It has been three years since Inquisitor Layran and his entire retinue disappeared while investigating a rumour of a xenos conspiracy, peripherally connected to the so-called “Beast House” organisation on Fenksworld. A full scale covert investigation of the trans-sector organization has been launched, and the Inquisition needs Acolytes.

The Inquisition has chosen you. Welcome to the Ordo Xenos!

In the service of Inquisitor al Subaai, our intrepid Acolytes have foiled a plot to destroy the planet Sophano Prime with warp spawned zombie hordes. What lies next?


After two years of various missions around the Calixis Sector, the cell has been reformed and sent on a series of investigations to find out what is happening to al’Subaai’s trusted acolytes, far too many of which have been disappearing lately.

Fatum Tyrannus

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