Fatum Tyrannus

174.815.M41, Sophano Prime, After Midnight

Searching for Doone

Bones, Cortez, Titus, Dorn

  • The Acolytes take the subway to the station between Bridgetown and La Montaine Escarpment, arriving Just before midnight.
  • As they cross the street, it appears as if the local Enforcers are making some sort of wager while looking at them.
  • As soon as they have entered the Escarpment, they start being followed by some down and out looking types with “LME” scrawled on their bodies.
  • When confronted, the followers disperse, then quickly resume following the group again once they begin moving on.
  • Bones stops to ask somebody about Doone. After a short conversation, a fight ensues, as a bunch of the man’s neighbors and a couple ferocious dogs jump out and attack.
  • Cortez stops most of the attackers in their tracks for a few crucial moments with a loud white noise screech.
  • Titus, Bones and Dorn fight off their attackers, killing all but one.
  • Cortez fends off 4 attackers on his own, benefitting from the armor on his Torso.


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