Fatum Tyrannus

178.815.M41-2, Sophano Prime, Evening

Murder on the Overland Express

Bones, Titus, Cortez

An Oath Fulfilled

The body of Quill lies in a heap on the floor of Lord Gilbert’s room as crewmembers of the Express arrive on the scene. After surveying the damage to the Express from the shootout, they quickly deal with the mess and get on about their business. Quill corpse is unceremoniously dumped over the railing into the chartruse silt 50 meters below.

Shortly after adjourning back to their room to discuss some names found on a data slate recovered from Quill’s body, the door is burst open by Vymer, who has returned with a combat shotgun.

Vymer: “I gots to thinking to myself, there’s no way I’m doin’ what gots to be done with yous guys alive.”

Vymer unleashes a hail of lead from his shotgun, nearly taking down Bones and Titus in one burst, then is forced to fall backwards out of the room by the pressing sword strokes from the Moritat assassin. He manages to dodge the blows and is bringing his gun up for another blast when Cortez wraps him up with his tendrils. “Let go of me, you son of a…” are his last words before cold steel spills his life’s blood onto the floor of the Express.

Vymer’s Sworn Oath to the Blood Guild of Malfi has been kept.

A quick search of Vymer and Quill’s accomodations reveals that they did indeed have a contract from the Blood Guild in their posession. The crew of the Express, amazingly, are even less helpful than earlier. No damage, no problem.

Murder on the Overland Express

What better way to deal with almost getting blasted by a shotgun and killed then to drown yourself in alcohol, so off to the dining car for a round of drinks and a bite to eat.

Besides Octavia Nile, her bodyguards, and a couple of crewmen taking their meal, the cars are fairly empty. In the lounge car, Abbot Tamas’s believer Arko is working on a bottle of Gorsk White. The acolytes try to get information out of him, but in the end wind up paying for a number of bottles as he gives them roundabout answers and generally dodges any lines of inquiry while getting rip roaring drunk.

Eventually he passes out and the Acolytes kindly offer to take him back to his room. Instead they take him back to another room and interrogate him. Things don’t go so well, and no information is gained except for an odd comment he makes just before Titus kills him.

Arko: “F@#$ Y%$ and your bloody Corpse Emperor!” (spit)

Abbot Tamas of Shale can be heard storming through the car looking for him, heading towards the lounge car. His body is quickly dumped over the side railing of the car before Tamas returns asking questions about his missing follower. They lie about not knowing where he is and having returned him to his car, and Tamas leaves in that direction. You can tell by the look in his eyes that he is skeptical of the story.


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