Fatum Tyrannus

179.815.M41, Sophano Prime, Morning



Cleaning Up

With Arko’s corpse safely disposed of over the side of the Grav Train Overland Express, there is still a small matter of a very messy cabin next to the room of the Acolytes. As the mess is cleaned up, there is a tension in the air. The fat abbot has to know that we had something to do with the disappearance of his follower. Will he strike? We will need to be on guard. Just then heavy footsteps and raised voices start to echo in the hallway just outside the room.

Steward Grist: “… and this time make sure that you actually clean it all up.”

2nd Voice: (pleadingly) “But Mr. Grist, I DID clean it all up!”

Steward Grist: “Well then you missed a spot … like the WHOLE EMPEROR LOVING FLOOR!”

A sign of relief passes over the Acolytes as the danger of intrusion upon the cleanup passes without incident. The only disturbance the rest of the night are heavy footsteps going in the opposite direction a few hours later.

A Chilling Breakfast

After waking up, it’s time to break fast with luxury food in the dining car. On the way to Breakfast, some of the crewmembers are nonchalantly setting up heavy stubbers on the railings facing both directions. When asked, they calmly state that it’s just a precausion. This is beyond the patrols from Hive Victoriana, but Wreckers surely won’t be out this far, as there is far too little traffic for them to find targets.

Dorn, in particular, is amazed to spend an entire months wages on one meal. Notably absent from breakfast, however, is Lord Benj Gilbert and his scribe Whent. After eating, Bones and Gallus head to Lord Gilberts car to check on him. Blood is coming out from under his door, and when opened the sight inside is enough to made Bones turn white. Inside is what is most likely one man, Lord Gilbert, with his chest cavity splayed open and guts layed out in a gruesome pattern. Without much investigation, the door is shut and the pair return to the others, wondering what happened to Whent and what exactly was cleaned up the night before.

An Old Wreck

As Bones and Gallus return to Dorn and Titus, the Overland Express nears the hulk of an old gigantic mining machine of the type that scraped off the outer layer of Sophano Prime in the early days of the settlement of the Calixis Sector. The wrecked machine sticks halfway out of the sickly colored silt, with rusted metal and bare girders a silent testament to it’s age.

As the Express nears the hulk, a large decrepit Grav Train emerges from behind it, belching thick black smoke from it’s patched together engine cars. Although it’s in much worse condition than the Overland Express, it’s much bigger and significantly faster. One of the crewmen sums the situation up nicely.

Crewman: “It’s too big to take down before she gets close. It looks like we’re earning our pay the hard way this morning boys!”

And indeed the Wrecker Grav Train does catch up the Express, firing grappling hooks and boarding planks, the first waves come over the sides screaming with murder in their eyes, wielding brutal looking axes. There’s no mistaking what they want.


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