Fatum Tyrannus

177.815.M41-5, Sophano Prime, Evening

Chase Through the Subway

Bones, Cortez, Gallus

Escape Through the Maintenance Shaft

The journey through the cramped spaces of the subway maintenance tunnels is neither quick nor easy, especially while managing to carry a gravely wounded Cortez. Each cracking sound of boots on permacrete brings with it memories of the Maw Flukes, each hiss of air the heavy breath of Saber Wolves, and each sharp mechanical clack an echo of solid projectile gunfire. As you pass under and beyond the subway station that you entered from and the distance away from the Arena Station increases without additional sign of pursuit, haste slowly gives way to caution and you begin searching for a safe place to get back up into the main line tunnels. Once in the main tunnel lines, progress is speedier and before long the next subway station is reached.

Oddly enough, there aren’t any travelers in this station at all. Unusual at any time of day as a continual change of shifts requires an almost constant rotation of labor resources. Anxious to get back up onto the surface streets and away from the expected Sophano pursuers, the choice is made to brave an exit from this station.

Entering The Subway Station

A cacophony of voices becomes louder and more chaotic as you ascend the long flight of stairs to the surface. Dozens of people yelling and combining to chant slogans demanding water rations are interrupted by authoritative responses issuing commands to disperse. Titus slowly peers over the top of the stairwell into the lobby of the station entrance.

“What do you see, Titus?” whispers Dorn, following closely behind aiding Cortez.

Titus: “The three entrances to the station, ahead and to each side, are both bolted with heavy gauge steel crossbars. There are three civilians looking out the windows at whatever the disturbance going on outside is, mainly to the right, and two additional transit security officers observing with them. They’re not wearing Sophano uniforms, they appear to be municipal. Behind me are the ticket windows and a pair of doorways, one to each side. I don’t see anyone from where I’m at, but with me at such a low angle I can’t guarantee there aren’t people back from the ticket windows or ducking down behind them. With all the noise and their backs to me I could probably take the ones I see all out without alerting anyone outside, but anyone in the office looking into the lobby would see me for sure. What do you want to do?”

Bones gets an idea of how the situation can be resolved without resorting to bloodshed. He takes off his Sophano Enforcer Flak coat and gives his Autogun to Cortez then plays off the fact that he is wounded and covered with some blood from the fights of the day. He ascends the stairway, announcing his presence to the Municipal Enforcers there.

Bones: “Is it safe to come up? Is there rioting here too?”

The Enforcers are startled by the appearance of someone from the supposedly secure station bottom and draw their pistols, while the civilian subway ticket takers flee into the safety of their office.

Municipal Enforcer #1: “Freeze! Where did you come from? Hands in the Air! Get up against the wall! Now!”

Bones: “Hey look, I don’t want any trouble, I just wanted to see if it’s safe here.”

Municpal Enforcer #2: “Do you have any friends down there? How many more of there are you? Dammit!”

Municpal Enforcer #3: (moving to push Bones up against the wall) “I said get up against the wall! I’m not kidding!”

Bones: (moving back toward the stairs) “Hey look, I don’t want any trouble, I’m just going to leave the way I came.”

The nervous Municipal Enforcers then fire at Bones, who draws his Autopistol and opens up a full auto burst, only to hear the distinct ‘clack’ of a misfired round jamming in the barrel.

Bones: “Son of a …”

The Municipal Enforcers sense their opportunity, one moves in and easily knocks the pistol out of Bones’ hand while the other one knocks his head into the premacrete floor, stunning him. Before they have a chance to complete the detainment of their suspect, however, Gallus blurs himself with Distort Vision and rushes up the stairs, opening fire on them from behind with his laser pistol, taking one of them down with a solid shot to the chest. Cortez, following closely behind Gallus, takes a moment to see where the other cop has gone before taking him down with a laser shot to his arm.

A Tense Situation

A large crowd of at least a few hundred workers has gathered on the street outside the station. They are carrying all kinds of simple weapons such as boards, pipes. Wrenches and whatever else they could get their hands on. For the most part they are wearing industrial coveralls and other types of heavy duty protective clothing that would be worn by those in hazardous working conditions. Mixed in amongst them are others wearing disheveled rags who must be the conscripted residents from the Hisswick Projects.

An intersection just outside the station to the northeast is occupied by Enforcers wearing House Sophano uniforms. There are at least a dozen of them spread out behind and to both sides of a ground car parked in the middle of the roadway. The ground car is a Scarab model, a Quad wheeled version built for speed and power, with strong armor, sirens, loud hailers, weapons pods and a turret with twin heavy stubbers on top. An officer is standing in the Scarab’s top hatch in the turret, with his torso outside of the vehicle. He is holding the receiver of the hailer in order to project his voice over the throng of angry protestors.

Officer: “This is an illegal gathering. You are ordered to disperse immediately and return to your shift supervisors until such time as your water rations are received and distributed. Failure to comply with this order will be punished with maximum prejudice. Repeat, you must disperse immediately!”

Gallus, Bones and Cortez rush to the doorway of the Subway Station that is closest to the crowd of angry workers, trying to get a better look at what’s going on. Gallus scans them, looking for signs of any instigators.

Gallus: “There’s someone moving the front of the crowd with a flamer, he’s almost at the Patrol Scarab!”

A burst of flames erupts from the crowd, engulfing the Scarab in an inferno of Promethium. The Officer who was inside is instantly cooked, his dying screams punctuated by gunfire as the surviving Enforcers unleash a hailstorm of return fire. A fireball, likely the promethium tank of a flamer, explodes from the middle of the crowd as it turns and flees in terror. The Enforcers break ranks and chase down the street after the fleeing protestors, leaving the charred, bleeding and bullet ridden bodies of dozens behind them in the middle of the street. You can hear the gunfire continuing as the Enforcer Patrol follows the fleeing protestors.

Cortez: “Let us leave this place, quickly. The doors and crossbars are locked. Check the Enforcer for keys.”

The keys are quickly found and doors unlocked, but before the Acolytes can escape the sirens of a rapidly approaching Scarab are heard rounding a hearby corner.

Another Scarab Arrives

Another Scarab Patrol cruiser rounds the corner of the next block and drives down the street in your direction. Going around the burning wreck in the intersection, it continues in the direction of the fleeing protestors … then abruptly stops just as it was about to pass you. Doors of the cruiser open and 4 House Sophano troopers exit, quickly taking up positions facing the station. You can tell there are others still inside the Scarab, but can’t quite make them out or their exact numbers due to the tinted glass. A hailer distored male voice comes from within:

Hailer distorted Male Voice: “The signal is coming from that building. Two of you go check it out and see if they’re inside. You other two, head around the side and check out the back door. Keep that turret gun on the building at all times.”

As the Sophano Troopers circle the building, a budding realization is happing inside.

Gallus: “Signal? What are they talking about?”

Bones: “Cortez, do you have the stuff we took from the Heretek’s lab?”

Cortez: “I have already begun the process of checking the items. It appears that the cogitator has a tracking device built into it’s circuitry. I recommend that we dispose of it immediately.”

Gallus: “Give it to me, I’ll throw it in the trash!”

As the Acolytes flee down the stairs back into the subway station, the doors of the Subway Station are blown apart by the Heavy Stubber in the turret of the Scarab.

Subway Ticket Taker #1: (From the Ticket Office in the Subway) “They went down the stairs into the Subway!”

Sophano Trooper #1: “Thanks! They went this way!”

A Chase In the Subway

The Acolytes reach the bottom of the long flight of stairs down into the station first. Bones, reunited with his Autogun, stops at the bottom and goes full auto with suppressive fire up the stairs. The troopers quickly take the best cover they can and go back up to the top, where they take cover. Cortez, followed by Gallus and Bones, then take off down the Subway tunnel to the north, hoping to head up to the La Montaine Escarpment and maybe find shelter with the LMEs.

[GM: This part was done with the Pursuit rules from the Inquisitor’s Handbook]

The chase is on. Cortez is up front, with Gallus and Bones quickly behind, chased by the four troopers. Two troopers are quickly dropped from the chase as they go the wrong way in the station. Cortez pulls further ahead, and is almost away cleanly before a section of piping impedes his progress. Another Trooper falls behind, out of the chase. Gallus and Bones pull ahead of Cortez as the last of the following Troopers closes in rapidly upon them. Gallus gets away cleanly, followed shortly by Bones, but just as Cortez has almost joined them, he is caught.

As Bones and Gallus circle back to help their comrade, the Sophano Trooper yells something on his vox as he begins laying down suppressing fire, forcing the Acolytes to take cover below the walkway on the Subway tracks. The suppressing fire continues until a second, third, and forth Trooper catches up to the fight. Gunfire whizzes back and forth, Gallus is able to stem the tide of the Trooper advance by making them Spasm, falling to the ground and firing wildly. Luckily, two misfires jam the Autoguns of the Sophanos, forcing them to switch to Stub Automatic sidearms. Cortez, regaining his wits, fights off one in a hand to hand fight. Bones, snapping off shots from behind the cover hits another one with the Disc Pistol he recieved from Ronal Gaithe, then Gallus finishes him off with a Laser shot to the chest.

Just as the fight seems won and the Trooper assault is losing it’s momentum Stanton Minita sprints into the fight. Moving at an amazingly fast speed he joins in quickly, attacking Gallus as a surviving Trooper yells “Psyker!” and points at him. As Cortez finishes the fight with the Troopers, the battle with Minita begins.

Gallus resorts to Distort Vision, but Minita uses his amazingly acute hearing to find him. His runic blade lands a cruel blow to Gallus, sapping vitality with a cold that cuts to the very soul. Bones opens up with point blank full automatic fire of his disc pistol, finding the mark with two discs before Minita switching his focus. Bones dodges one blow but then is hit with another chillingly sharp cut. The God-Emperor shines upon him, though, and grants him the health to avoid a potentially critical injury, then shines on him again as he just misses a strike that surely would have laid him low. Another full burst of discs bites into Minita, who falls, to one knee, blood spuring from wounds and leaving the ground around him slick. But he is not finished, not defeated, and could kill Bones with one well placed strike.

This Fight is Over

Just when Minita is almost defeated the sound of dozens of booted feet come echoing down the subway tunnel. Sophano Enforcers, Sophano Troopers and a few Municipal Enforcers are now only a hundred meters or so away. It appears that victory may be a Phyrric one, but then a distored female voice interrupts from the Subway Hailer system.

Distorted Female Voice: “By order of the Elector, this fight is over. “

Minita is visibly angry, shaking with rage as he puts his hand to his ear and talks to someone over his personnal vox.

Stanton Minita: “Under whose authorization? This is an affair of Hisswick County and the Elector has no business getting involved! … Yes … Are you certain? … Dammit! ”

Minita, with a perturbed and frustrated look on his face, order the attack to stop, then contines raging at the Sophano Squads around him.

Stanton Minita: “Well, you heard her! Get them out of here and to the surface! Watch them the whole way and if they give you any excuse you drop ’em. Understand? Then get your squads over to the power stations and try to make yourselves useful. Maybe you’ll do better against the rabble there than you were able to do here. Move it you worthless Emperor forsaken curs or I’ll kill you myself! … Somebody pick up these bodies and get them out of my sight. If they live, send them to the mines! Do it! MOVE!”

The Acolytes head back up to the surface. After a brief moment on the surface a female voice is heard over the team’s encrypted vox beads. They are easily able to recognize it and place it. This is the voice of Lorelii Dekanta, a senior Explicator in the service of their Master al-Subaai.

Lorelii Dekanta: “Gather yourselves and get out here. Make certain you bring everything you took from the heretic tech-priest with you. “

Explicator Lorelii Dekanta

A luxurious armored limousine is parked outside the Subway. The door opens and you are able to hear the first bits of an ongoing conversation, which seems to be getting a bit heated. Black Grox Hide seats line both walls of the long vehicle, easily holding enough seating for those already in side as well as you. A striking and serious looking woman in her middle age, that you instantly recognize as Explicator Lorelii Dekanta, a senior aide to your master, Inquisitor al-Subaai, is speaking with a powerfully built man with a stern expression and jet black hair. He is wearing carapace armor that has a stylized Inquisitorial “I” in its center, backed by gilded lettering spelling out the word “PIETY”. The conversation continues as you enter the vehicle and find seats.

Inquisitor Karkalla (angrily laughing): “You have got to be kidding me, this group of malcontents!? If not for a bit of luck with that earthquake they would have been dinner for the Faudi Faker’s new acquisitions! And what’s with this ‘Elector’ nonsense anyways, you know that you’re playing directly into that schemer Gaithe’s hand.”

Lorelii Dekanta: “Nevertheless we share the same Master, and yes, I am aware how this looks and what the ramifications will be.”

Karkalla: “Well if the Righteous one’s pets don’t have that information from the Heretek, then a lot of time and effort has been spent for no good reason. “

Lorelii: “Are you certain that these documents you desire will be able to lead you to Vulpa?”

Karkalla: “No, but considering the circumstances we find ourselves in I find myself with limited recourse.”

Lorelii looks towards you with a look of genuine concern.

Lorelii: “I need you to show the Inquisitor any data or documents you took from Sophano’s tech priest. I will also need you to give him whatever he asks for. “

[Inquisitor Karkalla looks over the materials and takes the documents written in Acolyte]

Karkalla: “Yes, I think that the information contained within this just might be enough to salvage some of the effort we have made here. Thank you Lorelii. It was good to see you again, though I am sorry to hear you are still working with al-Subaai.”

Lorelii: “You may be seeing more of me in the immediate future. But that can wait until later. If you’ll excuse me, I have other business with my compatriots that I must take care of.”

Karkalla: “Of course. Drop me off where we met up and I will find my own way from there. “


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