Fatum Tyrannus

174.815.M41-2, Sophano Prime, After Midnight (Con't)

Meeting Big Boy

Bones, Cortez, Titus, Gallus

  • Poor Desperate souls pour out of their hovels and quickly strip the bodies of the dead. The dead dogs are the first things to disappear.
  • The Acoloytes continue searching for Doone, heading in a direction generally toward the middle of the Escarpment.
  • One of the survivors from the previous fight can be seen pointing out the Acolytes from a distance
  • The Acolytes find a relatively defensible set of hovels in which to make their stand
  • A large group of Dregs with a pair of Scum leading them confront the Acolytes
  • The Acolytes tell the group of LMEs that they’re looking for Joran Doone. They don’t know about him, they’re just supposed to take them to their leader.
  • The Acolytes are led to a nicer looking hovel, one that actually has a real door. A large, tough looking LME is living there. He has a decent quality rifle near him. The man introduces himself as Big Boy, the local LME boss.
  • Big Boy is convinced to go talk to Doone and see if he will see the group.


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