Fatum Tyrannus

176.815.M41, Sophano Prime, Morning

The Try Out

Bones, Cortez, Gallus, Titus

  • The Acolytes arrive in the Hisswick Projects at the appointment time
  • They are told to go through a pair of doors. The first one leads into what appears to be a locker room with surgical area within it. The second door leads into an arena.
  • The arena is a large square ferrocrete structure, with cage like doors on the opposite end, roughly 25 meters away, to the right and elevated from the arena floor is some one way glass.
  • A voice tells the Acolytes to prepare themselves.
  • The caged doorway opens, and two Sabre Wolves and a man with an autopistol come out of the doorway.
  • One Sabre-Wolf charges at Titus, who has taken point of the group, another one charges at Gallus and the man with the autopistol starts duelling with Bones
  • Cortez uses his feedback screech, which prevents the enemies from getting off an opening salvo of shots.
  • Gallus blinds one of the Sabre Wolves with a Psychic blast, it appears unfazed in its ability to track its prey.
  • Bones and the Handler trade brutal shots, with bones unloading his shotgun and moving to his autopistol. Bones is hit hard with multiple bullets from an auto fire blast, but is able to shrug off the stun and hit with his own blast, killing the Handler. He is lucky to escape from the fight with only a few broken ribs.
  • Cortez moves over to help Gallus with the Sabre-Wolf by him. Together they are able to take it down while suffering only minor damage.
  • After quickly getting an upper hand on the Sabre Wolf in front of him, Titus suffers some setbacks, getting knocked back on his heels as the Sabre Wolf dodges his attacks, then feints and gets in a few nips. It too, though, is eventually brought down. The fight is won.


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