Fatum Tyrannus

Another Ziggurat!

The rest of the journey to the Refutation district is tense. Titus keeps a careful eye on the surroundings, being especially mindful for potential followers. He is now extremely worried about the presence of the Maggot Men on the planet. What he sees instead are a couple brief glimpses of a man in a Heron Mask peering at them and following them at a distance.

Before getting to the Refutation, the glimpses cease. Some information on the Maggot Men is shard with Wollsey and Scythia, who is very interested in its implications with the scrawled messages from her father, “The Worms that Walk Will Come For Us All”

A few noteworthy structures stand apart from the others amongst the colleges and cathedral like data vaults in the district.

The Bibliotheca Antiquita is a tall round building with columns inset into the external superstructure. The silver dome on top is of the highest craftsmanship but dull with tarnish, matching in disrepair the dirt and grime visible on the masonry of the rest of the rotunda.

The front of the Blackstone Xenaeum is dominated visually by a broad flight of steps constructed from black marble identical to that of the two story portico of the main structure. A graceful low dome covers the central mass, while flanking it to either side are two circular one story wings. The entire building is created from the same black marble as the front steps.

The Chancel Athenaeum is a series of ten white marble halls connected in the middle by a large covered colonnade.

Lastly, in a central location is a drab, grey ziggurat of the Locus Prefecta, devoid of activity and life, as depressing to look at from the outside as those that continue on an endless mission of nothingness on the inside.

Scythia enters the Ziggurat, hoping to investigate it as she has others in her quest for knowledge about her fathers mad writings. Inside are many empty disused offices and a few very drunken Adepts. Tasked with cataloging and analyzing the development of the Colonies on the planet of Xicarph in preparation for its offical entrace into the Imperium of Man, they end up with nothing to do. The nothingness has driven the Adepts mad, for there are no colonies, no industry, nothing that the fief owners don’t want, and so the meaningless reports are all the same. No new developments. Nothing to report.

The Locus Prefecta, Alswin Du’Landra, considers the continued funding of the position a sick joke, and in his case his assignment to the post a punishment for daring to share analysis that the ammount of men, material and industry poured into the Margin Crusade has extreme abnormalities in the sheer lack of any evidence of successes, or any returning reports of any nature. He gives them a bottle to drink, and carries on with what he was doing.

The Adpet also shares this tidbit of knowledge, it is now 172.818.M41, some 170 days after the acolytes were captured.


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