Fatum Tyrannus

177.815.M41-4, Sophano Prime, Evening

The Arena Underfloor

Bones, Cortez, Dorn, Gallus, Titus

The Doorway

Just inside the doorway fromm the maintenance tunnel is a hallway opening out to the left and with another doorway straight ahead. The security on doors ran into so far doesn’t seem to be a problem, as once again the security is easily defeated.

Equipment Room

The next doorway leads into an equipment room that currently stands mostly empty. A spot for a Lascutter and Autohammer are empty, most likely for the ones in use up above repairing the Arena. A workman is in the room, but Bones is able to take him prisoner without incident or noise. Scared out of his mind, he doesn’t know much about how many there are in the underfloor, just that it’s mostly workment and enforcers. He says that a door on the far side of the Equipment room leads to the Medicae Lab.

Medicae Lab

The electronic security to the Medicae Lab is countered, and Dorn once again leads the way into the Lab. Evidence of vile experiments on man and beast alike is present in the lab. Smelly cadavers lie on gurneys around the room. Jars of odd looking creatures or parts thereof line the walls and shelves. Biotech heresy obviously happened frequently in this room.

There are two workmen in the lab, but these do not seem to be quite as compliant. They begin taking some of the strange jars off the shelves and throw them at the Acolytes as they enter the room. Each one only has a chance to throw one before they are both gunned down rather silently by Las fire.

It seems the noise from the breaking glass has attracted some attention, however, as double doors to the far end of the lab open up revealing what looks to be a tech priest in dirty robes. There is a hint that they used to be red, but now they have been stained by so much gore and filth that they are brown or black and disgusting.

Heretek: “I thought I told you to be careful not to break any of the… ah … I see that we have visitors. Welcome, brother! Let me personally welcome you!”

The heretical tech priest shows a terrible set of claws on his right hand. They thrum with energy as he brings them out and lunges at Bones, who is nearest to him.

After a quick fight the Heretek is laid low, but the group has left thoughts of silence and caution behind them as Bones opens up with a new Autogun given to him by Lord Ronal. Switching to heavy ammunition, he is also able to penetrate the armored torsos of a couple Servitors the priest had working for him. As he falls to the ground, he lets out a last bit of laughgter.

While the fight with the Heretek is happening, Gallus executes the workman taken prisoner earlier.

Heretek: “I hope you enjoy my pets! HA Ha ha h…”

As he collapses to the ground, something he was carrying breaks and a cloud of gas quickly disperses throughout the Heretek’s and Medicae Labs.

What The … !!

Vore weapon

The pair of spiky sausage sized creatures that fell out of the jars thrown by the workmen earlier quickly come to life and leap at Dorn and Titus. The things are vile, heretical things the squirm around looking for an opening, any opening, where they might be able to find the flesh of their intended victims.

Bones looks at the creatures, and starts laughing hysterically. The look in his eyes is detached and somewhat vacant as his starts firing random bursts at anyone or anything in his line of fire. The first burst, armed with heavy rounds, hits Cortez square in the chest, hurting him badly. Dorn starts beating on him with his fists, shouting at him to stop.

The second burst catches a group of House Sophano Enforcers just entering the room full on, quickly despatching three of the four. The forth one takes off running instantly.

The One Who Got Away

Titus takes off after the Enforcer who was fleeing back in the direction of the tunnel the party came from, only he takes off a nearby hallway and up a flight of stairs.

Secrets In The Lab

Bones, having recovered from his momentary madness searches the Lab of the Heretek, followed by Cortez who does the same after searching the fallen Heretek.

The following gear is found suring the search:

From the Heretek Lab:

  1. Dataslate #1 (Encrypted)
  2. Dataslate #2 (Encrypted)
  3. Dataslate #3 (Encrypted)
  4. Dataslate #4 (Encrypted)
  5. Miniaturized Cogitator
  6. Small Interesting Looking Unknown Device

From the Heretek:

  1. Xenotech Claws
  2. 2x Syringes filled with unknown chemical
  3. 1x Vial filled with unknown chemical
  4. Dataslate #5 (Unencrypted) (Written in Secret Tongue (Acolyte))
  5. Scroll (Written in Secret Tongue (Acolyte))
  6. Small Mechanical Device

From the Medicae Lab:

  1. 1x Vore Weapon (not activated)

They Brought an Ogryn

From the stairs where the Enforcer escapes, heavy footsteps are heard, followed by a massive humanoid, an Ogryn, dressed in heavy leather aprins, splattered with mud and gore from untold duties performed in other bowels in the Arena. It seems like he will not be the only one coming, either. It’s time to leave.

Escape Into the Tunnel

As the party escapes back into the tunnel they came from, the Ogryn is unable to follow. A man who followed him down, however, has an idea.

Unknown Man: “Get the Maw-Flukes, Quick!”

Sabre wolf

The party runs and runs down the maintenance tunnel from which they came, but eventually they see that Sabre Wolves have been released into it behind them and are quickly catching up. With no way of outrunning them, they decide to take a stand at one of the access hatches along the way. Bones immediately starts climbing the ladder to see if the hatch up above is locked or not while the first Sabre Wolf charges into Dorn, who once again is standing firm at the front of the action.

Titus quickly joins in with Dorn in dealing with the Sabre Wolf as another one charges up into the fray. The fight is going well, two Sabre Wolves are not a match for the Acolytes, when a new opponent emerges from the rockcrete next to Gallus, who is standing behind Titus and Dorn. It’s a horrible creature, like a large bug with a tough armored hide, razar sharp mandibles, and tons of short legs for locomotion. The creatures bites at Gallus, piercing his armor and stunning him for a moment with his Paralyzing Bite. Bones and Cortez fire at the newly arrived beast, but their shots bounce harmlessly off it’s thick armored hide.

Maw fluke

Dorn: “Oh great, just what we didn’t need, Maw Flukes! I ran into these things once in the underhives of Tranch, their bellies are unarmored, shoot them there!”

But as he says that another one bursts out of the Rockcrete by Cortez. The paralyzing fluids drip from it’s mandibles. Things are not looking good. Small wounds from the various actions of the day are starting to get to Dorn, who is on the verge of being heavily wounded. Cortez is still hurting from the wounds suffered from Bones’ crazy shooting spree, and Titus and Bones are lightly wounded themselves. If the bite of these things could quickly turn this fight into a last stand. Bones, up on his ladder by the locked access hatch, reaches into his jacket and pulls out the pistol given to them by Lord Ronal.

Bones: “I think this qualifies as a sticky situation.”

He pulls the trigger of the odd looking weapon, disks shooting out of it and cutting through the armored hide of the Maw Fluke hovering over Gallus. The tide turns. Dorn and Titus finish off the Sabre Wolves. Thefirst Maw Fluke is killed. Gallus shakes off the effects of Paralyzation, and uses his Psychic powers to make the remaining Maw Fluke flee. It is only then that the group looks over and sees Cortez bleeding out on the ground. One of the Maw Flukes must have delivered a near fatal bite.

Picking up Cortez and helping him along, the group makes its way towards where they came into the tunnels, when the Maw Fluke attacks again! They are obviously going to need to kill this thing, as it will not leave them alone. Outnumbered, with 4 people shooting at it’s soft underbelly, it is quickly dispatched.

The Acolytes have made it to the safety of the station, and above it, the streets of the Industrial Zone.


bw. From the Heretek: Xenotech Claws 2x Syringes filled with unknown chemical 1x Vial filled with unknown chemical Dataslate #5 (Unencrypted) * Scroll *(Written in Acolyte) Small Mechanical Device

Uuummm…can anybody read Acolyte? Why oh why don’t we have an adept in this fleabitten group of misfits?


Technically it’s written in: Secret Tongue (Acolyte). You can read the details in the Dark Heresy core rulebook. Essentially it is a form of notes that is particualr to any one cell of a group. Think of it akin to Ravenor’s Secret Tongue that he uses amongst his retinue. Even if one of you spoke it, you would need to have it deciphered too.


Ah. Looks like it’s time to do a little research work! Damn…now where did we put that Adept?


You guys are going to have to do a little research work from time to time.

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