Fatum Tyrannus

174.815.M41-3, Sophano Prime, Before Sunrise

Tracking Big Boy

Bones, Cortez, Gallus, Titus

  • Big Boy leaves the Acolytes in his house and heads out.
  • Titus slips away and follows Big Boy. He tails him for a number of hours.
  • Titus acquires inconspicuous clothing from one of the slums residents.
  • In the mid morning Big Boy reaches a very nice looking permanent house with heavily armed guards near the center of the escarpment.
  • Titus waits for an hour while Big Boy is in the house until he sees him leave the house and head back in the direction he came from.
  • Titus continues to wait, and sees what appears to be a messenger leave the house and head in a direction different from the direction back to Big Boy’s house.
  • Titus heads back.
  • Bones spends his time gambling with LMEs.
  • Cortez spends his time fixing some of the damaged weapons of the LMEs.
  • Gallus spends his time sleeping with one eye open.
  • Big Boy arrives back at his house, with Titus arriving shortly thereafter. He informs the group that Mr. Doone will see them tomorrow around noon.


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