Fatum Tyrannus

Clove Timeline

  • 7 weeks ago (?): Sonnegelt shipment arrives on Scintilla
  • 8 weeks ago: Cell leaves for Clove
  • 9 weeks ago: al’Subaai assigns Cell to mission investigating Interrogator Rand’s non-contact/disappearance
  • 15 weeks ago (?): Sonnegelt claims that Rand and d’Vlarath leave for Scintilla
  • 15 weeks ago: Sonnegelt sends shipment of pharma goods to med merchant on Scintilla
  • 16 weeks ago: Inquisitor al’Subaai recalls Acolytes from current missions to return to Scintilla
  • 17 weeks ago: Sonnegelt makes bulk payment of debts to Inquisitor al’Subaai
  • 26 weeks ago: Sonnegelt begins taking many contracts away from competing Pharma operations
  • 27 weeks ago: Interrogator Rand confirms arrival on Clove
  • 37 weeks ago: Acolyte d’Vlarath sends message verifying some of Sonnegelt’s claims
  • 39 weeks ago: Acolyte d’Vlarath confirms arrival on Clove
  • 49 weeks ago: Samson Sonnegelt notifies of possible Xeno narcotics smuggling ring
  • 2 years ago: Sonnegelt’s Pharma company begins period of increased profitability
  • 10 years ago: First notable presence by Cold Guild of Amaranthine Syndicate on Clove


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