Fatum Tyrannus

173.815.M41-2, Sophano Prime, Evening

Inquiring about Bloodsports

Bones, Cortez, Titus, Dorn

  • The Acolytes rest in their rooms for a couple hours then go out in the evening to find some entertainment.
  • Bones, Titus and Dorn head out to the Stokeland Landing spaceport drinking establishments to find out where some good bloodsport action can be had.
  • While the group is out, Titus find out some information from a local bartender:
  • All the sanctioned bloodsports are in arenas built into the lower levels of the Mid-Town Habs. The action that happens in these places is exclusively human on human combat
  • If you want something exotic, you might have to get into a private show at a mansion or what not
  • Other kinds of unsanctioned combats happen in the slums like the La Montaine Escarpment
  • A guy who used to be a Porter named “Seb”, a big guy who could take on anyone around, left to fulfill his dream of being a big shot Gladiator. He disappeared off the scene after an initial sucess, then recently turned up at the W41 Hospital in the South-western portion of the Mid Town Habs. He was in pretty bad shape and might not make it, from what the bartender says.


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