Fatum Tyrannus

Dekanta Pict Recorded Transcript (1)

Ref: Inq/047638499/BI
Subject: Verbal Transcript of Pict-Recorded Document
Date: 730.M41
Location: Sophano Prime,
Stokeland, Castle Holbeck
Sector: Calixis (Golgenna Reach Sub)
Original Transcription: Savant Ralkner, Ordo Hereticus, Tyrantine Cabal Holding, Bastion Serpentis, 731.M41
Additional Notes: Savant Sussar, Ordo Hereticus, 731.M41

+ Prayer cleanses the soul,
but pain cleanses the body +

[Stationary Pict-source] Wide angle view of a librarium. Overturned bookcases and tables riddled with holes and burn marks. [Evidence of Solid Projectile and Lasgun fire] Books litter the floor of the room. Three bodies lie on the ground, with their clothes and the floor around them showing dark stains. [Blood?] Two doorways are visible, one single door, one double door, both open.
Distant sound, indistinct – pict source shaken. [Explosion?] Many repeated short noises in multiple distinct overlapping patterns. [Solid Projectile Fire?] Red emergency lights begin flashing. [Image and sounds continue for 29 seconds]
Sounds of movement. Man [Subject I] in elaborate uniform [House Holbeck High Ranking Officer] enters librarium panting with exertion, from doorway with double doors. Clothing is torn and covered in large stains [Blood?] Right hands holds a sword. Left hand is clutching abdomen.[Abdomonal Wound?] [Subject I] Turns and looks back up the hallway from which he emerged, clearly expecting pursuit. [Subject I] Runs across chamber towards pict source – pict source begins tracking. A second man emerges from the doorway with double doors.
[Subject I] approaches pict source – positively identified as Count Holgar Holbeck*. [verified]
VOICE (II): How many soldiers have died as a result of your heresy?
[Subject II] wears a uniform, medium build, one hand holds a short slightly curved blade designed for close quarters fighting.
VOICE [HOLBECK]: How many innocent children are doomed as a result of yours?
VOICE (II): Indistinct snarl of rage.
[Subject II] lunges across room, blade outstretched. His stroke is parried by [Subject I] [Holbeck]. Emergency light illuminates [Subject II] for 4 seconds as he struggles with [Subject I] [Holbeck]. [Subject II] positively identified as Elector Regis IV Gilbert [verified]. [Subject I] [Holbeck] and [Subject II] [Gilbert] engage in hand-to-hand combat. Pict source pulls back to capture both men circling about the room, weapons at the ready. [Subject II] [Gilbert] lands several blows in succession. [Subject I] [Holbeck] indicates being affected by the blows. [Subject I] [Holbeck] lands a savage blow to [Subject II] [Gilbert] in the left shoulder. Combatants circle, blood clearly spreading under the left sleeve of [Subject II] [Gilbert].
Three men enter room from doorway with single door. [Subject III] [Subject IV] [Subject V]. Men wear light carapace armor, and carry readied autoguns. Faces of [Subject III] [Subject IV] and [Subject V] are obscured by helmets and face shields.
VOICE (I) [HOLBECK]: The dogs are here. Where is your master little puppies?
[Subject III] approaches [Subject I] [Holbeck] with his autogun aimed at him. Emergency lights illuminate insignia on light carapace armor. [House Sophano] [verified].
VOICE (III): What are your orders, My Lord?
VOICE (II) [GILBERT]: Kill him.
VOICE (I) [HOLBECK]: Let the oath breaker come finish me himself, the coward!
VOICE (II) [GILBERT]: Goodbye Holgar.
[Subject II] [Gilbert] turns to leave through the doorway with the double doors.
Solid Projectile fire from [Subject III] [Subject IV] and [Subject V]. [Subject I] [Holbeck] falls to the floor.
VOICE (I): Gurgling screams.
Solid Projectile fire continues.

  • The Heretic Count of Seaford End. Count Holgar Holbeck declared independence from the Electorate of Stokeland circa 728.M41 in order to defy the authorities of Sophano Prime and advance his heretical democratic agenda. Body missing after siege of Castle Holbeck. Presumed dead.


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