journey the group sees a small noble entourage walking briskly and purposfully towards Titus. The leader of the group is a figure dressed in a Midnight Blue cloak, decorated on the edges by golden angular symbols. In his right hand he uses a cane to help walk, made of Ebony with a Brass skull like top. His mask is bone white with sunken features.

Titus recognizes the item just before the figure speaks in a charming and delighted voice.

“Excellent, Excellent, how WONDERFUL it is to see familar faces!”

Titus and Cortez freeze in astonishment.

“I should have KNOWN that you would be here too after running into Femerous. Is Lord Sunder here too? Are you enjoying yourselves? Are you enjoying the festivities? I can’t tell you how much my friends and I await with anticipation the Revel of Darkness. Such a rare opportunity to MAKE new friends!”

“You know, you just simply MUST let me have you for dinner sometime!”

Titus finally manages to find a voice, declining the polite invitation.

Master Nonesuch politely introduces himself to the new faces of Wollsey and Scythia, then goes on his way, in the opposite direction that the group is going.


Femerus is the alias Attilus used in the House of Dust and Ash, by the way. Also, I am going to be enforcing player vs. character knowledge on Attilus’ … “special abilities”.

Excellent! How Wonderful!
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